I was facing a meeting with a musician. It should be an unforgettable event for him -

so his wish. I promised him, that he would never forget this evening again.

I feverishly awaited this appointment for an infinite time. Finally the time has come.

I met with the client in his hotel and we dined together in the restaurant.

My suitcase was brought upstairs to the suite.

After the delicious dinner, (he barely got a bite of nervousness!) we went to the suite together. When he opened the door, I was impressed by the size of the suite. She was gorgeous.

A grand piano stood in the middle of the living room. I feel very well.

The musician said, he had specially booked the presidential suite for this special event.

I ordered him, to go on his knees and kiss my feet in greeting.

Then he had to undress and I tied him naked on a chair.

Then I left the suite and returned after a few minutes with my two hot girlfriends. As we 3 stood in front of him, we ladies could not help laughing, because his enthusiasm was obvious to him.

We got rid of our clothes and started to make him hotter on the spot.

The champagne flowed in streams. First down our throats and then into his mouth.

Yes, He wanted to enjoy every single drop of our golden shower! No drop was allowed to be wasted. I thought at first, he never does! But he taught me a better one. Blast it!! My extra obolus was in danger!

Yes, I bet with him, he would not make it, to drink all our champagne. I told the girls, they should drink more and I answered him, that we three will drown him. But he just did not get enough! I was baffled. Now it was time to pull my ace up my sleeve! Playing with me after all is like playing in the casino.

The casino & I … we always win! I got 6 one and a half liters of ice tea bottles out of my suitcase.

Everyone looked puzzled, only I laughed! There was of course no Ice Tea in the bottles, but cool pee, I have collected the last days.

I pulled him a bachelor helmet on and poured the pee in the tank, which

were attached left and right to the helmet. Two hoses lead from the containers directly into his mouth.

Now it was time to drink! We girls were firing at him and laughed. he stammered, that this was scam!

But it aroused our slave so much, that we had our fun with him, that he experienced a huge orgasm. He could drink only one bottle.

The conclusion: I had done it again, albeit with dirty tricks!

After a hot shower, our slave sat down in a bathrobe at the piano and hummed us.

Yes, we got our own concert! What an extraordinary experience!