As a little girl I always wanted to be a princess. Oh well, Princess I did not become ... Instead, I am now Queen!!!

This weekend I took a client with my sports car at home and we drove into a luxury hotel. The hotel had a beautiful location on the mountain with a gorgeous panoramic.

Jonas is my personal slave.

We checked in and Jonas brought the luggage to my room. He built himself a toilet, which he set up in front of the picture window. I handed slave Jonas a penis cage and he had to put it on himself. My subject helped me out of my clothes and put on my bikini to me and helped me in bathrobe and slippers. I had to hurry, I finally had to perceive a massage appointment. As a slave no luxury entitled, he was responsible for as sorting my personal belongings. After the relaxing massage with aromatic oil, I closed the penis cage and put on electric power and annoyed my slave.

At dinner in the hotel restaurant I enjoyed myself very much! I ate fried scallops with orange fillets as a starter. For the main course I ate lamb with basil crust and port wine shallots. In addition I drank champagne rosé. Slave Jonas had to be content with still water and a simple vegetable broth. I told him, capture around circling flies, to kill them and use them in soups. Jonas turned out to be true hunter! He catched 4 flies with one stone. For dessert I tried semi-liquid chocolate cake with ice cream of passion fruit and drank a glass of dessert wine. And what did Jonas slave for dessert? Of course nothing! He had to watch, I enjoyed the treats and his mouth was truly watering.

While the complete hotel stay, my subject could only take my trash. hair, which got stuck in my brush, the peel of the watermelon etc. If I had to go to the toilet, Jonas stuck his head in the toilet box and he could also drink champagne. While I peed I enjoyed the fabulous view of the lake.

Here the residence from the perspective of my slave:

I have booked a nice hotel for my Lady Jane. When we arrived at the hotel, she enjoyed a glass of champagne. Then we went to the hotel room, because she had to pee urgently. That made Lady Jane of course in my mouth! Later, she got a massage at the spa. I had to clean up and make the penis cage ready. As Mistress Jane came back from the massage, I handed her the key to the penis cage and she gave me electric current surges. That made her mad fun!!!

In the evening we went to dinner. Lady Jane has ordered a soup for me and for herself only the best of the best. She explained to me, that I could try tomorrow after breakfast this food, in the form of caviar. To our table were buzzing flies and the Mistress Jane has not fitted. I had to catch them and throw them into my soup and then eat. After dinner, we went swimming in the pool. Later that evening I was taken by the strap on. She said, that is workout for their thigh! Also, I could massage her feet with oil. At night I had to sleep in my toilet box, so I was on the spot for my mistress' pee.

In the morning, Lady Jane had breakfast and I still waited for her in the Toilet box. I finally got to eat something real! Her caviar ...

Unfortunately, time was over too soon. I could very well imagine to serve, 24 Hours, 7 days a week!

There is no other woman, so cute, naughty and sexy as Lady Jane!!


Lady Sas is a writer and writes a personal blog about life, love and Fetish / SM.
As part of the blog she performs a series of interviews with particularly interesting personalities from the Fetish- and SM scene.
Here is the interview:

Fresh wind for the BDSM scene: Lady Jane from Munich is only 25 Years young, but already a frontier worker with a broad repertoire. “It excites me, to take you beyond borders, to bring you into my dominant world”, says the studied beauty about herself. She sprays wit and passion for their unusual games. On her appealing and professionally designed website she presents confidently and without hiding her face. Her friends know and have no problem with her SM pleasure. I'm glad, that Lady Jane has taken time, to answer a few questions.

Lady Sas: Dear Lady Jane, You are with your 25 Years still quite young. At what age did you discover your dominant tendency toward men?
What was your path to a Dominatrix?
Lady Jane: I discovered my dominant side ealy.
Already in elementary school I have intimidated the guys in my class, rebuked them and beaten if necessary.
Karate lessons helped me. In the course of my life I then realized, I like to humble men, enjoy it, when they kiss my feet or clean the household. During my studies, my curiosity has developed increasingly. I decided, to look at a dominatrix studio from the inside.

Lady Sas: What attracts you to, work as a mistress?
Lady Jane: It is the feeling of power, which appeals me to, to be a mistress.

Lady Sas: When was a session particularly good for you?
Lady Jane: If the chemistry was right.

Lady Sas: Did you have a very interesting session experience, which you want to share with us?
Lady Jane: Many couples do not know about the inclination of the partner. The more exciting was it for me, to dominate together with a young woman her husband. We scratched his back, tied him, played with candle wax and let nettles dancing over his body. I let him lick my feet, while she took him hard with the strap-on.

Lady Sas: Does your friends know, that you enjoy being a mistress? Are you open with your inclination?
Lady Jane: Yes, my best friends are informed about it and are ok with that.

Lady Sas: Please describe the BDSM scene in Munich.
Lady Jane: I live only since late last year in Munich. The city has many good shops and the fetish parties in Munich are very cool. Rather, I can't say yet.

Lady Sas: You offer also outdoor sessions. What can we imagine about?
Lady Jane: Depending on fantasy, I overwhelm my clients and “kidnap” them with my car, I tie them to a tree… (Comment by Lady Sas: The other details I will not give in my blog again… The program is also quite a bit for advanced and gourmets…)
Dog play is also possible. It all takes place outdoor and not in a studio.

Lady Sas: Is it not a problem, to play in public in Munich? Haven't you worries, that the police could intervene?
Lady Jane: No, I'm not afraid. It's a thrill, However, I choose the place so that, no one can see us.
With dressed guests I also play in public.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?
Lady Jane: Traveling is a great passion of mine. I would like to explore many countries in the world.

Lady Sas: Thank you for your time and have fun in the future!

More info about Lady Sas is available here.


This weekend I was invited to the European Premiere of Transformers 4.
So I went on my way and flew from Munich to Berlin.
Arriving in Berlin, I grabbed a taxi and went to the hotel.
There I made myself fresh and put my for this event purchased latex dress ready. I got made it in London, to wear it on the red carpet. While tightening on, the seam ripped on the butt. Now I stood in my comfortable hotel room with a damaged dress and visible butt!! Like this I could not go on the red carpet! I immediately called the room service, with the desire to send me a seamstress. I was staying at the Ritz Carlton and this hotel is zealous about his guests, 15min later there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door half naked, I found to my delight, that it was not a seamstress, but a tailor! He blushed at the sight of me and bowed his head from shame. This behavior awoke in me my dominant desire and I asked him with a raised voice to come.
He asked with his head down how he could help me. Then I showed him my ass and asked him to help me undress my dress. Because I had nothing under my dress, his sense of shame grew with every inch of visible skin. However, my desire grew to throw my slave (the tailor) on the floor and kick him in his e… to see him motionless and with pain contorted face on the floor.
Unfortunately, he interrupted my plans by the short sentence, that he was not equipped, to repair the latex dress. He apologized and asked for forgiveness. With these words he disappeared from my room.
Pity! I would like to put my thoughts into action!
Disappointed and horny it was time to change into another dress by Moschino .
Due to the delay, I had to get ready quickly, to appear in time on the red carpet. The movie and my short trip to Berlin were fantastic ...
Kinky regards, Lady Jane