We live in the 21. century and still have to struggle with clichés. There are numerous clichés about Bdsm.

I asked my Instagram followers about this and found out, what prejudices my followers have already faced with regard to Bdsm:

“Bdsm is weird.”

“Some die during SM sex.”

"I thought, you are emancipated and then you let your sex partner hit you?”

“Childhood trauma leads to sick preferences.”

“Hatred of the opposite sex.”

"Mentally ill people practice SM.”

“Bdsm is dangerous.”

“Guys, who treat women gross are dominant.”

“Women are originally submissive. Women who pretend to be dominant, just play that role.”

“As the dominant part it's all about yourself, you don't care about the other.”

“As a child you must have been mistreated, if you like that.”

“You have to be into anal.”

“Slaves always wear latex.”

“All male slaves have a feminine side.”

“It's about nothing but pain.”

The list of answers, that I received, was endless and make you shudder.

Yes, I have also been confronted with some clichés.

What? You are dominatrix? They're always just mean and old women!”

“Where does your perversion come from??”

“You are sick!”

“Do your partners also have to drink your pee and do you also take them with the strapon from behind?”

I just laugh away at such simple-minded comments. As Friedrich Schiller said so beautifully: "Live and let live.” Unfortunately, many in our society think in drawers.

Imagine life in black and white. Not just in terms of bdsm, but life in general. Colorful diversity is not only a lot more fun, but rather holds inspiration and if you get involved in new things and don't think too narrowly, that broadens the horizon.

To a lovable and healthy togetherness!