Food Crush

I'm sitting adorable in sexy underwear and pumps on the throne, while you're kneeling in front of it and you are waiting, to be able to serve me the piece of cake on your silver platter.

First I like to smell the chocolate cake and lick lasciviously about it, while I look deep into your eyes. Then you have to turn off the cake at my feet and help me out of my pumps. I push you my naked manicured feet in the face. You inhale my sexy scent and you would like to immediately lick my divine feet, but I have other plans for you.

I crush the cake sensual with my foot. The feeling is indescribable. The chocolate swells between my red painted toes. Your lust is written in your face. It smells wonderfully of chocolate and you are only waiting for my command to finally lick my toes. Now the time has come, you have to lick my feet clean! Enjoy your meal! I bet, it's your hottest dessert ever!

I prefer to do food crush with my bare feet. Do you also have a food crush fetish? Most of all I enjoy it, to crush desserts. Of course you can also crush food with sandals, pumps or boots. Let’s crush food!


Dominatrix kidnaps man in Munich

I lie in wait. From afar I watch my soon-to-be-hostage. Yes, you heard that right! Today I will be kidnapping a stranger! I see him run down the street. Past Munich's red-light district. Soon he is out of sight. It is broad daylight. My engine is running. so I move to follow behind, otherwise I will lose sight of him. I want to get to the next set of meters!

A group of office workers come between us. Given my environment I drop the speed of my car.
The pencil pushers scuttle past my victims.
It's now or never! I put my balaclava on and I accelerate, as fast as possible. My heart is beating. Then I brake, bringing the bus I'm driving screeching on to the sidewalk. I jump out and grab my target! With a stranglehold I force him into my black bus. A 1000 thoughts are running through my head. Has anyone seen me? Will he defend himself? What if… ?

But it is now too late for second thoughts. Everything is already prepared in the interior of the vehicle for my hostage. At lightning speed I tie up my hostage on all 4 s. I gag his mouth, although he does not call for help. I took him by surprise! Or does he like to be speechless? ;)
Just as I have tied him up, there is a knock at the door.
When getting out I pull the balaclava from my head and close the door quickly behind me. In front of my bus is a guy in blue overalls. One of the guys of the workshop! He grins and asks cheekily, how long do I need. I laugh out loud and assure him, I drive them equally quickly. He wishes me a lot of fun! I will have that for sure, I reply. It's clear I need to move somewhere else so I hop into the driver's seat and drive, at the permitted speed. I do not want to be stopped by the police ...

To be continued.


When I visited a dungeon for the first time of my life, the other Ladies there gave me the feeling I did not belong to their world. In their eyes I was too young, too happy, too cute, too nice and not hard enough. But I just did my thing… I didn’t care. It’s so wrong to tell someone there is a set way to be a dominatrix! We are all individuals! I’m glad you like the girl next door with the natural dominance!

With Love, Lady Jane


It's in anticipation for a special evening, when I put on my black, animal-print tights on, late in the afternoon. Then my knee-length black turtleneck dress. This morning I had my fingernails painted red in a nail salon, because I want to be well-groomed and pretty, when I visit later a top restaurant to meet Lady Jane. It's my birthday, so we will celebrate today! I notice a trembling of my hands and I am glad, that I only have to apply my foundation. For years I dreamed of, venturing into the public as a man in women's clothing. My dreams came true with Lady Jane.
She wraps herself in a scarf, I imagine, and I wonder, which of her horny evening dresses she will wear today. My nervousness rises on the way to the meeting point. Pretty as always, Lady Jane is already waiting for me and gives me even a present! She puts make-up around my eyes, paints my lips red and styles my blonde wig. My styling fits now too. A short time later we enter the italian star restaurant and hand over our coats at the cloakroom. Lady Jane looks very elegantly in her white blouse, and black tuxedo. She wears her hair slicked back. I'm not the only one thinking this is a "double" crossdressing. Even the friendly staff have to think for a moment, but the roles are switched for this evening, set by the tuxedo and evening gown. So the waiter serves each course of our menu first to me. The time with Lady Jane flies by, and before I know it the dessert is served. While I rejoice at the sight of my dessert, Lady Jane pulls a small glass bottle of her handbag. Unnoticed by the staff she pours, several times with a pipette a golden yellow liquid over my dessert. The surprise is written in my face and Lady Jane smiles meaningfully at me. I realize, that it is her delicious champagne. I add Lady Jane's essence to the citrus tangerine sorbet and spoon it up to the last drop of my plate. My Mistress is pleased and asks me, how it tastes. "It was excellent, the dessert with a little extra!"As a reward, on the way home I drink the champagne remaining in the glass vial. The best always comes to those who wait!

This birthday will be remembered forever. What a crossdresser dinner!


  1. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.

  2. Diet Coke is my favourite beverage.

  3. I’m a foodie. I always have to try everything.

  4. I need meat every day.

  5. I love to cook and bake.

  6. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.

  7. I hate fake crawls.

  8. The worst for me is talking to a lady who had a lip augmentation. I always have to stare at those fake lips!

  9. I can’t sing.

  10. Got a belly piercing with 12 years.

  11. I did my graduation (High School) on a catholic girls high school.

  12. I started to wear thongs at the age of 10.

  13. Baby Jane loved to play with Barbie and Ken. I always tied Ken to the bed and let Barbie walk over Ken.

  14. I do not believe in God.

  15. My family is shocked about my lifestyle. My uncle and my granny are okay with what I do. My granny always checks my website and reads my blog entries. That’s embarrassing!

  16. When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being kinky, but was too shy.

  17. It all started with getting my toes licked.

  18. I go through life, thinking I can have it all.

  19. I love being me.

  20. If I had not become a dominatrix, I would have become a race driver.

  21. I’m sweet, but psycho hahaha.


I really love, to peg men with a strap-on! My favorite position: doggy! The absolutely coolest is, to deflower the guy! Of course, I handle it carefully and cautiously with a strap-on virgin. Where does this desire come from, to take a man from behind like a woman?

First and foremost, it's about power. Power over the one who is kneeling in front of me, on all fours, moaning! It turns me on, completely, to slip into the role of a man. To grab the guy with both hands on the hips and let him feel me.

And I like to watch my thrusts in the mirror! Yes, I like this animal game!

The most important factor is, I am always ready! Anytime! My strap-on never fails! By the way, this act with a strap-on is called pegging and should be on everyone's bucket list of sex!


Looking back at the year 2018 I can only say, that the year will forever remain in my memories thanks to the many adventures.

It was a really spectacular year, in which I made many new exciting acquaintances and the existing bonds were strengthened immensely.

I am looking forward to many kinky experiences in the new year!




I'm due to meet with a musician. It should be an unforgettable event for him -

that is his wish. I promised him, that he would never forget this evening.

I await the appointment for what feels like an infinite time. Finally it comes.

I meet with the client in his hotel and we dine together in the restaurant.

My suitcase is brought upstairs to the suite.

After our delicious dinner, (he barely swallowed a bite through nervousness!) we head to the suite together. When he openes the door, I am impressed by the size of the suite. She is gorgeous.

A grand piano stands in the middle of the living room. I feel very good.

The musician says, he has booked the presidential suite for this special event.

I order him, to go on his knees and kiss my feet.

Then he undresses and I tie him naked to a chair.

I leave the suite and return after a few minutes with two hot girlfriends. As the 3 stand in front of him, we ladies cannot help but laugh, because his enthusiasm is so obvious.

We get rid of our clothes and start to make him hotter in his spot.

The champagne flowed in streams. First down our throats and then into his mouth.

Yes, he wanted to enjoy every single drop of our golden champagne! No drop was allowed to be wasted. I thought at first, he can't make it ! But he teaches me a new trick. Blast it!! My extra vial was in danger!

Yes, I challenge him, that he would not be able, to drink all our champagne. I told the girls, to drink more and then I tell him, that we three will drown him. But he could not get enough! I'm puzzled. Now it was time to pull my ace from my sleeve! Playing with me after all is like playing in the casino.

The casino & I … we always win! I have 6 and a half liters bottles of ice tea in my suitcase.

Everyone looks puzzled, only I laugh! There is of course no ice tea in the bottles, but cool pee, I have been collecting over the last few days.

I pull his bachelor helmet on and poured the pee in the tanks, which

are attached left and right to the helmet. Two hoses lead from the containers directly into his mouth.

Now it was time to drink! We girls were firing at him and laughing. He stammered, this is a scam!

But our slave is aroused so much, that we have our fun, and he experiences a huge orgasm. He drinks only one bottle.

The conclusion: I had done it again, albeit with dirty tricks!

After a hot shower, our slave sits down in a bathrobe at the piano and hums us.

Yes, we got our own concert! What an extraordinary experience!