Leather Escort

Below I explain the subject of leather Escort and the effect of leather on me and our fellow man.

I love the smell of leather. To feel designer clothes on my skin made out of leather, is sexy.
Leather actually has a stimulating effect on men. Whenever I go out in my skintight leather leggings, it makes men speechless. Leather escort is incredibly exciting! Not only, because I rob you in my fabulous leather outfit breath, but because certainly all eyes will be on us. The people around us are not let out of sight!
At a leather escort we meet, for example, for dinner in a fancy restaurant or at a bar for a drink. Of course I wear a sexy leather outfit and make my opponent quite nervous. I only own black leather stuff: leather Jackets, Lederhosen, miscellaneous Ledertops, underwear, Skirts, an awfully expensive Mini Leather Dress, various leather gloves and many wonderful leather shoes, I could wear a leather Escort. There would, for example, riding boots, Bikerboots, Ankle Boots, Thigh High Boots, Pumps and strappy high heels.
What turns you on leather? Me turns her on only the dominant look, spraying the thus a leather outfit. My leather look is worth a thousand words! The smell and the feel is exciting for me and animalistic! I wear leather with pride and style, mal elegant, time rock.

then after dinner or drink at the bar, I'll walk you to your hotel room. There we can finally unabashedly your fetish fantasies pursue. Or we hire a Location, in which we can let off steam. You have special preferences? Parts me your fantasies just email us with, then a leather Escort nothing stands in the way. I'm really looking forward to your ideas, Wishes and ideas!

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  • JJ says:

    You've described it very well. It's the smell and the desire, that the hands want to touch absolutely legs. It was only by chance, later something deliberately. The heart begins to race …
    The same applies to boots …

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