Domina Escort Zürich

You look for Domina Escort Zurich? I am Domina Jane from Munich and offer my bizarre escort services in Zurich. I can be world book fetish adventure.

I am with my 27 Years not only beautiful, smart and learn, I really enjoy my turbulent life of luxury to the fullest.

BDSM is my absolute passion and I love my job, I am confronted with the most diverse wishes and desires and I can go on adventures around the world.

I run both SM newcomers to my world, and enthusiasts with little experience. Even the BDSM connoisseur comes with me at his expense. I am a Lady, loves it, use her feminine charms and seduce you with it. Men are my hobby! I like to take control of me and dominate you in a sexy way. I radiate sex appeal and am very emphatic, therefore I wrap men in no time around my finger.

A bizarre dinner in a restaurant in Zurich and then a perverted game in a hotel suite… How does that sound? I love this kind of Fetish Dates!

A Domina Escort Zurich date with me is pretty exciting! so caution! There is pure addictive! So book me only, if you are aware of the. I am the absolute drug for your senses!

You want a meeting with Domina Escort Zurich in a hotel or a fetish Location? Parts me to your wishes and respect your preferences by mail with us.

All information about my services you can find on my website

I am already looking forward to my next adventure in Zurich!


Domina Escort Zürich

Domina Escort Zürich

Domina Escort Zürich

Domina Escort Zürich


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