The Oktoberfest in Munich is unique. It is the largest festival in the world and is widely known and is loved not only by beer drinkers.

Even a dominatrix in dirndl is making here mischief…


A few months ago I had an interview with “Galerie de Sade” and a dominatrix Portrait was created by me.

Have a look what nice stuff has been written about me:


Lady Jane is a very attractive, very intelligent dominant woman, embodies the young, new generation gifted mistresses and blended classical SM – Elements with mundane.

There are a number of outstanding attributes, which come together in the multi-layered and complex personality of this beauty:
intelligence, Boasting perception, their extraverted, very open kind, Charisma, Eloquence and the ability, to transfer own relaxation and looseness to her counterpart.

Lady Jane survived her SM naturally and gives her devotem counterpart takes the knowledge, to entrust their most secret and desires and preferences.

Lady Jane is uninhibited and likes to act excessively – as rounder in terms Dirty games left to be desired, as competent – creative role player makes stop at almost nothing and as a savvy expert, she celebrates the whole spectrum have lived through SM.

Lady Jane makes them almost playful and quite naturally complicit, plaything own appetites. you excited, stimulates and touches all your senses.

In the conversation with this picture beautiful young woman I was looking forward for this fact.
As for the pure optical, my expectations were surpassed.
Nice and good.
Really impressed me then but these extremely friendly, open and even cheerful nature talking – you can quite naturally talk with Lady Jane really about anything – what other does not come with shame at the lips, speaks them out completely relaxed.
The feeling, to have landed with his desires with her the exact address, adjusts immediately.
Your openness carries over to a self and you dare. This is her secret.
Thus she recordes your spirit as the pianist the keyboard of his piano – Complete scale up and down.
Good to know, that Münchnerin want to stay with us for a long time!


Lady Jane, how long have you been about in the professional sense this?
These are now 2 Years in the studio.

How did you get to SM, like you is your tendency to ” other ” game types?
Something lies definitely in there.

I've never took any shit of somebody – I remember because the details of my school days.
There was this boy, the really bugged me with his clumsy sayings, until I gave him a Watsch'n.
Because it really was fine- I liked, as he was silent immediately and he was henceforth tolerable.

It was this tingling feeling, I would moor in principle to the exercise of power and curiosity, I went to the more intense.
The transition, the resume in sexual, was natural and logical in itself.

So I came later to SM – the sexy outfits liked moreover.

there, and now we talk here in the studio Elegance.

Can you still remember your first experience in the SM Studio?

Very clearly, even. That was a foot fetishist, the rapture with my feet massaged and my toes ablutschte downright.
What do you consider important in dealing with your host?
Communication makes almost everything – because it comes, to come to a wavelength and ever know each other well.

I tell my visitors, that it falls to them very easily, tell me everything, to trust me.

I think, that will probably loose at my, are relaxed type. Also, I have much respect for people, the interior thereof, their aspirations, trust me.

Lady Jane – an erotic, beautiful and tall woman with a great charisma. My spontaneous thought to – I would love to see this woman even naked…;-)
I am happy to show, because I like my appearance and feel very comfortable in my body.
In this respect, total nude domination is not a problem…would you like to see me but with landscaped Strap on, or?

This is true, not only and not just me alone – what do you love especially about your body ?
These are my shapely breasts and my firm ass…
Of course, we now want to know, what about your touchability.

I put my charms a happy and I also guarantees no fear.
Something one has but to earn with me and the chemistry should also fit.

And there is a limit, clearly set, which is never exceeded.

Are you also be found in the white hospital-range?
I like creative white role playing, So yes to your question.
Do you educate also couples or single women?
I stand in the privacy of women, if I have the director – and in the studio I live me since also happy from.

And with couples educations released thousands of extra creativity.

What languages ​​do you speak or. the languages ​​in which you can perform educations?
These are English, French and German.
Lady Jane, please describe yourself a little closer. What type are you?
I am, as mentioned, a very relaxed, relaxed and open-minded persons.
These versatile, imaginative, like spontaneous, enthusiastic, totally uninhibited.

Besides, I'm not entirely uneducated :-)

Does Dirty Games also belong to your service?
WATERSPORTS, Kaviarexzesse, vomit – I saue like rum.
What do you think, what men in detail like most about you, based on SM?
Men get me very quickly feel, their fetish, and be it ever so failed, to live. And then they get their confirmation.
Do you offer outdoor games?
Yes, happy even. It comes down to the preference of, can be played whether public or semi-public.

I have next to my sports car and a VW- Bus. By I love to kidnap.

Your plans for the future? Will you stay with us for a long time?
I plan and Munich is and remains a central place.