Domina kidnappt Mann in München

I lie in wait and watch from afar my hostage. Yes, you hear properly! Today I kidnap a stranger! He runs down the street. Past Munich's red-light street. Soon he is out of sight. It is broad daylight. My engine is running. now I have to follow behind, otherwise I lose sight of him. I want to get him to the next meters!

Just now it comes a group of office workers opposed. I keep the environment in mind and drossle the speed of my car.
The pencil pushers run past my victims.
Now or never! I accelerate, so I'm as fast as possible at the height of my sacrifice. And I'll put a balaclava on. Ich bremse und bringe den Bus quietschend auf dem Gehweg vor einer Werkstatt zum Stehen. I jump out and grab the types! With stranglehold I pull him into my black bus. Go with me 1000 Things it through the head. Has anyone seen me? Will he defend himself? What if… ?

But for that it is now too late. Everything is already prepared in the interior of the vehicle kidnapping. An 4 I tie her up eyelets my hostage at lightning speed on all fours. I miss him a gag, although he does not even call for help. I must have rather taken him by surprise! Or is it him speechless? ;)
Just as I have safely packed him, there is a knock at the door.
When getting out I pull the balaclava from his head and close the door quickly behind me. Before the kidnapping bus is a guy in blue overalls. One of the workshop! He grins and asks cheekily, how long do I need. I laugh out loud and assure him, I drive them equal. He wants a lot of fun! Well I'm going to have in any case, I counter. I hop into the driver's seat and nozzle them, of course, only in the permitted speed. I would not be stopped by the police ...

To be continued.