to bend my … over the knee

It's Friday and I'm in the dominatrix studio Penthouse in Munich.
It rings at the door. I open and in front of me is a true gentleman with a bouquet of red roses in his hand and a pack of pralines in the other.
The first thing he does, is, to handle me over with the words: "Dear Goddess, these little things are for you!“, the presents and fall on his knees right in front of me to kiss my feet.
His incisive fragrance is in the air.

After this welcome ceremony, I ask the still unknown to the bar. He takes off his hat and hangs his coat over the bar stool. We talk about his wishes and desires. I will not let go of the feeling, that I know my counterpart.

While waiting at the bar and I prepare our playroom, mentally I go through the upcoming. Again and again I digress and think, how could I know this man?. Or is he just reminding me of someone? I am at a loss. The name, he stated in our email traffic, did not say anything to me. But that does not mean anything at all. Many of my clients have a fake address, to preserve their identity.

During our game, where I put him over my knee and I spank his ass with relish, I ask him a bit. At the question, what he does professionally, he answers, that he is a teacher at high school. It's like dandruff from my eyes!

I just spank my math teacher's ass! That is really insane!!!!

However, I do not pretend to recognize me as his former student, because I'm totally sure somehow, he does not know that. Is already a few years ago… At that time I was in the 7. and a girl – Today I am a woman and I know exactly what I want!

At the latest when he reads this blog entry, he will know it well :)


In BDSM games it is common, to use a Safeword, to end the action immediately or to decelerate the game. Common practice is the Safeword Mayday or the traffic light system.

Green means: Everything OK. It is horny! Keep it up!

Yellow means: It's getting dicey. Please do not firmer!

& Red gives me the sign, that the action just is too hard for you and I stop immediately.

If you have a gag in your mouth or I find myself with my ass on your face, then knock off like a wrestling match. But when your hands are also fixed, then shake your feet or make yourself felt on a different way :)