I love trampling with my dangerous Louboutin killer heels!



Do you dream, to watch me doing kinky games with a beautiful young woman?

Imagine, You can finally pursue your dreams and watch me at the hot game with my very young slave girl…

I bet, that turns you on and your head cinema is just starting :)

The blonde student will initially be nervous, because she never does that in front of an audience…

You will quickly notice, that we girls have only eyes for each other, if the desire grabs us.

You'll become the mere observer of our indecent game!

What are you waiting for? Be a voyeur!


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane


I'm still intoxicated by this date!
But now once from the beginning.
I met with Mr. Unknown to a leather escort dinner date.

With my red lips, the loose hair and especially with my hot black leather outfit, I robbed the doctor's mind from the first second.

We drove quite comfortably with his Ferrari to the city.

I had reserved a table for us in my favorite Japanese restaurant.

In the restaurant, all eyes stuck on us, because not only my body was wrapped in leather, he also wore a leather outfit. Everyone had to know at the sight immediately, that something was going on.

So far so good. We talked and enjoyed a variety of delicacies. Until I told him, I have to go to the bathroom and he should accompany me. We walked towards the toilet and I gave him to understand, that he now has to drink my pee. Luckily, the men's toilet was free. There he got it for the very first time my precious sparkling pee. We went completely unnoticed. For the waiters and the other guests we were anything but kosher.

We went back to our table and dined to the end.

After the fabulous dinner we went to the parking garage on foot, in which the Ferrari stood. I had to pee again urgently and pressed his back on the hood of his car, then I raised my leather skirt and shot it straight into his mouth. After that I drove the Ferrari back to his apartment, of course, I took the opportunity and drove like a wild one on the highway. In the intoxication of speed, a Ferrari fetish developed with me. (Little info: When I graduated from high school, I really wanted to be a racing driver.) I forged a nasty plan for the rest of the evening.

Back in the apartment we changed from leather to latex and I gagged the doctor and equipped him with various toys. With a latex bag I heaved him into the passenger seat and drove with mega overknee plateau boots like a madman through Munich. That was the punishment for his endless chatter at dinner. He absolutely could not move. Through his latex mask, however, he could see everything.

I laughed loudly and made him clear, that he is absolutely tired of life, to deliver myself to such extent. My Ferrari fetish will still bring him to the grave, because I'm a full throttle junkie… Not only the horny sound of the Ferrari attracted everyone's attention, my victim wrapped in latex and I was the attraction par excellence. I flirted with the cute boys at every traffic light and they asked me, who that is next to me. Once I said, that's my naughty husband! :) Even the police stared at us like that, so that I thought, we will get controlled…


Dear Jane,

the meeting with you enriched my life in every way, especially as far as near-death experiences are concerned. Here is my text for your blog, the I forward simultaneously to the competent authorities:

During extremely hot fetish drive with Dominatrix Jane through Munich was clear after a short time, that my breathlessness was not primarily due to the rubber mask with breathing bag with reducing valve, my state of shock not to the latex bondage bag and bondage gloves, my gut irritation not on the anal hook and my failure erection not on the cock cage, BUT the driving style of Jane, who does not only look like a Justice League Amazon but drives as if she is fighting against the incarnate Steppenwolf. In addition to the 48,8 points, she has now in Flensburg, Moreover, I have as Prof. Dr. med. certify, Jane is definitely severely disrupted.

I write a prescription for multiple sessions Ferrari Escort: naked, in leather, in latex…


Some time ago I received an email from a young couple, who were interested in a SM sex workshop.

Yesterday I now had a visit from the two. she, student and 22 years old. He, 26 and artist. We sat at the bar of the dungeon Penthouse and drank a sip of champagne. They told me, what they have already tried at home and that Eva always takes over the submissive part and Tom loves to dominate. We were very sympathetic at first attempt. I showed both the studio and then we went into a room with a large bed and plenty of mirrors around. I already had the necessary toys ready: paddle, various flogger, cane, nipple clamps, strapon, spider gag, various bondage paraphernalia, A blindfold maybe, pinwheel.

The plan was, to show Tom, how I do start a game and create a sexy atmosphere and explain him, how I use the various toys.

Let the SM sex workshop begin!

Together, we tied Eva to the bedposts and put her on a spreader bar and a collar. Her gaze was fixed on the bed. She wore sexy black lace underwear, looking sexy, but also innocent with her blond hair and her pout. Tom was wearing boxer shorts and I wore lingerie and black stockings.

I started the game as always sensual. I blindfolded her and whispered indecent things in her ear. Tom was suddenly fully involved and we played on his girlfriend together. Explanations needed then no more at all. Tom and I blew us out together, as if we were constantly dominating together. Eva was so turned on by our tease and denial game, that we had to be careful, that she do not quickly get an orgasm.

We moved our playmate naked and handcuffed her lying on her back in bed. Her legs spread wide again, so that we could touch her everywhere. Then I put her on a spider gag and Tom and I gave her sexy dominatrix kisses, while we were playing with her big beautiful breasts and her pussy. Tom also got undressed and we released the shackles. Then we fucked Eve in turn through properly. Me with my pretty strapon and Tom with his cock of flesh and blood.

SM Sex at its best!


to bend my … over the knee

It's Friday and I'm in the dominatrix studio Penthouse in Munich.
It rings at the door. I open and in front of me is a true gentleman with a bouquet of red roses in his hand and a pack of pralines in the other.
The first thing he does, is, to handle me over with the words: "Dear Goddess, these little things are for you!“, the presents and fall on his knees right in front of me to kiss my feet.
His incisive fragrance is in the air.

After this welcome ceremony, I ask the still unknown to the bar. He takes off his hat and hangs his coat over the bar stool. We talk about his wishes and desires. I will not let go of the feeling, that I know my counterpart.

While waiting at the bar and I prepare our playroom, mentally I go through the upcoming. Again and again I digress and think, how could I know this man?. Or is he just reminding me of someone? I am at a loss. The name, he stated in our email traffic, did not say anything to me. But that does not mean anything at all. Many of my clients have a fake address, to preserve their identity.

During our game, where I put him over my knee and I spank his ass with relish, I ask him a bit. At the question, what he does professionally, he answers, that he is a teacher at high school. It's like dandruff from my eyes!

I just spank my math teacher's ass! That is really insane!!!!

However, I do not pretend to recognize me as his former student, because I'm totally sure somehow, he does not know that. Is already a few years ago… At that time I was in the 7. and a girl – Today I am a woman and I know exactly what I want!

At the latest when he reads this blog entry, he will know it well :)