weird Dinner

Who has never had the benefit of a palate-orgasm, I strongly advise a visit to a star restaurant. In Munich there are numerous star restaurants and I have visited a lot of them. However, the last visit was very special!

I had an appointment with a good-looking man for a bizarre dinner in one of the star restaurants. I wore an elegant designer minidress with plateau high heels. Ben, my accompaniment, wore a smart suit with tie.

Who meets with me in public, should know, I have an effect on our fellow human beings. I am a young and exceedingly beautiful woman with a great and joyful radiance. When I enter a room full of people, I'll always staring with open mouths. Both men, and women look after me. Who gets excites because of these envious glances, should book me absolutely.

Handsome charming waiter served us at this rainy summer evening.

We opted for the 7-course menu. The start of the food made various amuse-bouches, so-called delicacies. So foreplay on the way to the palate orgasm.

A transition after another was served. Each bite was a revelation. While I lascivious led the fork to my mouth and looked deep into my eyes of my accompaniment , I reached with my left hand in my purse.

I operated quietly remote, I hid there and vibration began.

Remote? Vibration? Ask yourself certainly. Previously I have bend Ben over the knee in the backseat of his limousine and put him a plug in the ass, the vibration I can operate by remote control. In this way allows the plug to- and exhibit and select the vibration in different rhythms. The eyes of my companion were greater, as the vibration began. He moaned softly on. I said, that it was a cool feeling, to have power over him and that he must pull himself together today. No one should get wind of our bizarre dinner. Because the other hedonists and the waiters didn't lost sight of us, it was pretty exciting!

I had the whole bizarre dinner over a lot of fun with my remote and my accompaniment and it was an even more exciting experience, finally he never knew, when he could count on the vibration.

He just ordered a white wine, as the vibration began. Just for a second he lost the thread, he cleared his throat and ordered, as if nothing had happened. As the main course, the 6. transition was served, I asked to hand me his his empty red wine glass. I was, to be honest, even animal nervous, when I let disappear the glass under the table. The long tablecloth hid, what was going on underneath.

Shortly after, I handed my accompaniment that with pee filled red wine glass and I drank to him. In no time he drank from the glass, because the waiter was on his way to our table, clear up to the plate. The waiter asked, if everything was right. Ben said, "It was the most precious thing got what my palate got today" and turning to me he added, "and will get".

We laughed together. The series of desserts, which were then listed, missed us a real palate orgasm!!!

I do not need to mention, we celebrated our bizarre dinner to the fullest.