It has always been a great pleasure for me, to sniff secretly on worn panties or thongs by strange women. A passion, of which I also told Lady Jane a long time ago. Last week I was supposed to accompany Lady Jane for shopping in Munich.

My anticipation was great, but when I discovered Lady Jane’s short video on Twitter the night before our meeting, I could hardly believe, what awaits me.

Lady Jane prepared a horny scent orgy! She wore the face mask like a thong, which absorbed her divine body fragrance. Because of excitement I could hardly sleep at night and was thrilled, what I would expect when shopping.

I waited impatiently at the agreed meeting point in front of the shop in Munich, when Lady Jane came to me with a face mask. Her eyes literally laughed. She reached into her sweatpants and opened the face mask on the left and right with the words "I was still jogging with it earlier", and pulled the face mask out of her pants. She held it out to me.

The signs of wear were clearly visible and the horny scent already clouded my senses when I put on the mask.

Pretty horny I accompanied my mistress as I inhaled the sensual feminine scent of her most intimate parts of the body. What a great scent experience! This is how wearing a face mask is fun!

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