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I am Lady Jane, a young Mistress from Munich.
The most important details about me can be found on my homepage
I made my hobby my job. My life revolves around power, sexuality, desire, humility, domination, fetish, pain and submission. In short, sadomasochism. I live in Munich and use the most beautiful dominatrix studio in Munich once a week, I also offer my service as the dominant escort Lady Jane globally.

I want to share my bizarre experiences with others, to show ​​the diversity of sexual fantasy and the importance around its communication.
My experience spans the S&M spectrum, from soft to hard .
SM needs communication. Men, women and couples trust me to deliver their desires . Professionally I facilitate self-discovery and sexual satisfaction: What turns you on, what not? I'm fascinated, by people actually living the S&M life.
In my private life I meet people , who consider S&M an abnormal practice.
Yes, S&M is different, but it is not „sick“. I am of the opinion, everyone should explore their sexual fantasies, because „it is only perverted, if you don't find somebody to experience it with." Where does S&M actually begin? A blindfold maybe, handcuffs, a pat on the butt, a scrape of the partner's spine, gentle bites? We've all done it before, or? The important thing is, not to judge others for their preferences, not to despise, just because of something alternative makes them tick. I love the bizarre and I feel at home in this world. I'm open about my job as a dominatrix. Friends and family know about my kinky lifestyle. Some can handle it better, than others.

I will update my Dominatrix blog with my experiences, bizarre adventures and photos. I hope, you'll find stimulation in the stories. Now enjoy reading!

Kinky regards, Lady Jane






We live in the 21. century and still have to struggle with clichés. There are numerous clichés about Bdsm.

I asked my Instagram followers about this and found out, what prejudices my followers have already faced with regard to Bdsm:

“Bdsm is weird.”

“Some die during SM sex.”

"I thought, you are emancipated and then you let your sex partner hit you?”

“Childhood trauma leads to sick preferences.”

“Hatred of the opposite sex.”

"Mentally ill people practice SM.”

“Bdsm is dangerous.”

“Guys, who treat women gross are dominant.”

“Women are originally submissive. Women who pretend to be dominant, just play that role.”

“As the dominant part it's all about yourself, you don't care about the other.”

“As a child you must have been mistreated, if you like that.”

“You have to be into anal.”

“Slaves always wear latex.”

“All male slaves have a feminine side.”

“It's about nothing but pain.”

The list of answers, that I received, was endless and make you shudder.

Yes, I have also been confronted with some clichés.

What? You are dominatrix? They're always just mean and old women!”

“Where does your perversion come from??”

“You are sick!”

“Do your partners also have to drink your pee and do you also take them with the strapon from behind?”

I just laugh away at such simple-minded comments. As Friedrich Schiller said so beautifully: "Live and let live.” Unfortunately, many in our society think in drawers.

Imagine life in black and white. Not just in terms of bdsm, but life in general. Colorful diversity is not only a lot more fun, but rather holds inspiration and if you get involved in new things and don't think too narrowly, that broadens the horizon.

To a lovable and healthy togetherness!


The corks pop and a new year begins.

Looking back on the year 2019 I can say, that it was a wonderful year. Incredibly beautiful, truly exciting and extremely varied.

Thank you for your trust in me.

Let 2020 be so indecent, magical and adventurous as 2019!




  1. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.

  2. Diet Coke is my favourite beverage.

  3. I’m a foodie. I always have to try everything.

  4. I need meat every day.

  5. I love to cook and bake.

  6. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.

  7. I hate fake crawls.

  8. The worst for me is talking to a lady who had a lip augmentation. I always have to stare at those fake lips!

  9. I can’t sing.

  10. Got a belly piercing with 12 years.

  11. I did my graduation (High School) on a catholic girls high school.

  12. I started to wear thongs at the age of 10.

  13. Baby Jane loved to play with Barbie and Ken. I always tied Ken to the bed and let Barbie walk over Ken.

  14. I do not believe in God.

  15. My family is shocked about my lifestyle. My uncle and my granny are okay with what I do. My granny always checks my website and reads my blog entries. That’s embarrassing!

  16. When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being kinky, but was too shy.

  17. It all started with getting my toes licked.

  18. I go through life, thinking I can have it all.

  19. I love being me.

  20. If I had not become a dominatrix, I would have become a race driver.

  21. I’m sweet, but psycho hahaha.


I really love, to peg men with a strap-on! My favorite position: doggy! The absolutely coolest is, to deflower the guy! Of course, I handle it carefully and cautiously with a strap-on virgin. Where does this desire come from, to take a man from behind like a woman?

First and foremost, it's about power. Power over the one who is kneeling in front of me, on all fours, moaning! It turns me on, completely, to slip into the role of a man. To grab the guy with both hands on the hips and let him feel me.

And I like to watch my thrusts in the mirror! Yes, I like this animal game!

The most important factor is, I am always ready! Anytime! My strap-on never fails! By the way, this act with a strap-on is called pegging and should be on everyone's bucket list of sex!


Looking back at the year 2018 I can only say, that the year will forever remain in my memories thanks to the many adventures.

It was a really spectacular year, in which I made many new exciting acquaintances and the existing bonds were strengthened immensely.

I am looking forward to many kinky experiences in the new year!




Is there anything hotter than driving men crazy???