It is pitch-dark when I take my kidnapping bus and go on the way. The city is still asleep. Finally, it is only 5:30 am. When I take the bus in a side street to our meeting place, I see my sexy accomplice.

She gets in and we start immediately to look for our victim.

A few hundred meters further on we discover a walker in a residential area.

I turn off the lights and put a brake on. Everything happens now quickly.

We kidnappers jump off the bus, pack our defenseless, totally shocked victim, staring us with wide eyes and pull him into the bus.

We tie him up and give him a gag and a blindfold. This all happens in just seconds - my accomplice and I are just a good team!

I swing myself back on the driver's seat and I leave immediately.

In no case we want to attract attention. I drive through town on the way to our hiding place. Arrived there, I park the bus, we solve the shackles and force now our victim to undress completely. We put him together in lingerie and high heels and put him a wig on. Only when we remove the gag, we hear, we have kidnapped a Swiss - a hopefully wealthy hostage!

Then we kidnappers drag our sacrifice in the hooker outfit across the parking lot into the dungeon Penthouse Elegance. He can not run on this high stilettos, so running away is impossible! On the top floor, we use our sacrifice after line and thread, just on what we just want! We are really raging! Our hostage withstand more than we expected, only when each Lady applies a strap-on and we describe him, what we will do with him, he is finally soft cooked and hands us the access to his assets.

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  • dieter says:

    something unoriented I run before the Munich train station around, screeching stops when suddenly a car in front of me. 2 Women jump out,, hold me tight to his mouth, and drag me into it! “Mmmmmppphhh! ” I try in vain to call for help! The mistresses in the backseat holding my mouth, while the lady have relays at the wheel.

  • dieter says:

    they would keep my mouth, and kidnap me? I would like to fidget a bit and try desperately to call for Hilmmmmmhhhhppffhh.

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