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It is early in the morning when my day starts. I make myself beautiful and prepare everything for my fetish escort. What awaits me today? In addition to a long journey awaits me good food, tension, fun, kinky games and an extraordinary location. It's the first time, that I visit my client Thomas on his farm. However, it is not the first time, we meet. We know each other for over a year and I met him in already two of his estates. We greet each other warmly and he leads me first of all around.

During our meal on the terrace I wear a sexy varnish dress with sparkling rhinestones and nipple pasties, which are also occupied with rhinestones. The anticipation for the upcoming is literally written in the face of Thomas. His nipples are standing and are clearly visible under his polo shirt. I'm starting to play with them and ask Thomas to, finally take off his clothes. Then I put a collar on him and lead him in the old piggery. I tie him to a hook on the ceiling. I blindfold his eyes, put a spreader bar on him and tie his balls. I stimulate his nipples. First gently, then getting harder. He's really tough! Today I feel a great desire, to spank his ass properly. From a flowerpot I pull a bamboo stick and let his ass cheeks glow red. We continue the game in the house. I explore the house on his back. I think of more and more nasty vulgarities and in the kitchen I find a lot of torture toys. Finally, he has to lie down in the bathtub and I piss on him from head to toe. He now looks really piggy! I love those kinky games!

In the evening I step on the journey home and arrive my home late in Munich.


One afternoon I went equipped with hand luggage on the airport.

In the airport security could be fun! Finally, I had quite a bit of undrawn toys in my Louis Vuitton travel bag… My bag was just x-rayed, as the three Bavarian men calling on me with a big grin on his face, to open my bag. they asked, what have I as nice here. I laughed!

One of the three men asked, what the chain is. I pulled the collar with chain out and said: "My Leash". Now the three Bayern began bravely to laugh and said,, that was certainly not intended for a dog. I laughed more and gentlemen wished me a good trip and a lot of fun. So much for the short trip.

Arrived at the hotel, I met my regular customers. We checked in and into our room in which it walked hot shortly afterwards. I pulled him the collar and led him into the bedroom. I tied the handsome man kneeling on all fours to the bed and took out of my pocket some vibrators, with whom I made him hot. He groaned and I moved my strap-on. Now it was time for wild pegging! I fucked him by right and brought him here to masturbate. It really did not take long, until he had an orgasm.

After a long hot shower, We went to a restaurant and chatted long. I spent the night alone in my hotel room. The next morning, I set a good mood on the way home. At the security checkpoint, I came this time on women, looking at me in disgust, when they saw the x-rays and my bag controlled :)

That's how my dominatrix escort service can look like…