Wild head cinema

After a year of acclimaization with a standard chastity cage, I took it off in the presence of Lady Jane and slipped on the custom-made cage, like a condom, stainless steel only. Lady Jane took the two supplied keys and since then I have not seen the keys.

Which is also not necessary, because the times when I was open for orgasms, they are finally over, emphasizes Lady Jane. I should also be able to by now, to get through an entire year without orgasm.

That sounded like head cinema, after pretty wild head cinema.

Many years, long before I met Lady Jane, I imagined myself very often, how awesome it would be, when a dominant woman takes absolute control of my sexual activities. It is primarily about the feeling of being at someone's else mercy and of deep dedication, that intoxicates me.

I am only beginning to understand, that Lady Jane intends to do just that, namely to put my crazy imagination into practice. Lady Jane has been choosing my sex partners for a long time, but so far this has always been associated with horny cumshot on my part.

The year 2020 will not be remembered just because of Corona, but because the year 2020 has been completely abstinent for me so far. I could jerk off with lust as I write these lines.

My life in chastity started long ago.