I walk in a very hot Yves Saint Laurent patent leather pumps down the stairs to the garage. I also wear a black mini dress, black stockings and a fur cape.

My red lips are in harmony with my red nails. I feel not only sexy - I am sexy!

I run straight to the car, in which an inmate can be seen, who now has to wait a few minutes for me.

When my client sees me in the rearview mirror, he jumps out of the car and opens the door. But I do not want to sit down yet on the passenger seat. I look deeply and reproachfully into his eyes. He understands immediately and kneels down, to kiss my feet with his warm lips. While my slave kisses my feet, I look around in the garage, however, no one can be seen… Pity! I love to provoke! Then I take a seat and guide my client through Munich to next bank, because my slave does not have enough money with him.

I stand at the ATM, my slave next to me. I order, to kneel again to kiss my feet, than the door opens and a blonde enters the bank.

My slave hesitates, he is visibly uncomfortable. It should be noted, that my slave comes from a completely different country and certainly no one in Munich knows him, nevertheless he is embarrassed and wants to play today the first time in public.

The blonde goes to the bank statement printers and turns her back on us. My client does not see that and I take the opportunity obviously to humiliate him right in front of this lady. I put my foot on the shelf and hit his head down towards the foot. „Kiss!"I whisper horny in his ear. I see, that the blonde is watching us through the reflecting window. Well he has ever survived.

Then it's back to the car. At least our Fetish Drive can begin!

We travel all over Munich. He drives and I make him craaaazyyyyy with my legs, my sexy high heels and my feet! He must be very act together and masters road and lust with flying colors. Passers-by and parallel vehicles staring at us in disbelief at each red traffic light. Some look shocked, others laugh or can not believe it. My slave enjoys my game and can not be distracted by the observers. He kisses and licks on my legs and feet. This game in front of strangers turns me completely on and I enjoy every single kiss under observation. His hot breath feels incredibly well to my stockinged legs.

Then a demanding horn sounds behind us. Out of sheer enjoyment, we did not pay enough attention to the traffic light. It's been green for a long time, as we continue our Fetish Drive.


I tie my victim to the bed and what follows now, is a painfully beautiful punishment. First I tickle my victim tenderly with a feather and then mercilessly with my fingers! The tied up laughs, twitches and screams for help! It is both pleasant and unbearable.

Long-lasting tickle is a tried and true torture measure, which was also used in the Middle Ages. Did you know that?


I do not know how much time had passed, but the ups and downs of current intensity in my butt was pretty cool. And I thought about how my mistress switches between eroticism and sadism back and forth.

Suddenly Lady Jane stood in front of me. In one hand she had a few high black shoes and over the arm, black nylons, a latex halter trap, latex pussy, red latex skirt, black latex blouse, black bra and silicone tits and a latex mask.

The power was turned off in my butt. “There we the beautiful things, to create a real bitch out of you”, she said. “But first of all we need to discuss something, that means, I talk and you listen, because you can not speak. I'm going to untie your feet and I'll attract the latex pussy and you'll be nice. Is that clear?! Otherwise, what I promised you will happen…” She looked at me with her beautiful sparkling eyes.

She made my legs go and wanted to put on my latex pussy, but now I could fight it even better. After two unsuccessful attempts, she broke off her efforts. She tore off the tape from my mouth, what pretty hurts, took the latex mask and clapped it over my head and closed the zipper. Then she went to the table and pulled out a gag harness with an inflatable gag, stuffed the gag in my mouth, fastened the harness to my head and pumped air into the gag twice, just, that there is still room to breathe through.

Now she came very close to my ear and said,: “Now you will get a lesson and then you will definitely get dressed. Take a very deep breath, because you'll need it now!” I did as I was told, because nothing was good for me. Three large pumps of the gag and the air was turned off.

Out of nowhere she had a needle in her hand and pushed it through my right nipple. But that is not all, she took two power clamps and attached them to the needles, put the two cables into the power supply and slowly turned the controller. What began with a slight tingling, developed into a staccato. For a moment I thought, my nipples would explode but my cry was lost in the gag.

My shortness of breath was now acutely and my mistress let the air out of the gag and I sucked the air greedily. The power was turned off on my nipples. Again, she came with herr mouth to my ear and said very softly: “That was just the beginning, as you know I have two remote controls for the power devices and I'm going to set the hottest program that exists. For your hot ass and your nipples!”

Another three pump strokes and the program took off. It started on the nipples tingle and was getting stronger and faster, to break off then and start in my butt. With each change, the intensity went stronger. In between I was allowed to breathe again and again. I can not say how many times Lady Jane has repeated the game. But my moans and my chokes smothered by the gag were certainly not to be missed and my mistress made the whole thing visibly fun.

In me everything was shaken up. My whole body jerked in pain, but also an immense lust. I gave my mistress with whimpering sounds to understand, I would now make no more trouble.

I raised my head and saw in her eyes satisfaction and also the triumph of having made me willing and submissive. Now I let myself without resistance put on the latex pussy and put on the garter belt.

After putting on the black nylons, What Lady Jane did with all her entire clenched erotic, and of course she did not miss it, by repeatedly unintentionally touching my cock to increase my lust in the immeasurable. The pressure in my chastity belt by my cock was huge. Next, she pulled my skirt and then the shoes.

Now only the blouse was missing. But my mistress is of course a real sadist. What I do also love about her.

“So my dear Lilly, now I have a little surprise for you!” She removed the two clamps. “Now you get a needle in each of your nipples again.” Said done and they were already in it. Low groans penetrated through the gag. But as if that was not enough, she fastened the clamps again, tore two strips from the roll of tape and pasted them over the nipples and needles. “We do not want you to hurt yourself, if I put you on the bra.” At that I heard her unique laugh.

She untied my wrists from the cross, pulled my bra, stuffed the silicone tits carefully into the bra and pulled my latex blouse over.

You took the gag harness away. Then I had to look in front of the next mirror at myself and I liked what I saw. Then she ordered me to walk up and down the hallway.

So that I make more effort while walking, In the meantime, Lady Jane has repeatedly turned on the power both on my nipples and in my ass.

My mistress has made out of a Rubberdoll, a really horny latex bitch. With her inimitable kind of dominance, sadism and eroticism she made it clear to me, who is the master of the house and to whom I belong. My love for her has become even stronger. Of course, my mistress has taken pictures of the result of her transformation.

If she allows, I will tell another time how the evening ended.

Submissive Greetings, Lilly the property of Lady Jane