footerotic Munich

On a very cold Wednesday at noon in the middle of December, I went together with a client to the Thermal bath Erding. It just started to snow again, when we arrived at our destination. It was not the first time, I was at the Therme Erding, but it was the first time as a dominatrix escort. The preference of my client? foot fetish. The Munich-based businessman carried both sports bags and bought at the box office two tickets to the sauna. For now, we parted ways. I went with my gym bag in the ladies locker, pulled me out and put my belongings in a locker. I slipped into my pink flip flops and showered me hot. Then I pulled my robe on and walked out of the shower into the sauna paradise. There he awaited me already. His first glance fell on my bare feet. We took our sport bags, in which towels were, with us. I said him, he must follow me, so I went ahead in a somewhat more remote sauna. We had caught a good time, because it was not overly busy. So a real godsend!

I asked my feetslave, if he had not forgotten something today. He immediately remembered and looked around in all directions. No one could see us here. He asked, whether he should really do this. I warned him insistently, to finally greet me befitting. Once again, he looked around and then knelt down in front of me. Holding the hands on the back, He leaned with his face towards my feet, to cover them with kisses. Before he touched me with his lips, I commanded him to stop and put his hands flat next to each other in front of my feet on the ground. I said him, that he should not forget in the future, to greet me properly. I let stand the slippers and stood with full weight on his hands. Now I urged him again, to kiss my feet. He did as he was imposed on him and kissed my feet quickly. Then we went into the wooden sauna, in which we were all alone. We lay down on the upper bank and so remained for several minutes quietly next to each other. Beads of sweat began to form on my skin.

I dictated my feetslave, he must now lick the welding beads away on my feet and suck each toe thoroughly. I am literally crazy about it, getting licked my feet! It is for me a very nice feeling, when a warm tongue tickles my feet and my toes are licked pleasurable. I closed my eyes and relaxed completely until suddenly my foot fetishist stopped. Just when I wanted to snap at him for the interruption, the door opened to our sauna and an elderly lady came in.

She had noticed nothing of our intimacy. My slave held the door apparently always in view, for fear of being discovered. We went out of the sauna and cooled us off. I was then rubbed gently dry with my towels and we relaxed on couches in front of a warm fireplace. I put my feet on his lap and said, turning to him, I would like to have massaged my feet. He massaged my feet with firm pressure and the other people, resting on the chairs, remained unaffected. We made some more sauna sessions, but were no longer undisturbed! On the trip to Munich it was snowing like crazy.

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footerotic Munich


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  • Omelet says:

    Hello mistress,
    I am completely fogged and hypnotized by their foot fetish stories. I long for situations like that. Your divine feet on my lap during a massage, You like you dominate me, to step , etc. etc.

    To me briefly : i am beginning 20 sporty student with many part-time jobs , I am very happy about an answer

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