Most of my clients don't tell their partners about their experiences with me. One of my clients told me about his partner, that she is so open to all kinds of fun and games. Just, that he doesn't dare, to tell her, that he would like to be dominated by her. So I suggested to him, to be open to his girlfriend and I like to show her, how to dominate. A few months later I got an email. The flea, that I had put in his ear months in advance, should become a reality. As a newlywed couple, they both dared to meet me.

The three of us all liked each other straight away and after a brief meeting, the newly wed husband took on the role of slave. At first a little embarrassed, he tried to avoid eye contact with his wife.

The wife turned out to be an absolute natural talent. While her husband knelt naked in front of us and I sat next to her on the couch, we teaed it with our legs and feet. She kept him on a leash. We women were in a really good mood and I asked the wife, how the wedding cake was. she answered, that there was no wedding cake.

“What is a wedding without a wedding cake!?”, I exclaimed, stunned. “We have to make up for that immediately!” I took a plate, prepared chocolate kisses with berries and handed them over “wedding cake” the wife. We laughed. Without consulting us, we dipped our toes in the sugar and rubbed our feet together. The husband became hotter and hotter and his wife enjoyed the sight of her submissive husband very much. I said to the husband, that he should now finally dare, to look his wife in the eye. Then when he looked into her sparkling eyes, he wanted to kiss her on the mouth, but the wife would not allow it. She pulled him down on a leash to our feet and forced him to lick our feet clean.

It was so hot!!!