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I tie my victim to the bed and what follows now, is a painfully beautiful punishment. First I tickle my victim tenderly with a feather and then mercilessly with my fingers! The tied up laughs, twitches and screams for help! It is both pleasant and unbearable.

Long-lasting tickle is a tried and true torture measure, which was also used in the Middle Ages. Did you know that?


My name is Lilly and I am the Rubberdoll of Lady Jane. Today I meet her in the most exclusive SM location of Munich. I've been looking forward to seeing her again for a few days and I'm already very excited to stand opposite my Mistress.

My ringing had not stopped completely, when the door was opened for me and Lady Jane in a red catsuit and black fabulous high heels stood in front of me. Her make up was perfect as usual. So in short, she just looked horny! We chatted a bit and her cheerful and charming nature infected me as always. But you should not let it fool you! Because I already had prepared myself at home in the bathroom, I only went to a short shower in the bathroom. When I came out of the bath, as ordered I lay down over the spanking bench and my mistress put skillfully an anal plug in my ass. “Off to the cross with you.”

Quickly, I was tied on hands and feet. Now my mistress was very close to me and said very softly: “Hoday I will make you a little Sissy bitch out of you.” I answered her, that I do not really want that. She just said: “Have you ever heard, that sluts as you have something to report? Now I will close your remaining holes. Then you can't talk much, too.”

With me a bit of panic spread out. What could be meant? But it didn't take long and I should learn it.

Lady Jane got a glass, unzipped her catsuit a bit at her crotch and peed in the glass. Then they took two cotton pads dipped it into the glass and put me tie into the nose. What a horny scent of her champagne! My heart began to pound lightly.

But that was only the beginning. She took a piece of tape and told me to hold my breath, she made the strip firmly over my mouth and then made a small hole in the strip, only then I could breathe again, but that was not so easy through the small hole.

Two ear plugs and everything was now close. Meanwhile, you could already see based on my cock that my lust increased. She left the room and came back a few minutes later with a stainless steel chastity cage with integrated dilator. “What do you think what I do with it?” Because I could not speak, I shook my head. “I do it now over your little horny cock and I put the dilator in your urethra! Then your cock is beautiful impaled!”

The eyes of my Dominatrix shone. This meant nothing good for me… But I did not want a chastity belt on my cock, so I pulled at my chains back and forth. Lady Jane could not to install it.

She looked at me, came with her mouth very close to my ear. I felt her close and she said: “If you will not calm down right now, I close the small breathing hole in your gag and then we'll see who's in charge here.” I did not let myself be impressed and continued to drag on the shackles. With a jerk, the hole was closed. She laughed spitefully: “Take in the air well!” Then Dominatrix Jane began to count, simultaneously she played with my nipples with her red fingernails. She did so in their inimitable way. She just can and her eyes glittered! When she was about fifteen, I gave her to understand, I would be brave and she opened the blowhole. What a relief!

I was exhausted, But so of horny!!!

But my will was not broken so I tried even now to prevent the attachment of chastity cage. it happened the way it had to. She came close to my ear and said,: “My little bitch! If YOU will not let me do it now, I will show you who is the boss!” I only shook my head. Lady Jane went to a drawer and opened it, took a small box out and showed me the contents. There were needles! Awfully long sharp needles!

“Now, if you do not obey and keep still, I'll take you the air and stabbing you a needle through your nipple!” I thought, she never would do that, so I still resisted.

I should have known! She killed her threat. She stuck the breathing hole and began to count, took the needle in one hand and looked me straight in the eyes. She let herself all the time in the world and pushed the needle very slowly through my left nipple. I could see in her eyes, that she enjoyed torturing and humiliating me, while she touched like two or three times by accident my cock with her legs wrapped in latex. At twenty-five she opened the blowhole again.

My head was a hurricane of shortness of breath, pain and lust. I felt used and humiliated. But did I not want to be brought to my limits???

She asked me: “Can I now attach the chastity cage?” I just nodded.

First of all my will was broken. It did not last long until my dick was in the chastity cage and the dilator was in my urethra. Since Lady Jane said with satisfaction: “Why didn't you do that in the first place!” She made me a horny balls bondage, but that just made me more horny.

Then Dominatrix Jane said: “My dear Lilly! But this is only the beginning and so stubborn as you are, we will have to put more needles in your nipples, but now you geta little break for the moment.” So you will not get bored, we connect the anal plug to power!” She had not quiet said it yet, as I could feel a tingling sensation in my butt. The electric plug pulsated! This felt like a fuck!

“Meanwhile I will get your new stuff, so that we can turn you into a Rubberdoll!”

And I just thought, my Mistress has not won yet! My resistance revived again.


I do not know how much time had passed, but the ups and downs of current intensity in my butt was pretty cool. And I thought about how my mistress switches between eroticism and sadism back and forth.

Suddenly Lady Jane stood in front of me. In one hand she had a few high black shoes and over the arm, black nylons, a latex halter trap, latex pussy, red latex skirt, black latex blouse, black bra and silicone tits and a latex mask.

The power was turned off in my butt. “There we the beautiful things, to create a real bitch out of you”, she said. “But first of all we need to discuss something, that means, I talk and you listen, because you can not speak. I'm going to untie your feet and I'll attract the latex pussy and you'll be nice. Is that clear?! Otherwise, what I promised you will happen…” She looked at me with her beautiful sparkling eyes.

She made my legs go and wanted to put on my latex pussy, but now I could fight it even better. After two unsuccessful attempts, she broke off her efforts. She tore off the tape from my mouth, what pretty hurts, took the latex mask and clapped it over my head and closed the zipper. Then she went to the table and pulled out a gag harness with an inflatable gag, stuffed the gag in my mouth, fastened the harness to my head and pumped air into the gag twice, just, that there is still room to breathe through.

Now she came very close to my ear and said,: “Now you will get a lesson and then you will definitely get dressed. Take a very deep breath, because you'll need it now!” I did as I was told, because nothing was good for me. Three large pumps of the gag and the air was turned off.

Out of nowhere she had a needle in her hand and pushed it through my right nipple. But that is not all, she took two power clamps and attached them to the needles, put the two cables into the power supply and slowly turned the controller. What began with a slight tingling, developed into a staccato. For a moment I thought, my nipples would explode but my cry was lost in the gag.

My shortness of breath was now acutely and my mistress let the air out of the gag and I sucked the air greedily. The power was turned off on my nipples. Again, she came with herr mouth to my ear and said very softly: “That was just the beginning, as you know I have two remote controls for the power devices and I'm going to set the hottest program that exists. For your hot ass and your nipples!”

Another three pump strokes and the program took off. It started on the nipples tingle and was getting stronger and faster, to break off then and start in my butt. With each change, the intensity went stronger. In between I was allowed to breathe again and again. I can not say how many times Lady Jane has repeated the game. But my moans and my chokes smothered by the gag were certainly not to be missed and my mistress made the whole thing visibly fun.

In me everything was shaken up. My whole body jerked in pain, but also an immense lust. I gave my mistress with whimpering sounds to understand, I would now make no more trouble.

I raised my head and saw in her eyes satisfaction and also the triumph of having made me willing and submissive. Now I let myself without resistance put on the latex pussy and put on the garter belt.

After putting on the black nylons, What Lady Jane did with all her entire clenched erotic, and of course she did not miss it, by repeatedly unintentionally touching my cock to increase my lust in the immeasurable. The pressure in my chastity belt by my cock was huge. Next, she pulled my skirt and then the shoes.

Now only the blouse was missing. But my mistress is of course a real sadist. What I do also love about her.

“So my dear Lilly, now I have a little surprise for you!” She removed the two clamps. “Now you get a needle in each of your nipples again.” Said done and they were already in it. Low groans penetrated through the gag. But as if that was not enough, she fastened the clamps again, tore two strips from the roll of tape and pasted them over the nipples and needles. “We do not want you to hurt yourself, if I put you on the bra.” At that I heard her unique laugh.

She untied my wrists from the cross, pulled my bra, stuffed the silicone tits carefully into the bra and pulled my latex blouse over.

You took the gag harness away. Then I had to look in front of the next mirror at myself and I liked what I saw. Then she ordered me to walk up and down the hallway.

So that I make more effort while walking, In the meantime, Lady Jane has repeatedly turned on the power both on my nipples and in my ass.

My mistress has made out of a Rubberdoll, a really horny latex bitch. With her inimitable kind of dominance, sadism and eroticism she made it clear to me, who is the master of the house and to whom I belong. My love for her has become even stronger. Of course, my mistress has taken pictures of the result of her transformation.

If she allows, I will tell another time how the evening ended.

Submissive Greetings, Lilly the property of Lady Jane


It was a strange feeling, as the bull came running towards me. But he bowed reverently in front of me! The photo was taken in South Tyrol and is real! Here no photo shop was used!

Now more photos by Marie-Louise Cadosch and me :


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane


A few days ago I played the lead role in a music video of a Munich Rock Band.

Location was the exceptionally luxurious VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE.
In the video you can see me as a dominatrix, who plays horny games with her muscular slave.

It was a lot of fun and I'm pretty excited about the result!
However, I must not deprive you of the funniest story of this shoot:


Imagine, how I sit with a skin-tight latex dress, in which the breasts are free, together with high heels in the Jacuzzi on my half-naked slave. My slave wears a black latex mask.

It is 2 the morning, the air on the terrace is quite cold, nice and warm water in the jacuzzi.
My slave gives me a glass of champagne, I take a long sip and push the slave's head backwards. Then I give him a sexy Champagne Kiss.
A tingle in the air! Not only I think the shoot is horny, also the 5 cameramen find our game hot! But suddenly a sound: "Fire brigade! What are you doing?“
We turn around and see a firefighter with a helmet on a crane, looking down on us.

At first we have scared us all. The director of the music video asked the squad leader over then and told, we just shoot a music video here.
A passing vehicle had alerted the fire department, because the smoke machine and the many headlights appeared from the street, like a major fire.


The scene with me and the slave but seemed so bizarre for the firefighter, that he definitely thought, we make an SM porn. In any case, the fireman was so curious, that he wanted to take a look at the pictures and while he looked at the camera and the director showed him the last scene, we all could not resist a grin.

What a funny story! All photos of the music video can be found on my Instagram account:




I park my car in front of the pastry. I have already announced myself, to let create a birthday cake according to my wishes. The chef greeted me personally. He has a relaxed way and I cherish him to the end 40. We sit down and enjoy a cappuccino while I describe him, how my desired cake should look like: “I would like a little pink cake with pink bow and pink lettering.” The confectioner asks, what taste the cake should have and kicks in the same breath “raspberry cream” in front. I agree with his proposal. He also wants to know, what to put on the cake. I say loud and clear: “Slut”. He asks: “In capital letters or in cursive?” I choose cursive. Then he asks, if I could spell the name. I say: “Of course. S. L. U. T.” Then he asks, what's the meaning of that, a name is it probably not. I smile and reply: “slut”. He whispers “Ah!” and than asks, if I then be the bitch. We laugh and I say the pastry cook, that's right, something like this is true. I'm sure I'm a bitch.

A week later, I pick up the cake.



Now the story of My Birthday Slut follows:



Dressed as a slut, I stand at the door to the Penthouse Elegance with a blond wig, make-up, net top, mini leather skirt and high heels. For a year now, Lady Jane has me under her wings, but my nervousness is big, seeing her in a breathtaking latex outfit (black thong, top and stockings) she receives and invites me. On the occasion of my birthday we had agreed, to drink before the actual session a glass of brought champagne and to eat something sweet. After that my education to the transvestite slut should be continued.

Once at the bar Lady Jane presents me a carton of a Munich pastry with the words “Happy Birthday Slut!” and asks me to open this. It leaves me almost the language, when I open the box, because it is a birthday cake with the inscription SLUT in. While I shake my head in disbelief, I thank her, Lady Jane laughs joyfully at the success of humiliation.

After a snack I followed Lady Jane in the Suite Noblesse, one room held in pink and black. She orders me, to lie down on my back on the bed and secures my arms and legs with fast cuffs. what follows is a handjob, after a very short time she brings me to the edge of lust. I'm begging for mercy, because I do not want to come after felt 2 minutes. She seems to hear my plea, leaves from me and releases my legs. But only, to put me on my back to a position, in the I can inject myself chiefly in the mouth. And that is exactly what Lady Jane does and with the words “open your mouth !” jerks my cock until the cum squirts me in the face. Some of it ends up directly in my mouth and already I hear one “swallow!”, which I immediately expedite.

After I can make myself long again, Lady Jane sits next to me on the bed and strokes with her fingers the cum from my face and torso, then licked the fingers of my tongue clean until I also swallowed the last drop of my sperm again.

Then my legs are fixed again and Lady Jane takes a vibrating dilator for my urethra. Deeper and deeper penetrates the dilator into me and it feels, like I would get thousands of small electric shocks at the same time. I have to stand the endless vibrations today with dignity, because my mistress has expressed clearly her displeasure with my whining in the last session. Satisfied with the treatment Lady Jane leaves after a while from me and takes time for a little photo shoot on the bed. I can watch the scenery wonderful about the mounted on the ceiling mirror and it feels pretty cool, to feel the latex stockings of my mistress on my body.

After a few snapshots of my fixation is achieved so I can turn on the belly. Before I know it, Lady Jane is already sitting on my back and expects, that I massage her feet, while she treats me anal with her fingers. I moan with lust when two, three, and a little later four fingers are drilling in a circular motion in my ass. This is also achieved with five fingers, but for fisting the time is not yet ripe. Therefore I may alternatively feel a strong pulsating anal plug in my ass. It can be introduced almost effortlessly by the previous expansion. I moan louder and louder until Lady Jane suddenly stops the vibration and removes the anal plug gently.

However, the session is not over yet. With the words “Are you thirsty?” I'm turned on my back and my arms were fixed to the bed frame again. My mistress swings over me quickly. Now kneeling directly over my head and pushes the latex thong a little way aside. When I hear her words “open your mouth !” her, the warm pee already runs down in my mouth until it is good filled. As already hear a “swallow!”. I know from experience, I must swallow quickly, because only a few moments later, a “open your mouth !” and “swallow!” will return. So long, until my mistresses bladder is emptied completely… and Lady Jane does not like it at all, if the slave does not completely absorbs her champagne.

Thus ended the session as it had begun, with delicious champagne…


footerotic Munich

On a very cold Wednesday at noon in the middle of December, I went together with a client to the Thermal bath Erding. It just started to snow again, when we arrived at our destination. It was not the first time, I was at the Therme Erding, but it was the first time as a dominatrix escort. The preference of my client? foot fetish. The Munich-based businessman carried both sports bags and bought at the box office two tickets to the sauna. For now, we parted ways. I went with my gym bag in the ladies locker, pulled me out and put my belongings in a locker. I slipped into my pink flip flops and showered me hot. Then I pulled my robe on and walked out of the shower into the sauna paradise. There he awaited me already. His first glance fell on my bare feet. We took our sport bags, in which towels were, with us. I said him, he must follow me, so I went ahead in a somewhat more remote sauna. We had caught a good time, because it was not overly busy. So a real godsend!

I asked my feetslave, if he had not forgotten something today. He immediately remembered and looked around in all directions. No one could see us here. He asked, whether he should really do this. I warned him insistently, to finally greet me befitting. Once again, he looked around and then knelt down in front of me. Holding the hands on the back, He leaned with his face towards my feet, to cover them with kisses. Before he touched me with his lips, I commanded him to stop and put his hands flat next to each other in front of my feet on the ground. I said him, that he should not forget in the future, to greet me properly. I let stand the slippers and stood with full weight on his hands. Now I urged him again, to kiss my feet. He did as he was imposed on him and kissed my feet quickly. Then we went into the wooden sauna, in which we were all alone. We lay down on the upper bank and so remained for several minutes quietly next to each other. Beads of sweat began to form on my skin.

I dictated my feetslave, he must now lick the welding beads away on my feet and suck each toe thoroughly. I am literally crazy about it, getting licked my feet! It is for me a very nice feeling, when a warm tongue tickles my feet and my toes are licked pleasurable. I closed my eyes and relaxed completely until suddenly my foot fetishist stopped. Just when I wanted to snap at him for the interruption, the door opened to our sauna and an elderly lady came in.

She had noticed nothing of our intimacy. My slave held the door apparently always in view, for fear of being discovered. We went out of the sauna and cooled us off. I was then rubbed gently dry with my towels and we relaxed on couches in front of a warm fireplace. I put my feet on his lap and said, turning to him, I would like to have massaged my feet. He massaged my feet with firm pressure and the other people, resting on the chairs, remained unaffected. We made some more sauna sessions, but were no longer undisturbed! On the trip to Munich it was snowing like crazy.

You're looking for a special experience and after foot fetish Munich? Write me an email with your ideas and wishes.


footerotic Munich



Petplay is a tremendous pleasure!



weird Dinner

Who has never had the benefit of a palate-orgasm, I strongly advise a visit to a star restaurant. In Munich there are numerous star restaurants and I have visited a lot of them. However, the last visit was very special!

I had an appointment with a good-looking man for a bizarre dinner in one of the star restaurants. I wore an elegant designer minidress with plateau high heels. Ben, my accompaniment, wore a smart suit with tie.

Who meets with me in public, should know, I have an effect on our fellow human beings. I am a young and exceedingly beautiful woman with a great and joyful radiance. When I enter a room full of people, I'll always staring with open mouths. Both men, and women look after me. Who gets excites because of these envious glances, should book me absolutely.

Handsome charming waiter served us at this rainy summer evening.

We opted for the 7-course menu. The start of the food made various amuse-bouches, so-called delicacies. So foreplay on the way to the palate orgasm.

A transition after another was served. Each bite was a revelation. While I lascivious led the fork to my mouth and looked deep into my eyes of my accompaniment , I reached with my left hand in my purse.

I operated quietly remote, I hid there and vibration began.

Remote? Vibration? Ask yourself certainly. Previously I have bend Ben over the knee in the backseat of his limousine and put him a plug in the ass, the vibration I can operate by remote control. In this way allows the plug to- and exhibit and select the vibration in different rhythms. The eyes of my companion were greater, as the vibration began. He moaned softly on. I said, that it was a cool feeling, to have power over him and that he must pull himself together today. No one should get wind of our bizarre dinner. Because the other hedonists and the waiters didn't lost sight of us, it was pretty exciting!

I had the whole bizarre dinner over a lot of fun with my remote and my accompaniment and it was an even more exciting experience, finally he never knew, when he could count on the vibration.

He just ordered a white wine, as the vibration began. Just for a second he lost the thread, he cleared his throat and ordered, as if nothing had happened. As the main course, the 6. transition was served, I asked to hand me his his empty red wine glass. I was, to be honest, even animal nervous, when I let disappear the glass under the table. The long tablecloth hid, what was going on underneath.

Shortly after, I handed my accompaniment that with pee filled red wine glass and I drank to him. In no time he drank from the glass, because the waiter was on his way to our table, clear up to the plate. The waiter asked, if everything was right. Ben said, "It was the most precious thing got what my palate got today" and turning to me he added, "and will get".

We laughed together. The series of desserts, which were then listed, missed us a real palate orgasm!!!

I do not need to mention, we celebrated our bizarre dinner to the fullest.


New York. Dark clouds billowing in the sky. It smelled and lightning and the thunder rolls across the metropolis. Solely my laughter brightens the dark room.

Why do I enjoy myself? I hold a slave like an animal in a tiny cage firmly.

He can not stretch his limbs, let alone, move. His mouth is taped, laid his hands in handcuffs. He is totally dependent upon me! The narrowness of the cage is difficult for my slave endure.

I sit on the cage and enjoy the natural spectacle on Manhattan.

How long will I hold the slave? I'll be locked up in a cage the slave so long, until he obeys me his word!