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When I visited a dungeon for the first time of my life, the other Ladies there gave me the feeling I did not belong to their world. In their eyes I was too young, too happy, too cute, too nice and not hard enough. But I just did my thing… I didn’t care. It’s so wrong to tell someone there is a set way to be a dominatrix! We are all individuals! I’m glad you like the girl next door with the natural dominance!

With Love, Lady Jane


The first SM experience

Meeting with BDSM Virgins always remain magic moments. The decisive: my game object will never forget our encounter, because it's like the first kiss or the first time sex. The first SM experience remain forever in the memory. the kind, as the newcomer formulates his request, gives me the first impression, whether the game could be interesting. Only if I agree with the fantasies, a meeting comes about.
The first SM experience you can experience with me at 18 years. I am always happy, if one dares as early as possible, to make his fantasies come true. My opponent is usually nervous as hell and can not sleep well the night before our date with excitement.

It was the same with a charming entrepreneur, I met a few days ago. He wrote, he is 47 years old and had his kinky fantasies unfortunately never lived. He came across me in the worldwide web and knew instantly, I was the right lady for him.

We met in the hotel lobby and walked together in the suite. There we got to know each other with a glass of champagne and a romantic dinner. To get started, there was a sexy Champagne Kiss from me and the dessert he was allowed to lick from my feet. Yes! There was chocolate cake with marinated berries, draped on my feet! In order not to make it too easy for him, I put on him noble leather handcuffs and tied his hands on his back. I seduced the gentleman to finally, fulfill his hitherto unfulfilled dreams.

As soon as my counterpart can drop, it is an exciting game of seduction, dedication and desire. We implemented some of his SM fantasies, However, there are still some other, just waiting to be lived out!

What I want to say with this blog entry, is, that it is never too late, to live out his fantasies.

You just have to dare!

Shortly after publishing this blog entry, I received the following email:

Dear Lady Jane,

with joy I read your new blog entry, in which a 47 year-old has lived out his BDSM fantasies for the first time and found the conclusion: you are never too old, you just have to dare.

I remember "my first time” well. It was not with you and I have not felt comfortable. It was also a studio, cold, slightly musty and I had to wait in a small storage room with all the utensils, that I appeared slightly scary.

After that I had to go to the chain and immediately on my knees, on bare tiles, what was no more pleasant as the saliva, which smelled of smoke.

After this performance I was not sure if I should ever try that again.

Then I saw your ad and our conversation was very pleasant. You showed empathy and I felt comfortable right from the beginning - I was a beginner and just wanted to get smiling on my knees in front of a strange woman, to smell your feet, feel a slight pressure of your foot on my neck or face, to clean toes spaces and caress your wonderful and dark painted feet. You treated me with respect and with your playful charm and your beauty can make a weak-willed, the first session with you was just lovely. It was not unpleasant for me to be tied up and dominated by you, because I trusted you from the beginning.


first SM experience

first SM experience


Another year is over. Time really does fly by!

However, I am curious what exciting experiences awaits me in 2018 ,, because my hunger for BDSM is far from satisfaction !

With this in mind, I wish you all a very happy new year with many kinky experiences!