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A special evening is coming up, when I put on my black tights with animal print in the late afternoon and put on a knee-length black turtleneck dress. In the morning I had my fingernails painted red in a nail salon, because I want to be well-groomed and pretty, when I visit later a star restaurant accompanied by Lady Jane. It's my birthday, we are celebrating today! I notice a trembling of my hands and I am glad, that I only have to apply my foundation. For years I dreamed of, venturing into the public as a crossdresser in women's clothing. My dreams came true with Lady Jane.
Lady Jane for sure wraps herself in scarf, I think to myself, and imagine figuratively, Which of her horny evening dresses she will probably wear today. My nervousness rises on the way to the meeting point. Pretty as always, Lady Jane is already waiting for me and gives me even a present! She makes me a nice make-up around the eyes, paints my lips red and styles my blonde wig. My styling fits now too. A short time later we enter the italian star restaurant and hand over our coats at the cloakroom. Lady Jane looks very elegantly in her white blouse and black tuxedo, she wears. She wears her hair severely slicked back. Not only for me it looks like a "double" crossdressing. Even the friendly staff have to think for a moment, but the roles are distributed for this evening, about tuxedo and evening gown. So the waiter serves every course of our menu first to me. The time with Lady Jane flies by, and before I know it the dessert is served. While I rejoice at the sight of my dessert, Lady Jane pulls a small glass bottle of her handbag. From the staff unnoticed she pours several times with a pipette a golden yellow liquid over my dessert. The surprise is written in my face and Lady Jane smiles meaningfully at me. I realize, that it is her delicious champagne. I add Lady Jane's essence to the citrus tangerine sorbet and spoon it up to the last drop of my plate. My mistress is pleased and asks me, how it tastes. "It was excellent, the dessert with a little extra!"As a reward, on the way home I may drink the champagne remaining in the glass vial. The best always comes to the conclusion!

This birthday will be remembered forever. What a crossdresser dinner!


I was facing a meeting with a musician. It should be an unforgettable event for him -

so his wish. I promised him, that he would never forget this evening again.

I feverishly awaited this appointment for an infinite time. Finally the time has come.

I met with the client in his hotel and we dined together in the restaurant.

My suitcase was brought upstairs to the suite.

After the delicious dinner, (he barely got a bite of nervousness!) we went to the suite together. When he opened the door, I was impressed by the size of the suite. She was gorgeous.

A grand piano stood in the middle of the living room. I feel very well.

The musician said, he had specially booked the presidential suite for this special event.

I ordered him, to go on his knees and kiss my feet in greeting.

Then he had to undress and I tied him naked on a chair.

Then I left the suite and returned after a few minutes with my two hot girlfriends. As we 3 stood in front of him, we ladies could not help laughing, because his enthusiasm was obvious to him.

We got rid of our clothes and started to make him hotter on the spot.

The champagne flowed in streams. First down our throats and then into his mouth.

Yes, He wanted to enjoy every single drop of our golden shower! No drop was allowed to be wasted. I thought at first, he never does! But he taught me a better one. Blast it!! My extra obolus was in danger!

Yes, I bet with him, he would not make it, to drink all our champagne. I told the girls, they should drink more and I answered him, that we three will drown him. But he just did not get enough! I was baffled. Now it was time to pull my ace up my sleeve! Playing with me after all is like playing in the casino.

The casino & I … we always win! I got 6 one and a half liters of ice tea bottles out of my suitcase.

Everyone looked puzzled, only I laughed! There was of course no Ice Tea in the bottles, but cool pee, I have collected the last days.

I pulled him a bachelor helmet on and poured the pee in the tank, which

were attached left and right to the helmet. Two hoses lead from the containers directly into his mouth.

Now it was time to drink! We girls were firing at him and laughed. he stammered, that this was scam!

But it aroused our slave so much, that we had our fun with him, that he experienced a huge orgasm. He could drink only one bottle.

The conclusion: I had done it again, albeit with dirty tricks!

After a hot shower, our slave sat down in a bathrobe at the piano and hummed us.

Yes, we got our own concert! What an extraordinary experience!




Finally, I again had a date with Lady Jane in Munich. On her arrival she put me to welcome my immediate chastity cage with urethral dilator and left the key in her purse disappear. Our latex escort adventure could begin! Then we went to dinner at a gourmet restaurant, to what she was wearing a breathtaking latex evening gown. She looked so stunning, I could hardly focus me on eating. She was the absolute highlight in the restaurant. Before dessert, she took a small phial “medicine” from her purse and poured the contents into my empty water glass. It was her champagne, I had to drink immediately. This was just a very small taste. After the desserts wanted me to follow her to the bathroom, where she filled me with the entire content of her full bladder and in a two-star restaurant! Jane is really the craziest Lady ever! When we got back to our apartment, we prepared ourselves for a visit to a fetish party.

I got a butt plug and tightened with my new suit without sleeves and with integrated mask and gag , where everything is inflatable. Additionally, a lockable collar and boots. After Lady Jane had inflated everything tight my senses almost disappeared because of that immense lust . The lower rubber layer compressed me all over and through the eyes glasses I could see only blurred. I had my arms crossed over the body and could not move a centimeter. I looked like a Michelin Man. She moved to another latex dress, that looked very cool.

Lady Jane sat me on the passenger seat of my Ferrari and drove us to the fetish party. Her driving style was, as always fast and I was glad, that I already had on my “Airbag” .. Of course, right next to the party location was no parking free, so we had to park far away and then walked through the city to the party. Jane probably parked extra further away , so she could lead me helplessly trapped by the city. I saw only very blurry, but kept hearing people, who spoke to us. When we passed a bus stop, Lady Jane told me to sit down and wait for the bus. This came after a few minutes. First Jane commanded me to enter (the bus driver and passengers stared like mad!), but then went on foot.

Finally arrived at the party, first took me around. Then she ordered me to sit down and blindfolded me, so that I could now see nothing. Then I noticed how my suit and my chastity cage was opened and removed. A slave of Lady Jane touched me in the midst of the other party visitors. This and the two layers of latex had become so hot to me in my suit, I threatened to collapse and Lady Jane took pity and I was able to replace the suit against a lighter outfit. Now I wore a latex mask, a collar and leash, long gloves made of latex, a latex panties, where my cock looked out with chastity cage and rubber boots. So very bizarre! Even Jane switched to a tight leather outfit.

When we later went home, I was filled again with her champagne, this time on the hood of my Ferraris. When something went wrong and landed on the bonnet, I had this to lick. Partygoers and taxi driver followed the spectacle.

On the way home we were actually stopped by police, although Jane drove quite exceptionally sensible. Jane pulled over. I said out loud: Fuck! Jane answered very cool: Take off your mask and put it on your dick! I did as instructed and I was pretty nervous! The young police officer admired our car. When they saw our outfits, they reacted disgusted! The young male policeman and his colleague asked why I was naked. My heart was pounding like crazy! In what am I just got into it!!!! Lady Jane answered nonchalantly, we just came from a fetish party and he would finally wear underpants. I hoped, the two policemen would not let me get out of the car, because the latex mask covered just my cock with chastity! After all controls and an admonition we could continue our fetish drive.

Back in the apartment I had to first take a deep breath, but Jane gave me no peace. Jane again ordered me to wear my Michelin Man outfit and she pumped everything up again very hard. Then she fixed me in the suit on a bed with ropes. Again I felt the pressure in the suit and could not move anymore. Then, at the top of her head, Jane opened the suit's zipper slightly and inserted a funnel. A short time later, I realized, how much warm liquid poured into the suit spilled over my head and then flowed down into the suit. It was of course her champagne and a short time later, she refilled again. So I spent the night, inflated, fixed and dipped in Lady Jane's champagne.

Because I was so horny anyway I could not sleep, because I had to think again and again of the incredible adventure with Jane…. Latex Escort at its finest!


Latex Escort

Latex Escort


I'm still intoxicated by this date!
But now once from the beginning.
I met with Mr. Unknown to a leather escort dinner date.

With my red lips, the loose hair and especially with my hot black leather outfit, I robbed the doctor's mind from the first second.

We drove quite comfortably with his Ferrari to the city.

I had reserved a table for us in my favorite Japanese restaurant.

In the restaurant, all eyes stuck on us, because not only my body was wrapped in leather, he also wore a leather outfit. Everyone had to know at the sight immediately, that something was going on.

So far so good. We talked and enjoyed a variety of delicacies. Until I told him, I have to go to the bathroom and he should accompany me. We walked towards the toilet and I gave him to understand, that he now has to drink my pee. Luckily, the men's toilet was free. There he got it for the very first time my precious sparkling pee. We went completely unnoticed. For the waiters and the other guests we were anything but kosher.

We went back to our table and dined to the end.

After the fabulous dinner we went to the parking garage on foot, in which the Ferrari stood. I had to pee again urgently and pressed his back on the hood of his car, then I raised my leather skirt and shot it straight into his mouth. After that I drove the Ferrari back to his apartment, of course, I took the opportunity and drove like a wild one on the highway. In the intoxication of speed, a Ferrari fetish developed with me. (Little info: When I graduated from high school, I really wanted to be a racing driver.) I forged a nasty plan for the rest of the evening.

Back in the apartment we changed from leather to latex and I gagged the doctor and equipped him with various toys. With a latex bag I heaved him into the passenger seat and drove with mega overknee plateau boots like a madman through Munich. That was the punishment for his endless chatter at dinner. He absolutely could not move. Through his latex mask, however, he could see everything.

I laughed loudly and made him clear, that he is absolutely tired of life, to deliver myself to such extent. My Ferrari fetish will still bring him to the grave, because I'm a full throttle junkie… Not only the horny sound of the Ferrari attracted everyone's attention, my victim wrapped in latex and I was the attraction par excellence. I flirted with the cute boys at every traffic light and they asked me, who that is next to me. Once I said, that's my naughty husband! :) Even the police stared at us like that, so that I thought, we will get controlled…


Dear Jane,

the meeting with you enriched my life in every way, especially as far as near-death experiences are concerned. Here is my text for your blog, the I forward simultaneously to the competent authorities:

During extremely hot fetish drive with Dominatrix Jane through Munich was clear after a short time, that my breathlessness was not primarily due to the rubber mask with breathing bag with reducing valve, my state of shock not to the latex bondage bag and bondage gloves, my gut irritation not on the anal hook and my failure erection not on the cock cage, BUT the driving style of Jane, who does not only look like a Justice League Amazon but drives as if she is fighting against the incarnate Steppenwolf. In addition to the 48,8 points, she has now in Flensburg, Moreover, I have as Prof. Dr. med. certify, Jane is definitely severely disrupted.

I write a prescription for multiple sessions Ferrari Escort: naked, in leather, in latex…


Some time ago I received an email from a young couple, who were interested in a SM sex workshop.

Yesterday I now had a visit from the two. she, student and 22 years old. He, 26 and artist. We sat at the bar of the dungeon Penthouse and drank a sip of champagne. They told me, what they have already tried at home and that Eva always takes over the submissive part and Tom loves to dominate. We were very sympathetic at first attempt. I showed both the studio and then we went into a room with a large bed and plenty of mirrors around. I already had the necessary toys ready: paddle, various flogger, cane, nipple clamps, strapon, spider gag, various bondage paraphernalia, blindfold, pinwheel.

The plan was, to show Tom, how I do start a game and create a sexy atmosphere and explain him, how I use the various toys.

Let the SM sex workshop begin!

Together, we tied Eva to the bedposts and put her on a spreader bar and a collar. Her gaze was fixed on the bed. She wore sexy black lace underwear, looking sexy, but also innocent with her blond hair and her pout. Tom was wearing boxer shorts and I wore lingerie and black stockings.

I started the game as always sensual. I blindfolded her and whispered indecent things in her ear. Tom was suddenly fully involved and we played on his girlfriend together. Explanations needed then no more at all. Tom and I blew us out together, as if we were constantly dominating together. Eva was so turned on by our tease and denial game, that we had to be careful, that she do not quickly get an orgasm.

We moved our playmate naked and handcuffed her lying on her back in bed. Her legs spread wide again, so that we could touch her everywhere. Then I put her on a spider gag and Tom and I gave her sexy dominatrix kisses, while we were playing with her big beautiful breasts and her pussy. Tom also got undressed and we released the shackles. Then we fucked Eve in turn through properly. Me with my pretty strapon and Tom with his cock of flesh and blood.

SM Sex at its best!


to bend my … over the knee

It's Friday and I'm in the dominatrix studio Penthouse in Munich.
It rings at the door. I open and in front of me is a true gentleman with a bouquet of red roses in his hand and a pack of pralines in the other.
The first thing he does, is, to handle me over with the words: "Dear Goddess, these little things are for you!“, the presents and fall on his knees right in front of me to kiss my feet.
His incisive fragrance is in the air.

After this welcome ceremony, I ask the still unknown to the bar. He takes off his hat and hangs his coat over the bar stool. We talk about his wishes and desires. I will not let go of the feeling, that I know my counterpart.

While waiting at the bar and I prepare our playroom, mentally I go through the upcoming. Again and again I digress and think, how could I know this man?. Or is he just reminding me of someone? I am at a loss. The name, he stated in our email traffic, did not say anything to me. But that does not mean anything at all. Many of my clients have a fake address, to preserve their identity.

During our game, where I put him over my knee and I spank his ass with relish, I ask him a bit. At the question, what he does professionally, he answers, that he is a teacher at high school. It's like dandruff from my eyes!

I just spank my math teacher's ass! That is really insane!!!!

However, I do not pretend to recognize me as his former student, because I'm totally sure somehow, he does not know that. Is already a few years ago… At that time I was in the 7. and a girl – Today I am a woman and I know exactly what I want!

At the latest when he reads this blog entry, he will know it well :)


I walk in a very hot Yves Saint Laurent patent leather pumps down the stairs to the garage. I also wear a black mini dress, black stockings and a fur cape.

My red lips are in harmony with my red nails. I feel not only sexy - I am sexy!

I run straight to the car, in which an inmate can be seen, who now has to wait a few minutes for me.

When my client sees me in the rearview mirror, he jumps out of the car and opens the door. But I do not want to sit down yet on the passenger seat. I look deeply and reproachfully into his eyes. He understands immediately and kneels down, to kiss my feet with his warm lips. While my slave kisses my feet, I look around in the garage, however, no one can be seen… Pity! I love to provoke! Then I take a seat and guide my client through Munich to next bank, because my slave does not have enough money with him.

I stand at the ATM, my slave next to me. I order, to kneel again to kiss my feet, than the door opens and a blonde enters the bank.

My slave hesitates, he is visibly uncomfortable. It should be noted, that my slave comes from a completely different country and certainly no one in Munich knows him, nevertheless he is embarrassed and wants to play today the first time in public.

The blonde goes to the bank statement printers and turns her back on us. My client does not see that and I take the opportunity obviously to humiliate him right in front of this lady. I put my foot on the shelf and hit his head down towards the foot. „Kiss!"I whisper horny in his ear. I see, that the blonde is watching us through the reflecting window. Well he has ever survived.

Then it's back to the car. At least our Fetish Drive can begin!

We travel all over Munich. He drives and I make him craaaazyyyyy with my legs, my sexy high heels and my feet! He must be very act together and masters road and lust with flying colors. Passers-by and parallel vehicles staring at us in disbelief at each red traffic light. Some look shocked, others laugh or can not believe it. My slave enjoys my game and can not be distracted by the observers. He kisses and licks on my legs and feet. This game in front of strangers turns me completely on and I enjoy every single kiss under observation. His hot breath feels incredibly well to my stockinged legs.

Then a demanding horn sounds behind us. Out of sheer enjoyment, we did not pay enough attention to the traffic light. It's been green for a long time, as we continue our Fetish Drive.


I tie my victim to the bed and what follows now, is a painfully beautiful punishment. First I tickle my victim tenderly with a feather and then mercilessly with my fingers! The tied up laughs, twitches and screams for help! It is both pleasant and unbearable.

Long-lasting tickle is a tried and true torture measure, which was also used in the Middle Ages. Did you know that?


My name is Lilly and I am the Rubberdoll of Lady Jane. Today I meet her in the most exclusive SM location of Munich. I've been looking forward to seeing her again for a few days and I'm already very excited to stand opposite my Mistress.

My ringing had not stopped completely, when the door was opened for me and Lady Jane in a red catsuit and black fabulous high heels stood in front of me. Her make up was perfect as usual. So in short, she just looked horny! We chatted a bit and her cheerful and charming nature infected me as always. But you should not let it fool you! Because I already had prepared myself at home in the bathroom, I only went to a short shower in the bathroom. When I came out of the bath, as ordered I lay down over the spanking bench and my mistress put skillfully an anal plug in my ass. “Off to the cross with you.”

Quickly, I was tied on hands and feet. Now my mistress was very close to me and said very softly: “Hoday I will make you a little Sissy bitch out of you.” I answered her, that I do not really want that. She just said: “Have you ever heard, that sluts as you have something to report? Now I will close your remaining holes. Then you can't talk much, too.”

With me a bit of panic spread out. What could be meant? But it didn't take long and I should learn it.

Lady Jane got a glass, unzipped her catsuit a bit at her crotch and peed in the glass. Then they took two cotton pads dipped it into the glass and put me tie into the nose. What a horny scent of her champagne! My heart began to pound lightly.

But that was only the beginning. She took a piece of tape and told me to hold my breath, she made the strip firmly over my mouth and then made a small hole in the strip, only then I could breathe again, but that was not so easy through the small hole.

Two ear plugs and everything was now close. Meanwhile, you could already see based on my cock that my lust increased. She left the room and came back a few minutes later with a stainless steel chastity cage with integrated dilator. “What do you think what I do with it?” Because I could not speak, I shook my head. “I do it now over your little horny cock and I put the dilator in your urethra! Then your cock is beautiful impaled!”

The eyes of my Dominatrix shone. This meant nothing good for me… But I did not want a chastity belt on my cock, so I pulled at my chains back and forth. Lady Jane could not to install it.

She looked at me, came with her mouth very close to my ear. I felt her close and she said: “If you will not calm down right now, I close the small breathing hole in your gag and then we'll see who's in charge here.” I did not let myself be impressed and continued to drag on the shackles. With a jerk, the hole was closed. She laughed spitefully: “Take in the air well!” Then Dominatrix Jane began to count, simultaneously she played with my nipples with her red fingernails. She did so in their inimitable way. She just can and her eyes glittered! When she was about fifteen, I gave her to understand, I would be brave and she opened the blowhole. What a relief!

I was exhausted, But so of horny!!!

But my will was not broken so I tried even now to prevent the attachment of chastity cage. it happened the way it had to. She came close to my ear and said,: “My little bitch! If YOU will not let me do it now, I will show you who is the boss!” I only shook my head. Lady Jane went to a drawer and opened it, took a small box out and showed me the contents. There were needles! Awfully long sharp needles!

“Now, if you do not obey and keep still, I'll take you the air and stabbing you a needle through your nipple!” I thought, she never would do that, so I still resisted.

I should have known! She killed her threat. She stuck the breathing hole and began to count, took the needle in one hand and looked me straight in the eyes. She let herself all the time in the world and pushed the needle very slowly through my left nipple. I could see in her eyes, that she enjoyed torturing and humiliating me, while she touched like two or three times by accident my cock with her legs wrapped in latex. At twenty-five she opened the blowhole again.

My head was a hurricane of shortness of breath, pain and lust. I felt used and humiliated. But did I not want to be brought to my limits???

She asked me: “Can I now attach the chastity cage?” I just nodded.

First of all my will was broken. It did not last long until my dick was in the chastity cage and the dilator was in my urethra. Since Lady Jane said with satisfaction: “Why didn't you do that in the first place!” She made me a horny balls bondage, but that just made me more horny.

Then Dominatrix Jane said: “My dear Lilly! But this is only the beginning and so stubborn as you are, we will have to put more needles in your nipples, but now you geta little break for the moment.” So you will not get bored, we connect the anal plug to power!” She had not quiet said it yet, as I could feel a tingling sensation in my butt. The electric plug pulsated! This felt like a fuck!

“Meanwhile I will get your new stuff, so that we can turn you into a Rubberdoll!”

And I just thought, my Mistress has not won yet! My resistance revived again.


I do not know how much time had passed, but the ups and downs of current intensity in my butt was pretty cool. And I thought about how my mistress switches between eroticism and sadism back and forth.

Suddenly Lady Jane stood in front of me. In one hand she had a few high black shoes and over the arm, black nylons, a latex halter trap, latex pussy, red latex skirt, black latex blouse, black bra and silicone tits and a latex mask.

The power was turned off in my butt. “There we the beautiful things, to create a real bitch out of you”, she said. “But first of all we need to discuss something, that means, I talk and you listen, because you can not speak. I'm going to untie your feet and I'll attract the latex pussy and you'll be nice. Is that clear?! Otherwise, what I promised you will happen…” She looked at me with her beautiful sparkling eyes.

She made my legs go and wanted to put on my latex pussy, but now I could fight it even better. After two unsuccessful attempts, she broke off her efforts. She tore off the tape from my mouth, what pretty hurts, took the latex mask and clapped it over my head and closed the zipper. Then she went to the table and pulled out a gag harness with an inflatable gag, stuffed the gag in my mouth, fastened the harness to my head and pumped air into the gag twice, just, that there is still room to breathe through.

Now she came very close to my ear and said,: “Now you will get a lesson and then you will definitely get dressed. Take a very deep breath, because you'll need it now!” I did as I was told, because nothing was good for me. Three large pumps of the gag and the air was turned off.

Out of nowhere she had a needle in her hand and pushed it through my right nipple. But that is not all, she took two power clamps and attached them to the needles, put the two cables into the power supply and slowly turned the controller. What began with a slight tingling, developed into a staccato. For a moment I thought, my nipples would explode but my cry was lost in the gag.

My shortness of breath was now acutely and my mistress let the air out of the gag and I sucked the air greedily. The power was turned off on my nipples. Again, she came with herr mouth to my ear and said very softly: “That was just the beginning, as you know I have two remote controls for the power devices and I'm going to set the hottest program that exists. For your hot ass and your nipples!”

Another three pump strokes and the program took off. It started on the nipples tingle and was getting stronger and faster, to break off then and start in my butt. With each change, the intensity went stronger. In between I was allowed to breathe again and again. I can not say how many times Lady Jane has repeated the game. But my moans and my chokes smothered by the gag were certainly not to be missed and my mistress made the whole thing visibly fun.

In me everything was shaken up. My whole body jerked in pain, but also an immense lust. I gave my mistress with whimpering sounds to understand, I would now make no more trouble.

I raised my head and saw in her eyes satisfaction and also the triumph of having made me willing and submissive. Now I let myself without resistance put on the latex pussy and put on the garter belt.

After putting on the black nylons, What Lady Jane did with all her entire clenched erotic, and of course she did not miss it, by repeatedly unintentionally touching my cock to increase my lust in the immeasurable. The pressure in my chastity belt by my cock was huge. Next, she pulled my skirt and then the shoes.

Now only the blouse was missing. But my mistress is of course a real sadist. What I do also love about her.

“So my dear Lilly, now I have a little surprise for you!” She removed the two clamps. “Now you get a needle in each of your nipples again.” Said done and they were already in it. Low groans penetrated through the gag. But as if that was not enough, she fastened the clamps again, tore two strips from the roll of tape and pasted them over the nipples and needles. “We do not want you to hurt yourself, if I put you on the bra.” At that I heard her unique laugh.

She untied my wrists from the cross, pulled my bra, stuffed the silicone tits carefully into the bra and pulled my latex blouse over.

You took the gag harness away. Then I had to look in front of the next mirror at myself and I liked what I saw. Then she ordered me to walk up and down the hallway.

So that I make more effort while walking, In the meantime, Lady Jane has repeatedly turned on the power both on my nipples and in my ass.

My mistress has made out of a Rubberdoll, a really horny latex bitch. With her inimitable kind of dominance, sadism and eroticism she made it clear to me, who is the master of the house and to whom I belong. My love for her has become even stronger. Of course, my mistress has taken pictures of the result of her transformation.

If she allows, I will tell another time how the evening ended.

Submissive Greetings, Lilly the property of Lady Jane