Lady Jane is the undisputed boss of her clients, meet the extremely cool high-class dominatrix

Lady Jane is THE dominatrix from Munich. Yes, she is! She is not only a domina escort but also a fetish model and a “femme fatale”. The girl collaborates with international fashion brands such as Sian Hoffman, Patrice Catanzaro, Ludovica Martire – Made in Pain, Fräulein Kink and many others (@ madameprovocateur6666). She offers a range of several services to her clients: domination, nipple play, roleplaying, pet play, spitting, walk the dog, spanking, kidnapping, humiliation in public, anal, fisting, foot, trampling, crushing, erotic wrestling and so on. Lady Jane is slim with curves, extremely attractive thanks to her she-wolf glance. As a professional dominatrix she doesn’t do sex and blow jobs: her aim is to arouse without intercourse.

I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook if they like to be dominated: the majority replied positively. […]

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I always insist on having my own bed during an escort date. So I can sleep in peace at night. I do not share my bed. Of course I do not mind, if the slave is on the floor, tied to my bed during the night. But he has to be as quiet as a mouse, because I hate nothing more, than when my beauty sleep is disturbed.

I am aware, that it is uncomfortable to sleep on the floor, but I always give my slaves a pillow and a blanket. Thus, sufficient comfort is given.

Every now and then a faux pas happens to me. I'll tell you about that.

One day I had a date with a pee lover.

I had my hotel room right opposite my escort date.

We had a wonderful time together and while having breakfast we decided spontaneously to play one more time in his room. Without further ado, we booked a late check-out and I dressed up in my room. A short latex dress with hot vinyl thigh boots. I put on a bathrobe and peered into the hotel corridor. The coast was clear and so I went armed with a riding crop straight to the opposite hotel room. We had a very wet and wild session. After the session, my slave showered and I wanted to scurry into my room, to do the same. The door closed behind me and I hurried the few steps over, to get into my room.

Again and again I held my room card to the door opener, but the door simply could not be opened. I started, to knock on the door of my slave, but he did not hear me, because he showered.

Then, a cleaning lady came around the corner, staring at me from head to foot. While I explained my plight of the non-functioning room card, her eyes kept wandering from my bathrobe to my vinyl overknees. The riding crop I was hiding behind my back. She replied coolly, that I had to get a new card at the front desk. I asked her again, to open my room door, because in this outfit I could not go to the reception. Thank God had the cleaning lady had mercy with me and finally opened my door to my room.

What have I learned from it? A room card only works until the regular check-out time ;)