I am Lady Jane, a young Mistress from Munich.
The most important details about me can be found on my homepage www.DominaEscort.net
I made my hobby my job. My life revolves around power, sexuality, desire, humility, domination, fetish, pain and submission. In short, sadomasochism. I live in Munich and use the most beautiful dominatrix studio in Munich once a week, I also offer my service as the dominant escort Lady Jane globally.

I want to share my bizarre experiences with others, to show ​​the diversity of sexual fantasy and the importance around its communication.
My experience spans the S&M spectrum, from soft to hard .
SM needs communication. Men, women and couples trust me to deliver their desires . Professionally I facilitate self-discovery and sexual satisfaction: What turns you on, what not? I'm fascinated, by people actually living the S&M life.
In my private life I meet people , who consider S&M an abnormal practice.
Yes, S&M is different, but it is not „sick“. I am of the opinion, everyone should explore their sexual fantasies, because „it is only perverted, if you don't find somebody to experience it with." Where does S&M actually begin? A blindfold maybe, handcuffs, a pat on the butt, a scrape of the partner's spine, gentle bites? We've all done it before, or? The important thing is, not to judge others for their preferences, not to despise, just because of something alternative makes them tick. I love the bizarre and I feel at home in this world. I'm open about my job as a dominatrix. Friends and family know about my kinky lifestyle. Some can handle it better, than others.

I will update my Dominatrix blog with my experiences, bizarre adventures and photos. I hope, you'll find stimulation in the stories. Now enjoy reading!

Kinky regards, Lady Jane






A persian proverb says: "Courtesy is a capital, where the more you spend, the richer you become. "

I expect courtesy and good manners , when you contact me.

The easiest way is to contact me by email.

Addresse your message to jane@dominaescort.net

In your request you should mention the following points:


  • Your name

  • Date, time of day & duration

  • City and meeting place (dominatrix studio, hotel, restaurant etc.)

  • Your preferences, any taboos

  • If we already know, please mention this!



I prefer the contact by mail, SMS or WhatsApp.



You want to make me happy?

With a gift you can put a smile on my face.

I love it, if you show me your devotion!

Please address to jane@dominaescort.net or hand it over personally.


Most of my clients don't tell their partners about their experiences with me. One of my clients told me about his partner, that she is so open to all kinds of fun and games. Just, that he doesn't dare, to tell her, that he would like to be dominated by her. So I suggested to him, to be open to his girlfriend and I like to show her, how to dominate. A few months later I got an email. The flea, that I had put in his ear months in advance, should become a reality. As a newlywed couple, they both dared to meet me.

The three of us all liked each other straight away and after a brief meeting, the newly wed husband took on the role of slave. At first a little embarrassed, he tried to avoid eye contact with his wife.

The wife turned out to be an absolute natural talent. While her husband knelt naked in front of us and I sat next to her on the couch, we teaed it with our legs and feet. She kept him on a leash. We women were in a really good mood and I asked the wife, how the wedding cake was. she answered, that there was no wedding cake.

“What is a wedding without a wedding cake!?”, I exclaimed, stunned. “We have to make up for that immediately!” I took a plate, prepared chocolate kisses with berries and handed them over “wedding cake” the wife. We laughed. Without consulting us, we dipped our toes in the sugar and rubbed our feet together. The husband became hotter and hotter and his wife enjoyed the sight of her submissive husband very much. I said to the husband, that he should now finally dare, to look his wife in the eye. Then when he looked into her sparkling eyes, he wanted to kiss her on the mouth, but the wife would not allow it. She pulled him down on a leash to our feet and forced him to lick our feet clean.

It was so hot!!!


SM Sex Workshop

You dream to be a FEMME FATALE?

I’ll show you how to improve your LOVE GAME.

You will love it!




There is nothing more sexy than a girl who knows how to control!

When you are male: It’s also the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.


I always wanted to know, how it is, getting a blow job on the highway as a guy.

Now I can confirm, that it is a very horny feeling!




My excitement is great, when I pick up Lady Jane freshly styled around 11 a.m. with my fully packed suitcase, for our long-planned trip to Berlin. What makes the trip so special, is the fact, that I will be traveling en femme, which is an absolutely new experience for me.

When we arrive in the strange city, we check into the hotel and have a bite to eat in a sidewalk café. Even in this relatively infrequent street, many looks follow me, but I'll have to get used to that, when I'm out as a crossdresser. For dinner in the evening, where we visit the Grill Royal in the center of Berlin, I will wear a pink business suit and black pumps and accompany the enchanting Lady Jane. When we stop in the taxi in front of the restaurant, the main thing for me, is to stay focused and maintain my composure on the way to the restaurant and to our table. Lady Jane kept telling me over and over again in advance, not to lower my head in shame and try to enjoy the looks. At the table, in addition to the friendly service staff, the purest culinary delight with Kobe fillet and loup de mer, King prawns and numerous, tasty side dishes await us. After dinner, we are off to the Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz, where we take a few souvenir photos to round off the day. My feet hurt, as we make our way back to the hotel in the taxi, but my eyes shine with joy over this great day.

The next morning my alarm clock rings mercilessly. Now a quick shower, shave and apply makeup. What an unfamiliar morning routine for me! In the elegant business look en femme, we set off for KaDeWe. At noon the path leads us to Borchardt, a traditional restaurant on Gendarmenmarkt, which is known for its Wiener Schnitzel and its high density of celebrities. So also on this day. Lady Jane recognizes Christoph Waltz at a table next to us, who also has his lunch in the courtyard. In the company of Lady Jane I enjoy the wonderful moments and the very good food.

Because Lady Jane has planned a photo shoot with me as a model for the afternoon, it goes straight back to the hotel. Lady Jane takes care of my styling, hair und make-up. A professional photo shoot is also a first for me. It's not easy, to pose and look relaxed into the camera. But Lady Jane shoots like a pro, puts me in the best light and brings out the best in me. She shows me how to pose and time flies by.

For our last dinner of this trip, Lady Jane accompanies me in a sensational, Japanese-inspired latex dress, that hugs the perfect body of Lady Jane. I am allowed to accompany Lady Jane in a short leather mini and black pumps, that show off my long legs. During the meal I can no longer hold back my feelings and tears of joy roll down my cheeks. We take the dessert with us to my room and I can enjoy it directly from Lady Jane's lovely feet. What a delicious and horny mess!

Weeks after our trip, it still seems like a grand dream to me.


Dear Lady Jane, what I was able to experience together with you, whether in the restaurant, in the hotel or on the way, that still triggers an absolute elation in me. The results of the shoot are incredible! But I haven't really understood, that I am shown in the photos. You gave me soooo unbelievably great pleasure, that just cannot be put into words. You made such a wonderful sissy out of me! I couldn't have imagined, that such an excursion en femme would be possible.


as a woman

as a woman

as a woman


We live in the 21. century and still have to struggle with clichés. There are numerous clichés about Bdsm.

I asked my Instagram followers about this and found out, what prejudices my followers have already faced with regard to Bdsm:

“Bdsm is weird.”

“Some die during SM sex.”

"I thought, you are emancipated and then you let your sex partner hit you?”

“Childhood trauma leads to sick preferences.”

“Hatred of the opposite sex.”

"Mentally ill people practice SM.”

“Bdsm is dangerous.”

“Guys, who treat women gross are dominant.”

“Women are originally submissive. Women who pretend to be dominant, just play that role.”

“As the dominant part it's all about yourself, you don't care about the other.”

“As a child you must have been mistreated, if you like that.”

“You have to be into anal.”

“Slaves always wear latex.”

“All male slaves have a feminine side.”

“It's about nothing but pain.”

The list of answers, that I received, was endless and make you shudder.

Yes, I have also been confronted with some clichés.

What? You are dominatrix? They're always just mean and old women!”

“Where does your perversion come from??”

“You are sick!”

“Do your partners also have to drink your pee and do you also take them with the strapon from behind?”

I just laugh away at such simple-minded comments. As Friedrich Schiller said so beautifully: "Live and let live.” Unfortunately, many in our society think in drawers.

Imagine life in black and white. Not just in terms of bdsm, but life in general. Colorful diversity is not only a lot more fun, but rather holds inspiration and if you get involved in new things and don't think too narrowly, that broadens the horizon.

To a lovable and healthy togetherness!


It has always been a great pleasure for me, to sniff secretly on worn panties or thongs by strange women. A passion, of which I also told Lady Jane a long time ago. Last week I was supposed to accompany Lady Jane for shopping in Munich.

My anticipation was great, but when I discovered Lady Jane’s short video on Twitter the night before our meeting, I could hardly believe, what awaits me.

Lady Jane prepared a horny scent orgy! She wore the face mask like a thong, which absorbed her divine body fragrance. Because of excitement I could hardly sleep at night and was thrilled, what I would expect when shopping.

I waited impatiently at the agreed meeting point in front of the shop in Munich, when Lady Jane came to me with a face mask. Her eyes literally laughed. She reached into her sweatpants and opened the face mask on the left and right with the words "I was still jogging with it earlier", and pulled the face mask out of her pants. She held it out to me.

The signs of wear were clearly visible and the horny scent already clouded my senses when I put on the mask.

Pretty horny I accompanied my mistress as I inhaled the sensual feminine scent of her most intimate parts of the body. What a great scent experience! This is how wearing a face mask is fun!