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My name is Lilly and I am the Rubberdoll of Lady Jane. Today I meet her in the most exclusive SM location of Munich. I've been looking forward to seeing her again for a few days and I'm already very excited to stand opposite my Mistress.

My ringing had not stopped completely, when the door was opened for me and Lady Jane in a red catsuit and black fabulous high heels stood in front of me. Her make up was perfect as usual. So in short, she just looked horny! We chatted a bit and her cheerful and charming nature infected me as always. But you should not let it fool you! Because I already had prepared myself at home in the bathroom, I only went to a short shower in the bathroom. When I came out of the bath, as ordered I lay down over the spanking bench and my mistress put skillfully an anal plug in my ass. “Off to the cross with you.”

Quickly, I was tied on hands and feet. Now my mistress was very close to me and said very softly: “Hoday I will make you a little Sissy bitch out of you.” I answered her, that I do not really want that. She just said: “Have you ever heard, that sluts as you have something to report? Now I will close your remaining holes. Then you can't talk much, too.”

With me a bit of panic spread out. What could be meant? But it didn't take long and I should learn it.

Lady Jane got a glass, unzipped her catsuit a bit at her crotch and peed in the glass. Then they took two cotton pads dipped it into the glass and put me tie into the nose. What a horny scent of her champagne! My heart began to pound lightly.

But that was only the beginning. She took a piece of tape and told me to hold my breath, she made the strip firmly over my mouth and then made a small hole in the strip, only then I could breathe again, but that was not so easy through the small hole.

Two ear plugs and everything was now close. Meanwhile, you could already see based on my cock that my lust increased. She left the room and came back a few minutes later with a stainless steel chastity cage with integrated dilator. “What do you think what I do with it?” Because I could not speak, I shook my head. “I do it now over your little horny cock and I put the dilator in your urethra! Then your cock is beautiful impaled!”

The eyes of my Dominatrix shone. This meant nothing good for me… But I did not want a chastity belt on my cock, so I pulled at my chains back and forth. Lady Jane could not to install it.

She looked at me, came with her mouth very close to my ear. I felt her close and she said: “If you will not calm down right now, I close the small breathing hole in your gag and then we'll see who's in charge here.” I did not let myself be impressed and continued to drag on the shackles. With a jerk, the hole was closed. She laughed spitefully: “Take in the air well!” Then Dominatrix Jane began to count, simultaneously she played with my nipples with her red fingernails. She did so in their inimitable way. She just can and her eyes glittered! When she was about fifteen, I gave her to understand, I would be brave and she opened the blowhole. What a relief!

I was exhausted, But so of horny!!!

But my will was not broken so I tried even now to prevent the attachment of chastity cage. it happened the way it had to. She came close to my ear and said,: “My little bitch! If YOU will not let me do it now, I will show you who is the boss!” I only shook my head. Lady Jane went to a drawer and opened it, took a small box out and showed me the contents. There were needles! Awfully long sharp needles!

“Now, if you do not obey and keep still, I'll take you the air and stabbing you a needle through your nipple!” I thought, she never would do that, so I still resisted.

I should have known! She killed her threat. She stuck the breathing hole and began to count, took the needle in one hand and looked me straight in the eyes. She let herself all the time in the world and pushed the needle very slowly through my left nipple. I could see in her eyes, that she enjoyed torturing and humiliating me, while she touched like two or three times by accident my cock with her legs wrapped in latex. At twenty-five she opened the blowhole again.

My head was a hurricane of shortness of breath, pain and lust. I felt used and humiliated. But did I not want to be brought to my limits???

She asked me: “Can I now attach the chastity cage?” I just nodded.

First of all my will was broken. It did not last long until my dick was in the chastity cage and the dilator was in my urethra. Since Lady Jane said with satisfaction: “Why didn't you do that in the first place!” She made me a horny balls bondage, but that just made me more horny.

Then Dominatrix Jane said: “My dear Lilly! But this is only the beginning and so stubborn as you are, we will have to put more needles in your nipples, but now you geta little break for the moment.” So you will not get bored, we connect the anal plug to power!” She had not quiet said it yet, as I could feel a tingling sensation in my butt. The electric plug pulsated! This felt like a fuck!

“Meanwhile I will get your new stuff, so that we can turn you into a Rubberdoll!”

And I just thought, my Mistress has not won yet! My resistance revived again.


Photoshoot with the charming Marie-Louise Cadosch in the sinful red light district in Munich.


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Getting ready for a Vampire Date… Who is probably bitten today…?


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane