Food Crush

I'm sitting adorable in sexy underwear and pumps on the throne, while you're kneeling in front of it and you are waiting, to be able to serve me the piece of cake on your silver platter.

First I like to smell the chocolate cake and lick lasciviously about it, while I look deep into your eyes. Then you have to turn off the cake at my feet and help me out of my pumps. I push you my naked manicured feet in the face. You inhale my sexy scent and you would like to immediately lick my divine feet, but I have other plans for you.

I crush the cake sensual with my foot. The feeling is indescribable. The chocolate swells between my red painted toes. Your lust is written in your face. It smells wonderfully of chocolate and you are only waiting for my command to finally lick my toes. Now the time has come, you have to lick my feet clean! Enjoy your meal! I bet, it's your hottest dessert ever!

I prefer to do food crush with my bare feet. Do you also have a food crush fetish? Most of all I enjoy it, to crush desserts. Of course you can also crush food with sandals, pumps or boots. Let’s crush food!