LADY JANE: from the life of a dominatrix

In my erotic boutique I learn many interesting personalities and get to know their desires. Just as people, who have made it their vocation, to satisfy these needs. […]

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Finally, I again had a date with Lady Jane in Munich. On her arrival she put me to welcome my immediate chastity cage with urethral dilator and left the key in her purse disappear. Our latex escort adventure could begin! Then we went to dinner at a gourmet restaurant, to what she was wearing a breathtaking latex evening gown. She looked so stunning, I could hardly focus me on eating. She was the absolute highlight in the restaurant. Before dessert, she took a small phial “medicine” from her purse and poured the contents into my empty water glass. It was her champagne, I had to drink immediately. This was just a very small taste. After the desserts wanted me to follow her to the bathroom, where she filled me with the entire content of her full bladder and in a two-star restaurant! Jane is really the craziest Lady ever! When we got back to our apartment, we prepared ourselves for a visit to a fetish party.

I got a butt plug and tightened with my new suit without sleeves and with integrated mask and gag , where everything is inflatable. Additionally, a lockable collar and boots. After Lady Jane had inflated everything tight my senses almost disappeared because of that immense lust . The lower rubber layer compressed me all over and through the eyes glasses I could see only blurred. I had my arms crossed over the body and could not move a centimeter. I looked like a Michelin Man. She moved to another latex dress, that looked very cool.

Lady Jane sat me on the passenger seat of my Ferrari and drove us to the fetish party. Her driving style was, as always fast and I was glad, that I already had on my “Airbag” .. Of course, right next to the party location was no parking free, so we had to park far away and then walked through the city to the party. Jane probably parked extra further away , so she could lead me helplessly trapped by the city. I saw only very blurry, but kept hearing people, who spoke to us. When we passed a bus stop, Lady Jane told me to sit down and wait for the bus. This came after a few minutes. First Jane commanded me to enter (the bus driver and passengers stared like mad!), but then went on foot.

Finally arrived at the party, first took me around. Then she ordered me to sit down and blindfolded me, so that I could now see nothing. Then I noticed how my suit and my chastity cage was opened and removed. A slave of Lady Jane touched me in the midst of the other party visitors. This and the two layers of latex had become so hot to me in my suit, I threatened to collapse and Lady Jane took pity and I was able to replace the suit against a lighter outfit. Now I wore a latex mask, a collar and leash, long gloves made of latex, a latex panties, where my cock looked out with chastity cage and rubber boots. So very bizarre! Even Jane switched to a tight leather outfit.

When we later went home, I was filled again with her champagne, this time on the hood of my Ferraris. When something went wrong and landed on the bonnet, I had this to lick. Partygoers and taxi driver followed the spectacle.

On the way home we were actually stopped by police, although Jane drove quite exceptionally sensible. Jane pulled over. I said out loud: Fuck! Jane answered very cool: Take off your mask and put it on your dick! I did as instructed and I was pretty nervous! The young police officer admired our car. When they saw our outfits, they reacted disgusted! The young male policeman and his colleague asked why I was naked. My heart was pounding like crazy! In what am I just got into it!!!! Lady Jane answered nonchalantly, we just came from a fetish party and he would finally wear underpants. I hoped, the two policemen would not let me get out of the car, because the latex mask covered just my cock with chastity! After all controls and an admonition we could continue our fetish drive.

Back in the apartment I had to first take a deep breath, but Jane gave me no peace. Jane again ordered me to wear my Michelin Man outfit and she pumped everything up again very hard. Then she fixed me in the suit on a bed with ropes. Again I felt the pressure in the suit and could not move anymore. Then, at the top of her head, Jane opened the suit's zipper slightly and inserted a funnel. A short time later, I realized, how much warm liquid poured into the suit spilled over my head and then flowed down into the suit. It was of course her champagne and a short time later, she refilled again. So I spent the night, inflated, fixed and dipped in Lady Jane's champagne.

Because I was so horny anyway I could not sleep, because I had to think again and again of the incredible adventure with Jane…. Latex Escort at its finest!


Latex Escort

Latex Escort