I am Lady Jane, a young mistress from Munich.
The most important details about me can be found on my homepage www.DominaEscort.net
I made my hobby my job. In my life now all revolves around power, sexuality, desire, humility, domination, fetish, pain and submission. In short, it is about sadomasochism. I live in Munich and I'm there about once a week in the most beautiful dominatrix studio in Munich, otherwise I offer my service as dominant escort lady Jane globally.

I want to share my bizarre experiences with others, to show ​​the diversity of sexual fantasies.
My experience spans the SM spectrum, from soft to hard .
SM needs communication. Men, women and couples trust me with their fantasies and desires. . In the foreground is the most self-discovery and sexual satisfaction: What turns you on, what not? I would be interested, how many people actually live SM sex.
In my private life I met people , who considered SM an abnormal sexual practice.
Yes, SM is different, but not „sick“. I am of the opinion, everyone should dare to try out his sexual fantasies, because „it is only pervert, if you don't find somebody to experience it with." Where does SM actually begin? blindfold, handcuffs, a pat on the butt, scrape the partner's spine, gentle bites? We've all done it before, or? Important is, not to judge others for their preferences, not to despise, just because they tick differently. I love the bizarre world and I feel at home in it. I'm open about my job as a dominatrix. Friends and family know about my kinky lifestyle. Some can handle it better, the others less.

I will constantly fill my dominatrix blog with experiences, bizarre adventures and photos. I hope, you'll find stimulation in the stories. Now enjoy reading!

Kinky regards, Lady Jane