It's in anticipation for a special evening, when I put on my black, animal-print tights on, late in the afternoon. Then my knee-length black turtleneck dress. This morning I had my fingernails painted red in a nail salon, because I want to be well-groomed and pretty, when I visit later a top restaurant to meet Lady Jane. It's my birthday, so we will celebrate today! I notice a trembling of my hands and I am glad, that I only have to apply my foundation. For years I dreamed of, venturing into the public as a man in women's clothing. My dreams came true with Lady Jane.
She wraps herself in a scarf, I imagine, and I wonder, which of her horny evening dresses she will wear today. My nervousness rises on the way to the meeting point. Pretty as always, Lady Jane is already waiting for me and gives me even a present! She puts make-up around my eyes, paints my lips red and styles my blonde wig. My styling fits now too. A short time later we enter the italian star restaurant and hand over our coats at the cloakroom. Lady Jane looks very elegantly in her white blouse, and black tuxedo. She wears her hair slicked back. I'm not the only one thinking this is a "double" crossdressing. Even the friendly staff have to think for a moment, but the roles are switched for this evening, set by the tuxedo and evening gown. So the waiter serves each course of our menu first to me. The time with Lady Jane flies by, and before I know it the dessert is served. While I rejoice at the sight of my dessert, Lady Jane pulls a small glass bottle of her handbag. Unnoticed by the staff she pours, several times with a pipette a golden yellow liquid over my dessert. The surprise is written in my face and Lady Jane smiles meaningfully at me. I realize, that it is her delicious champagne. I add Lady Jane's essence to the citrus tangerine sorbet and spoon it up to the last drop of my plate. My Mistress is pleased and asks me, how it tastes. "It was excellent, the dessert with a little extra!"As a reward, on the way home I drink the champagne remaining in the glass vial. The best always comes to those who wait!

This birthday will be remembered forever. What a crossdresser dinner!

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