The Oktoberfest in Munich is unique. It is the largest festival in the world and is widely known and is loved not only by beer drinkers.

Even a dominatrix in dirndl is making here mischief…

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  • Jürgen says:

    Also in dirndl you are absolutely stylish and prove YOUR flair for something special- invariably a Dirndl Goddess!

  • doggy says:

    Just see always and everywhere like a goddess! And they dominate it simply make incredibly good men obediently!

  • slave-felix says:

    Dear Goddess, I saw you on the last Wiesntag at Oktoberfest and would prefer fallen directly on her knees in front of you! They looked great!

  • Nicole says:

    … to be with you at the Oktoberfest, as an absolute dream come true! my nervousness and my anticipation are increasing day by day!!!

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