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footerotic Munich

Foot fetish with Domina Munich Jane

My body is my capital. Hairdresser, make up, sport, fashion, perfect teeth… A large number of women emphasize. However, most women do not realize, that they can drive men with their manicured feet in the hot madness! Soft feet without corneal, beautiful painted toenails… Men love that!!

However, it should also give women, who hate their feet or they cannot do anything with foot fetish.
I have no understanding for the last.. My feet are definitely an erogenous zone! Yes, I love foot fetish! This feeling, when the tongue gently glides over the foot and the toes sucked, is simply indescribable horny! I'm curious, if you can find my favorite spot!!!

Each foot fetishist works differently. One loves on toe sucking, kissing feet and massage or to smell my feet, so any kind of foot worship. The other is to scented feet in nylons or socks or a hot footjob. One may prefer dirty soles, lick cream off the feet, trampling, the other wants to be treated as a doormat. It is important, notified before meeting your Domina, as you have foot fetish prefer!

Are you perhaps a willing feetslave, who wants to serve your foot lady with kisses on her boots? Or does it make you hot, when I wear flip flops, peep toes, sneakers, rubber boots or pumps? (Every now and then I sort out old shoes, these can be purchased at me). Share your fantasies with me openly, then we will have a you always remaining foot fetish session!



Today I met a foot fetishist, whom women's feet in high heels is the ultimate. We went to Jimmy Choo Shop in the Maxi in Munich.

This client is crazy about my feet. He loves my nice grown toes and the black painted toenails, which I just have . We looked together at all the beautiful high heels in the shop and my client asked the saleswoman charming, to bring this and that pair in size 39 so that, I could try on the heels.

Of course, my foot slave helped me out of my boots and socks and took great pains, to help me into the Jimmy Choos. I've tried dozens of pairs of shoes and strutted like a model in the shop up and down and presented the high heels.

Whether the seller realized, how horny made it my footslave???

We certainly had our fun!!! How many pair of high heels my client bought today, remains my secret :)