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I am Lady Jane, a young Mistress from Munich.
The most important details about me can be found on my homepage
I made my hobby my job. My life revolves around power, sexuality, desire, humility, domination, fetish, pain and submission. In short, sadomasochism. I live in Munich and use the most beautiful dominatrix studio in Munich once a week, I also offer my service as the dominant escort Lady Jane globally.

I want to share my bizarre experiences with others, to show ​​the diversity of sexual fantasy and the importance around its communication.
My experience spans the S&M spectrum, from soft to hard .
SM needs communication. Men, women and couples trust me to deliver their desires . Professionally I facilitate self-discovery and sexual satisfaction: What turns you on, what not? I'm fascinated, by people actually living the S&M life.
In my private life I meet people , who consider S&M an abnormal practice.
Yes, S&M is different, but it is not „sick“. I am of the opinion, everyone should explore their sexual fantasies, because „it is only perverted, if you don't find somebody to experience it with." Where does S&M actually begin? A blindfold maybe, handcuffs, a pat on the butt, a scrape of the partner's spine, gentle bites? We've all done it before, or? The important thing is, not to judge others for their preferences, not to despise, just because of something alternative makes them tick. I love the bizarre and I feel at home in this world. I'm open about my job as a dominatrix. Friends and family know about my kinky lifestyle. Some can handle it better, than others.

I will update my Dominatrix blog with my experiences, bizarre adventures and photos. I hope, you'll find stimulation in the stories. Now enjoy reading!

Kinky regards, Lady Jane






A persian proverb says: "Courtesy is a capital, where the more you spend, the richer you become. "

I expect courtesy and good manners , when you contact me.

The only way to contact me is via email.

Addresse your message to

In your request you should mention the following points:


  • Your name

  • Date, time of day & duration

  • City and meeting place (dominatrix studio, hotel, restaurant etc.)

  • Your preferences, any taboos

  • If we already know, please mention this!


You want to make me happy?

With a gift you can put a smile on my face.

I love it, if you show me your devotion!

Please address to or hand it over personally.


Hello, my dears,

I wanted to start work again in the fall, however, I was not comfortable with the idea. The incidences rose rapidly and the situation worsened immensely. At the moment I am working on new projects and I have a lot to do. I hope, we can finally meet in the spring 2022 see in old freshness!

All the best, LJ


It's Christmas Eve, all the presents were given away and the Christmas roast was delicious. Still, I'm happy, to be home again. My casual clothes are already ready and I can finally make myself comfortable on the sofa.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Who could it be? I open the door, without thinking too much. All the greater is my surprise when Lady Jane is elegant, in a Christmas outfit, perfectly styled in front of me. I didn't expect that at all. I almost sink into the ground in shame, because I face Lady Jane in a baggy look.

“You are a fine slut to me” whispers Lady Jane and adds “but that is about to change. Take off completely and put on high heels, the ones with the highest heels. You will learn to dress appropriately at home too!“

Standing naked and insecure on my heels, Lady Jane ties my arms behind my back and lets me stand for ten minutes, while Lady Jane wraps a blinking string of lights around my body. After Lady Jane is done with it, she spanks my bum properly with a whip. It feels almost unbearable after a few blows and I start to whine. "You can already see some nice red prints on your bum," says Lady Jane happily. "Now lie down on the floor, I still want to spank your ass with my bare hands, until it is completely red ".

Said, did, and in the next few minutes I hear the never-ending monotonous clapping in a fast rhythm. „So, that's enough!"Notes Lady Jane with satisfaction and adds" I hope, You have learned your lesson and will receive me appropriately dressed at any time in the future, at any time of the day or night ". With a loud “Yes, Lady Jane. “I say goodbye to my Mistress Claus, who has more visits ahead of her on the holy night.

I will remember the visit of Mistress Claus for a long time.


What did I do during the long lockdown period?


I was outdoors a lot and did outdoor sports. jogging, hiking, cross-country skiing… I also detoxified my body from heavy metals, ate incredibly healthy, rarely used my cell phone, read a lot and just focused on myself, because work was not allowed.

I will now go on a road trip and will not be back in Munich until autumn.

I hope, that the current Corona situation will not worsen again by then and I look forward to it, to drive old and new faces back into the horny madness.

Until then, enjoy the summer! See you soon. Inquiries will only be answered after my return.

With Love, LJ


Most of my clients don't tell their partners about their experiences with me. One of my clients told me about his partner, that she is so open to all kinds of fun and games. Except, that he doesn't dare, to tell her, that he would like to be dominated by her. So I suggested to him, to be open to his girlfriend and I like to show her, how to dominate. A few months later I got an email. The flea, that I had put in his ear months in advance, should become a reality. As a newlywed couple, they both dared to meet me.

The three of us all liked each other straight away and after a brief meeting, the newly wed husband took on the role of slave. At first a little embarrassed, he tried to avoid eye contact with his wife.

The wife turned out to be an absolute natural talent. While her husband knelt naked in front of us and I sat next to her on the couch, we teased him with our legs and feet. She kept him on a leash. We women were in a really good mood and I asked the wife, how the wedding cake was. She answered, that there was no wedding cake.

“What is a wedding without a wedding cake!?”, I exclaimed, stunned. “We have to make up for that immediately!” I took a plate, prepared whippet cookies with berries and handed the “wedding cake” over to the wife. We laughed. Without consulting us, we dipped our toes in the sugar and rubbed our feet together. The husband became hotter and hotter and his wife enjoyed the sight of her submissive husband very much. I said to the husband, that he should now finally dare, to look his wife in the eyes. Then when he looked into her sparkling eyes, he wanted to kiss her on the mouth, but the wife would not allow it. She pulled him down on a leash to our feet and forced him to lick our feet clean.

It was so hot!!!


SM Sex Workshop

You dream to be a FEMME FATALE?

I’ll show you how to improve your LOVE GAME.

You will love it!




There is nothing more sexy than a girl who knows how to control!

When you are male: It’s also the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.


I always wanted to know, how it is, getting a blow job on the highway as a guy.

Now I can confirm, that it is a very horny feeling!




My excitement is great, when I pick up Lady Jane freshly styled around 11 a.m. with my fully packed suitcase, for our long-planned trip to Berlin. What makes the trip so special, is the fact, that I will be traveling en femme, which is an absolutely new experience for me.

When we arrive in the strange city, we check into the hotel and have a bite to eat in a sidewalk café. Even in this relatively infrequent street, many looks follow me, but I'll have to get used to that, when I'm out as a crossdresser. For dinner in the evening, where we visit the Grill Royal in the center of Berlin, I will wear a pink business suit and black pumps and accompany the enchanting Lady Jane. When we stop in the taxi in front of the restaurant, the main thing for me, is to stay focused and maintain my composure on the way to the restaurant and to our table. Lady Jane kept telling me over and over again in advance, not to lower my head in shame and try to enjoy the looks. At the table, in addition to the friendly service staff, the purest culinary delight with Kobe fillet and loup de mer, King prawns and numerous, tasty side dishes await us. After dinner, we are off to the Festival of Lights at Potsdamer Platz, where we take a few souvenir photos to round off the day. My feet hurt, as we make our way back to the hotel in the taxi, but my eyes shine with joy over this great day.

The next morning my alarm clock rings mercilessly. Now a quick shower, shave and apply makeup. What an unfamiliar morning routine for me! In the elegant business look en femme, we set off for KaDeWe. At noon the path leads us to Borchardt, a traditional restaurant on Gendarmenmarkt, which is known for its Wiener Schnitzel and its high density of celebrities. So also on this day. Lady Jane recognizes Christoph Waltz at a table next to us, who also has his lunch in the courtyard. In the company of Lady Jane I enjoy the wonderful moments and the very good food.

Because Lady Jane has planned a photo shoot with me as a model for the afternoon, it goes straight back to the hotel. Lady Jane takes care of my styling, hair und make-up. A professional photo shoot is also a first for me. It's not easy, to pose and look relaxed into the camera. But Lady Jane shoots like a pro, puts me in the best light and brings out the best in me. She shows me how to pose and time flies by.

For our last dinner of this trip, Lady Jane accompanies me in a sensational, Japanese-inspired latex dress, that hugs the perfect body of Lady Jane. I am allowed to accompany Lady Jane in a short leather mini and black pumps, that show off my long legs. During the meal I can no longer hold back my feelings and tears of joy roll down my cheeks. We take the dessert with us to my room and I can enjoy it directly from Lady Jane's lovely feet. What a delicious and horny mess!

Weeks after our trip, it still seems like a grand dream to me.


Dear Lady Jane, what I was able to experience together with you, whether in the restaurant, in the hotel or on the way, that still triggers an absolute elation in me. The results of the shoot are incredible! But I haven't really understood, that I am shown in the photos. You gave me soooo unbelievably great pleasure, that just cannot be put into words. You made such a wonderful sissy out of me! I couldn't have imagined, that such an excursion en femme would be possible.


as a woman

as a woman

as a woman


We live in the 21. century and still have to struggle with clichés. There are numerous clichés about Bdsm.

I asked my Instagram followers about this and found out, what prejudices my followers have already faced with regard to Bdsm:

“Bdsm is weird.”

“Some die during SM sex.”

"I thought, you are emancipated and then you let your sex partner hit you?”

“Childhood trauma leads to sick preferences.”

“Hatred of the opposite sex.”

"Mentally ill people practice SM.”

“Bdsm is dangerous.”

“Guys, who treat women gross are dominant.”

“Women are originally submissive. Women who pretend to be dominant, just play that role.”

“As the dominant part it's all about yourself, you don't care about the other.”

“As a child you must have been mistreated, if you like that.”

“You have to be into anal.”

“Slaves always wear latex.”

“All male slaves have a feminine side.”

“It's about nothing but pain.”

The list of answers, that I received, was endless and make you shudder.

Yes, I have also been confronted with some clichés.

What? You are dominatrix? They're always just mean and old women!”

“Where does your perversion come from??”

“You are sick!”

“Do your partners also have to drink your pee and do you also take them with the strapon from behind?”

I just laugh away at such simple-minded comments. As Friedrich Schiller said so beautifully: "Live and let live.” Unfortunately, many in our society think in drawers.

Imagine life in black and white. Not just in terms of bdsm, but life in general. Colorful diversity is not only a lot more fun, but rather holds inspiration and if you get involved in new things and don't think too narrowly, that broadens the horizon.

To a lovable and healthy togetherness!


It has always been a great pleasure for me, to sniff secretly on worn panties or thongs by strange women. A passion, of which I also told Lady Jane a long time ago. Last week I was supposed to accompany Lady Jane for shopping in Munich.

My anticipation was great, but when I discovered Lady Jane’s short video on Twitter the night before our meeting, I could hardly believe, what awaits me.

Lady Jane prepared a horny scent orgy! She wore the face mask like a thong, which absorbed her divine body fragrance. Because of excitement I could hardly sleep at night and was thrilled, what I would expect when shopping.

I waited impatiently at the agreed meeting point in front of the shop in Munich, when Lady Jane came to me with a face mask. Her eyes literally laughed. She reached into her sweatpants and opened the face mask on the left and right with the words "I was still jogging with it earlier", and pulled the face mask out of her pants. She held it out to me.

The signs of wear were clearly visible and the horny scent already clouded my senses when I put on the mask.

Pretty horny I accompanied my mistress as I inhaled the sensual feminine scent of her most intimate parts of the body. What a great scent experience! This is how wearing a face mask is fun!


Wild head cinema

After a year of acclimaization with a standard chastity cage, I took it off in the presence of Lady Jane and slipped on the custom-made cage, like a condom, stainless steel only. Lady Jane took the two supplied keys and since then I have not seen the keys.

Which is also not necessary, because the times when I was open for orgasms, they are finally over, emphasizes Lady Jane. I should also be able to by now, to get through an entire year without orgasm.

That sounded like head cinema, after pretty wild head cinema.

Many years, long before I met Lady Jane, I imagined myself very often, how awesome it would be, when a dominant woman takes absolute control of my sexual activities. It is primarily about the feeling of being at someone's else mercy and of deep dedication, that intoxicates me.

I am only beginning to understand, that Lady Jane intends to do just that, namely to put my crazy imagination into practice. Lady Jane has been choosing my sex partners for a long time, but so far this has always been associated with horny cumshot on my part.

The year 2020 will not be remembered just because of Corona, but because the year 2020 has been completely abstinent for me so far. I could jerk off with lust as I write these lines.

My life in chastity started long ago.


The Stockholm syndrome

The victim's affection for the gangster


The phenomenon, that victims often show solidarity with or even identify with their tormentors, was first described by the American psychiatrist Frank Ochberg.
Stockholm syndrome is named after a bank robbery in the Swedish capital in the year 1973, where a victim felt affection for his hostage-taker. The victims of Stockholm syndrome sometimes even feel love for the perpetrator. And that's exactly how it was for me.


I am Magnus, 52 years old and run a family business.

Like every Thursday evening, I went by car to jog in a forest near Munich.

Shortly after I started running, it started to rain and the forest floor became muddy with every minute. I enjoyed the fresh forest air and I met no other people at all.

It was getting dark, when I came back to the forest parking lot after my run. Luckily it had stopped raining and so I started to stretch in front of my car as usual. I did my stretching exercises when I registered a reflection in my car window and heard a noise behind me.

I was about to turn around, but it was already too late. I was knocked out with a precise thump on the back of my head.

I do not know, how long I was passed out. Whether only minutes or hours or what happened to me during this time.


When I woke up and looked at the most beautiful green eyes, it happened to me immediately.

Only then did I notice the balaclava and the lady's skintight leather outfit.
I stuttered where I was and what had happened. With a cheeky grin, the lady in leather explained something to me. But her words echoed past me. A breath of warm air brushed my ear and caused the hairs on the back of my neck, to straighten up. My eyes wandered down from her green eyes and stayed on the bright red lips, of the absolutely unknown to me. Her lascivious lips moved, when she held a white cloth with her leather glove over my nose and mouth and I lost consciousness again.

When I slowly came to my senses, I felt, that my limbs were asleep, because I was tied up and my mouth hurt too, because I was also gagged.
I was alone and defenseless. I shivered at the thought of my masked hostage-taker. not a cold shiver, but a hot one!

My hostage-taker totally drove me crazy. I felt, that I had an erection.

Then suddenly the door opened and I realized, that I was in a van.
My hostage-taker switched on the light and looked at my erection with a sincere smile, that stood out clearly through my sports pants. She just sat on my best piece in her leather outfit and looked deep into my eyes. She looked threatening. The kidnapper murmured in my ear, that she has a hold over me. This sentence was hardly uttered, she grabbed me by the balls gently but tight enough. A startled sound crept out of my throat.

My kidnapper explained, that she was keen on my valuable watch collection and my precious metals. She particularly emphasized the word "keen".

With the other hand she stroked my face and freed me from my gag, then her hand went to her neck. She squeezed gently. Now she had me fully under control with both hands.
My blood was boiling and she whispered to me: "You are my horny money hostage and I am your money-hungry gangster bride." It totally brought me into ecstasy. I tried to nod.

One hand was still on the throat, the other on my crown jewels. Then she squeezed harder with both hands, that made me gasp for joy. The gangster bride made me clearly understand, that this is a hopeless situation, in which I am and that she always gets what she wants.
It felt like minutes, but it must have been hours.

Then we drove to my home. My hands were handcuffed and I gave her what my hostage-taker wanted. After she had my valuables, she threatened me with the words: "If you ever say a single word to anyone about this…“. She ran her finger along her throat.


It was an absolutely sensational experience, that you can really only wish everyone.
Since then, I've been dreaming of my hostage-taking and my beautiful kidnapper in leather at night.
I don't want anything more, than being attacked again by my hostage-taker and finally being allowed to look into her face. Is the Stockholm syndrome curable?


Stockholm Syndrome


The corks pop and a new year begins.

Looking back on the year 2019 I can say, that it was a wonderful year. Incredibly beautiful, truly exciting and extremely varied.

Thank you for your trust in me.

Let 2020 be so indecent, magical and adventurous as 2019!




Good morning Agent Jane Bond. your mission, if you accept it, relates to locate the target person Mister L. in South Tyrol, to seduce him with your elegant charms and abduct him than to a secret mountain hut. As always, should you or a member of your team get caught, the minister will deny all knowledge of your existence. This message destroys itself in five seconds.


Wednesday, late afternoon – secret helicopter base in the Dolomites: Agent Jane Bond, dressed in finest black leather pants and boots spotted her victim at the heliport. Her accomplice takes the helicopter to the launch area. Mister L. may take a seat. Agent Jane skillfully knocks out the target person, draws him a mask over and ties Mister L. with cable ties. Agent Bond takes the wheel. „Boarding completed, ready for departure "says Jane Bond and the adventure starts towards the mountain hut. After a sightseeing flight at sunset along the Dolomites course will be made to the remote mountain hut – where Jane Bond skilfully turns the helicopter and lands on a hill in 2.500 meters.

There is already an accomplice with the skidoo waiting, but before Mister L. is all right again, he is loaded by Agent Jane on the skidoo. This is followed by a rapid drive through the deep snow towards the hut in the “Gangsta’s Paradies”, secret headquarter of Lady Jane.

Mister L. becomes fully conscious and notices horrified, that he is tied to a chair.

Jane Bond now wears a little black dress with opera gloves leather and black fine tights, that hugs her legs perfectly. Her stockinged feet are in designer high heels. The sight of Agent Jane alone drives her victim crazy. With her foot smell and other methods Jane Bond makes her sacrifice Mister L. weak-willed. the se- and abduction has been completely successful again. You can always rely on Agent Jane Bond.


…and all of sudden Mister L. became aware, that he fell into a trap. That wasn't a trip to discuss the company's strategic goals for the next year: actually, he was being kidnapped! Initially confronted by such quick and scary realization, his feelings were quickly replaced by numbness and intoxication. He was confused.

Maybe there was something on that white cloth, that now Lady Jane – suddenly closer and surprisingly strong – was holding firmly over his mouth and nose with those black leather gloves.

Those sensual, determined, black-leathered criminal hands, or maybe he was being hypnotized by those stunning green eyes, where any form of power would fall into its knees on their presence. It didn't matter anymore.

Her voice guided him to take slow and deep breaths, taking him gradually into a state of total surrender and deep sleep.



Lady Jane is the undisputed boss of her clients, meet the extremely cool high-class dominatrix

Lady Jane is THE dominatrix from Munich. Yes, she is! She is not only a domina escort but also a fetish model and a “femme fatale”. The girl collaborates with international fashion brands such as Sian Hoffman, Patrice Catanzaro, Ludovica Martire – Made in Pain, Fräulein Kink and many others (@ madameprovocateur6666). She offers a range of several services to her clients: domination, nipple play, roleplaying, pet play, spitting, walk the dog, spanking, kidnapping, humiliation in public, anal, fisting, foot, trampling, crushing, erotic wrestling and so on. Lady Jane is slim with curves, extremely attractive thanks to her she-wolf glance. As a professional dominatrix she doesn’t do sex and blow jobs: her aim is to arouse without intercourse.

I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook if they like to be dominated: the majority replied positively. […]

Continue reading.


I always insist on having my own bed during an escort date. So I can sleep in peace at night. I do not share my bed. Of course I do not mind, if the slave is on the floor, tied to my bed during the night. But he has to be as quiet as a mouse, because I hate nothing more, than when my beauty sleep is disturbed.

I am aware, that it is uncomfortable to sleep on the floor, but I always give my slaves a pillow and a blanket. Thus, sufficient comfort is given.

Every now and then a faux pas happens to me. I'll tell you about that.

One day I had a date with a pee lover.

I had my hotel room right opposite my escort date.

We had a wonderful time together and while having breakfast we decided spontaneously to play one more time in his room. Without further ado, we booked a late check-out and I dressed up in my room. A short latex dress with hot vinyl thigh boots. I put on a bathrobe and peered into the hotel corridor. The coast was clear and so I went armed with a riding crop straight to the opposite hotel room. We had a very wet and wild session. After the session, my slave showered and I wanted to scurry into my room, to do the same. The door closed behind me and I hurried the few steps over, to get into my room.

Again and again I held my room card to the door opener, but the door simply could not be opened. I started, to knock on the door of my slave, but he did not hear me, because he showered.

Then, a cleaning lady came around the corner, staring at me from head to foot. While I explained my plight of the non-functioning room card, her eyes kept wandering from my bathrobe to my vinyl overknees. The riding crop I was hiding behind my back. She replied coolly, that I had to get a new card at the front desk. I asked her again, to open my room door, because in this outfit I could not go to the reception. Thank God had the cleaning lady had mercy with me and finally opened my door to my room.

What have I learned from it? A room card only works until the regular check-out time ;)


Food Crush

I'm sitting adorable in sexy underwear and pumps on the throne, while you're kneeling in front of it and you are waiting, to be able to serve me the piece of cake on your silver platter.

First I like to smell the chocolate cake and lick lasciviously about it, while I look deep into your eyes. Then you have to turn off the cake at my feet and help me out of my pumps. I push you my naked manicured feet in the face. You inhale my sexy scent and you would like to immediately lick my divine feet, but I have other plans for you.

I crush the cake sensual with my foot. The feeling is indescribable. The chocolate swells between my red painted toes. Your lust is written in your face. It smells wonderfully of chocolate and you are only waiting for my command to finally lick my toes. Now the time has come, you have to lick my feet clean! Enjoy your meal! I bet, it's your hottest dessert ever!

I prefer to do food crush with my bare feet. Do you also have a food crush fetish? Most of all I enjoy it, to crush desserts. Of course you can also crush food with sandals, pumps or boots. Let’s crush food!


Dominatrix kidnaps man in Munich

I lie in wait. From afar I watch my soon-to-be-hostage. Yes, you heard that right! Today I will be kidnapping a stranger! I see him run down the street. Past Munich's red-light district. Soon he is out of sight. It is broad daylight. My engine is running. so I move to follow behind, otherwise I will lose sight of him. I want to get to the next set of meters!

A group of office workers come between us. Given my environment I drop the speed of my car.
The pencil pushers scuttle past my victims.
It's now or never! I put my balaclava on and I accelerate, as fast as possible. My heart is beating. Then I brake, bringing the bus I'm driving screeching on to the sidewalk. I jump out and grab my target! With a stranglehold I force him into my black bus. A 1000 thoughts are running through my head. Has anyone seen me? Will he defend himself? What if… ?

But it is now too late for second thoughts. Everything is already prepared in the interior of the vehicle for my hostage. At lightning speed I tie up my hostage on all 4 s. I gag his mouth, although he does not call for help. I took him by surprise! Or does he like to be speechless? ;)
Just as I have tied him up, there is a knock at the door.
When getting out I pull the balaclava from my head and close the door quickly behind me. In front of my bus is a guy in blue overalls. One of the guys of the workshop! He grins and asks cheekily, how long do I need. I laugh out loud and assure him, I drive them equally quickly. He wishes me a lot of fun! I will have that for sure, I reply. It's clear I need to move somewhere else so I hop into the driver's seat and drive, at the permitted speed. I do not want to be stopped by the police ...

To be continued.


When I visited a dungeon for the first time of my life, the other Ladies there gave me the feeling I did not belong to their world. In their eyes I was too young, too happy, too cute, too nice and not hard enough. But I just did my thing… I didn’t care. It’s so wrong to tell someone there is a set way to be a dominatrix! We are all individuals! I’m glad you like the girl next door with the natural dominance!

With Love, Lady Jane


It's in anticipation for a special evening, when I put on my black, animal-print tights on, late in the afternoon. Then my knee-length black turtleneck dress. This morning I had my fingernails painted red in a nail salon, because I want to be well-groomed and pretty, when I visit later a top restaurant to meet Lady Jane. It's my birthday, so we will celebrate today! I notice a trembling of my hands and I am glad, that I only have to apply my foundation. For years I dreamed of, venturing into the public as a man in women's clothing. My dreams came true with Lady Jane.
She wraps herself in a scarf, I imagine, and I wonder, which of her horny evening dresses she will wear today. My nervousness rises on the way to the meeting point. Pretty as always, Lady Jane is already waiting for me and gives me even a present! She puts make-up around my eyes, paints my lips red and styles my blonde wig. My styling fits now too. A short time later we enter the italian star restaurant and hand over our coats at the cloakroom. Lady Jane looks very elegantly in her white blouse, and black tuxedo. She wears her hair slicked back. I'm not the only one thinking this is a "double" crossdressing. Even the friendly staff have to think for a moment, but the roles are switched for this evening, set by the tuxedo and evening gown. So the waiter serves each course of our menu first to me. The time with Lady Jane flies by, and before I know it the dessert is served. While I rejoice at the sight of my dessert, Lady Jane pulls a small glass bottle of her handbag. Unnoticed by the staff she pours, several times with a pipette a golden yellow liquid over my dessert. The surprise is written in my face and Lady Jane smiles meaningfully at me. I realize, that it is her delicious champagne. I add Lady Jane's essence to the citrus tangerine sorbet and spoon it up to the last drop of my plate. My Mistress is pleased and asks me, how it tastes. "It was excellent, the dessert with a little extra!"As a reward, on the way home I drink the champagne remaining in the glass vial. The best always comes to those who wait!

This birthday will be remembered forever. What a crossdresser dinner!


  1. I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.

  2. Diet Coke is my favourite beverage.

  3. I’m a foodie. I always have to try everything.

  4. I need meat every day.

  5. I love to cook and bake.

  6. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.

  7. I hate fake crawls.

  8. The worst for me is talking to a lady who had a lip augmentation. I always have to stare at those fake lips!

  9. I can’t sing.

  10. Got a belly piercing with 12 years.

  11. I did my graduation (High School) on a catholic girls high school.

  12. I started to wear thongs at the age of 10.

  13. Baby Jane loved to play with Barbie and Ken. I always tied Ken to the bed and let Barbie walk over Ken.

  14. I do not believe in God.

  15. My family is shocked about my lifestyle. My uncle and my granny are okay with what I do. My granny always checks my website and reads my blog entries. That’s embarrassing!

  16. When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being kinky, but was too shy.

  17. It all started with getting my toes licked.

  18. I go through life, thinking I can have it all.

  19. I love being me.

  20. If I had not become a dominatrix, I would have become a race driver.

  21. I’m sweet, but psycho hahaha.


I really love, to peg men with a strap-on! My favorite position: doggy! The absolutely coolest is, to deflower the guy! Of course, I handle it carefully and cautiously with a strap-on virgin. Where does this desire come from, to take a man from behind like a woman?

First and foremost, it's about power. Power over the one who is kneeling in front of me, on all fours, moaning! It turns me on, completely, to slip into the role of a man. To grab the guy with both hands on the hips and let him feel me.

And I like to watch my thrusts in the mirror! Yes, I like this animal game!

The most important factor is, I am always ready! Anytime! My strap-on never fails! By the way, this act with a strap-on is called pegging and should be on everyone's bucket list of sex!


Looking back at the year 2018 I can only say, that the year will forever remain in my memories thanks to the many adventures.

It was a really spectacular year, in which I made many new exciting acquaintances and the existing bonds were strengthened immensely.

I am looking forward to many kinky experiences in the new year!




I'm due to meet with a musician. It should be an unforgettable event for him -

that is his wish. I promised him, that he would never forget this evening.

I await the appointment for what feels like an infinite time. Finally it comes.

I meet with the client in his hotel and we dine together in the restaurant.

My suitcase is brought upstairs to the suite.

After our delicious dinner, (he barely swallowed a bite through nervousness!) we head to the suite together. When he openes the door, I am impressed by the size of the suite. She is gorgeous.

A grand piano stands in the middle of the living room. I feel very good.

The musician says, he has booked the presidential suite for this special event.

I order him, to go on his knees and kiss my feet.

Then he undresses and I tie him naked to a chair.

I leave the suite and return after a few minutes with two hot girlfriends. As the 3 stand in front of him, we ladies cannot help but laugh, because his enthusiasm is so obvious.

We get rid of our clothes and start to make him hotter in his spot.

The champagne flowed in streams. First down our throats and then into his mouth.

Yes, he wanted to enjoy every single drop of our golden champagne! No drop was allowed to be wasted. I thought at first, he can't make it ! But he teaches me a new trick. Blast it!! My extra vial was in danger!

Yes, I challenge him, that he would not be able, to drink all our champagne. I told the girls, to drink more and then I tell him, that we three will drown him. But he could not get enough! I'm puzzled. Now it was time to pull my ace from my sleeve! Playing with me after all is like playing in the casino.

The casino & I … we always win! I have 6 and a half liters bottles of ice tea in my suitcase.

Everyone looks puzzled, only I laugh! There is of course no ice tea in the bottles, but cool pee, I have been collecting over the last few days.

I pull his bachelor helmet on and poured the pee in the tanks, which

are attached left and right to the helmet. Two hoses lead from the containers directly into his mouth.

Now it was time to drink! We girls were firing at him and laughing. He stammered, this is a scam!

But our slave is aroused so much, that we have our fun, and he experiences a huge orgasm. He drinks only one bottle.

The conclusion: I had done it again, albeit with dirty tricks!

After a hot shower, our slave sits down in a bathrobe at the piano and hums us.

Yes, we got our own concert! What an extraordinary experience!



Is there anything hotter than driving men crazy???



The first SM experience

Meeting with BDSM Virgins always remain magic moments. The decisive: my game object will never forget our encounter, because it's like the first kiss or the first time sex. The first SM experience remain forever in the memory. the kind, as the newcomer formulates his request, gives me the first impression, whether the game could be interesting. Only if I agree with the fantasies, a meeting comes about.
The first SM experience you can experience with me at 18 years. I am always happy, if one dares as early as possible, to make his fantasies come true. My opponent is usually nervous as hell and can not sleep well the night before our date with excitement.

It was the same with a charming entrepreneur, I met a few days ago. He wrote, he is 47 years old and had his kinky fantasies unfortunately never lived. He came across me in the worldwide web and knew instantly, I was the right lady for him.

We met in the hotel lobby and walked together in the suite. There we got to know each other with a glass of champagne and a romantic dinner. To get started, there was a sexy Champagne Kiss from me and the dessert he was allowed to lick from my feet. Yes! There was chocolate cake with marinated berries, draped on my feet! In order not to make it too easy for him, I put on him noble leather handcuffs and tied his hands on his back. I seduced the gentleman to finally, fulfill his hitherto unfulfilled dreams.

As soon as my counterpart can drop, it is an exciting game of seduction, dedication and desire. We implemented some of his SM fantasies, However, there are still some other, just waiting to be lived out!

What I want to say with this blog entry, is, that it is never too late, to live out his fantasies.

You just have to dare!

Shortly after publishing this blog entry, I received the following email:

Dear Lady Jane,

with joy I read your new blog entry, in which a 47 year-old has lived out his BDSM fantasies for the first time and found the conclusion: you are never too old, you just have to dare.

I remember "my first time” well. It was not with you and I have not felt comfortable. It was also a studio, cold, slightly musty and I had to wait in a small storage room with all the utensils, that I appeared slightly scary.

After that I had to go to the chain and immediately on my knees, on bare tiles, what was no more pleasant as the saliva, which smelled of smoke.

After this performance I was not sure if I should ever try that again.

Then I saw your ad and our conversation was very pleasant. You showed empathy and I felt comfortable right from the beginning - I was a beginner and just wanted to get smiling on my knees in front of a strange woman, to smell your feet, feel a slight pressure of your foot on my neck or face, to clean toes spaces and caress your wonderful and dark painted feet. You treated me with respect and with your playful charm and your beauty can make a weak-willed, the first session with you was just lovely. It was not unpleasant for me to be tied up and dominated by you, because I trusted you from the beginning.


first SM experience

first SM experience


Fetish Escort Paris

I love Paris! Paris is not just the city of love for me, but rather the city of good taste. The style of Parisians is short, just trés chic. The beautiful buildings, the gardens, the chic restaurants and small bistros, the Eiffel Tower… Paris is a city of charm and flair. Such a city does not exist again in this world. But as soon as night comes, there is a hint of wickedness in the air right away. Yes, this city has its charm, to which I am totally addicted. Is there a more exciting city for an indecent rendezvous?

Paris, see you soon!


Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris

Fetish Escort Paris



LADY JANE: from the life of a dominatrix

In my erotic boutique I learn many interesting personalities and get to know their desires. Just as people, who have made it their vocation, to satisfy these needs. […]

Continue reading



Finally, I again had a date with Lady Jane in Munich. On her arrival she put me to welcome my immediate chastity cage with urethral dilator and left the key in her purse disappear. Our latex escort adventure could begin! Then we went to dinner at a gourmet restaurant, to what she was wearing a breathtaking latex evening gown. She looked so stunning, I could hardly focus me on eating. She was the absolute highlight in the restaurant. Before dessert, she took a small phial “medicine” from her purse and poured the contents into my empty water glass. It was her champagne, I had to drink immediately. This was just a very small taste. After the desserts wanted me to follow her to the bathroom, where she filled me with the entire content of her full bladder and in a two-star restaurant! Jane is really the craziest Lady ever! When we got back to our apartment, we prepared ourselves for a visit to a fetish party.

I got a butt plug and tightened with my new suit without sleeves and with integrated mask and gag , where everything is inflatable. Additionally, a lockable collar and boots. After Lady Jane had inflated everything tight my senses almost disappeared because of that immense lust . The lower rubber layer compressed me all over and through the eyes glasses I could see only blurred. I had my arms crossed over the body and could not move a centimeter. I looked like a Michelin Man. She moved to another latex dress, that looked very cool.

Lady Jane sat me on the passenger seat of my Ferrari and drove us to the fetish party. Her driving style was, as always fast and I was glad, that I already had on my “Airbag” .. Of course, right next to the party location was no parking free, so we had to park far away and then walked through the city to the party. Jane probably parked extra further away , so she could lead me helplessly trapped by the city. I saw only very blurry, but kept hearing people, who spoke to us. When we passed a bus stop, Lady Jane told me to sit down and wait for the bus. This came after a few minutes. First Jane commanded me to enter (the bus driver and passengers stared like mad!), but then went on foot.

Finally arrived at the party, first took me around. Then she ordered me to sit down and blindfolded me, so that I could now see nothing. Then I noticed how my suit and my chastity cage was opened and removed. A slave of Lady Jane touched me in the midst of the other party visitors. This and the two layers of latex had become so hot to me in my suit, I threatened to collapse and Lady Jane took pity and I was able to replace the suit against a lighter outfit. Now I wore a latex mask, a collar and leash, long gloves made of latex, a latex panties, where my cock looked out with chastity cage and rubber boots. So very bizarre! Even Jane switched to a tight leather outfit.

When we later went home, I was filled again with her champagne, this time on the hood of my Ferraris. When something went wrong and landed on the bonnet, I had this to lick. Partygoers and taxi driver followed the spectacle.

On the way home we were actually stopped by police, although Jane drove quite exceptionally sensible. Jane pulled over. I said out loud: Fuck! Jane answered very cool: Take off your mask and put it on your dick! I did as instructed and I was pretty nervous! The young police officer admired our car. When they saw our outfits, they reacted disgusted! The young male policeman and his colleague asked why I was naked. My heart was pounding like crazy! In what am I just got into it!!!! Lady Jane answered nonchalantly, we just came from a fetish party and he would finally wear underpants. I hoped, the two policemen would not let me get out of the car, because the latex mask covered just my cock with chastity! After all controls and an admonition we could continue our fetish drive.

Back in the apartment I had to first take a deep breath, but Jane gave me no peace. Jane again ordered me to wear my Michelin Man outfit and she pumped everything up again very hard. Then she fixed me in the suit on a bed with ropes. Again I felt the pressure in the suit and could not move anymore. Then, at the top of her head, Jane opened the suit's zipper slightly and inserted a funnel. A short time later, I realized, how much warm liquid poured into the suit spilled over my head and then flowed down into the suit. It was of course her champagne and a short time later, she refilled again. So I spent the night, inflated, fixed and dipped in Lady Jane's champagne.

Because I was so horny anyway I could not sleep, because I had to think again and again of the incredible adventure with Jane…. Latex Escort at its finest!


Latex Escort

Latex Escort


Nylon Fetish Munich

I'm a big fan of nylon erotic. Are you also a pantyhose lover? You like to admire beautiful women's legs in tights? What turns you on tights? What's your nylon fetish? Is it a certain color, which turns you on? Or the shine? Do you love the smell of brand new pantyhose or do you like already worn ones, maybe even smelling nylons? The wonderful material clings to the leg and feels great to me. It's a great feeling to wear pantyhose. If your hands are allowed to caress my stockinged legs, and you can feel the nylons, that definitely robs you of the mind. A game with tights is really exciting! By the way, nylons are also perfect as a gag! Do you like to wear nylons yourself?
I am completely open to your fantasies and preferences. I love it, if you caress my legs, massages my feet, smell them and kisses them. By the way, wrestling in pantyhose is also really exciting!
Now is the time to explore your nylon fetish!!!


On the following photos I wear the finest Wolford tights.


Nylon Fetish Munich

Nylon Fetish Munich

Nylon Fetish Munich


I love trampling with my dangerous Louboutin killer heels!



Do you dream, to watch me doing kinky games with a beautiful young woman?

Imagine, You can finally pursue your dreams and watch me at the hot game with my very young slave girl…

I bet, that turns you on and your head cinema is just starting :)

The blonde student will initially be nervous, because she never does that in front of an audience…

You will quickly notice, that we girls have only eyes for each other, if the desire grabs us.

You'll become the mere observer of our indecent game!

What are you waiting for? Be a voyeur!


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane


I'm still intoxicated by this date!
But now once from the beginning.
I met with Mr. Unknown to a leather escort dinner date.

With my red lips, the loose hair and especially with my hot black leather outfit, I robbed the doctor's mind from the first second.

We drove quite comfortably with his Ferrari to the city.

I had reserved a table for us in my favorite Japanese restaurant.

In the restaurant, all eyes stuck on us, because not only my body was wrapped in leather, he also wore a leather outfit. Everyone had to know at the sight immediately, that something was going on.

So far so good. We talked and enjoyed a variety of delicacies. Until I told him, I have to go to the bathroom and he should accompany me. We walked towards the toilet and I gave him to understand, that he now has to drink my pee. Luckily, the men's toilet was free. There he got it for the very first time my precious sparkling pee. We went completely unnoticed. For the waiters and the other guests we were anything but kosher.

We went back to our table and dined to the end.

After the fabulous dinner we went to the parking garage on foot, in which the Ferrari stood. I had to pee again urgently and pressed his back on the hood of his car, then I raised my leather skirt and shot it straight into his mouth. After that I drove the Ferrari back to his apartment, of course, I took the opportunity and drove like a wild one on the highway. In the intoxication of speed, a Ferrari fetish developed with me. (Little info: When I graduated from high school, I really wanted to be a racing driver.) I forged a nasty plan for the rest of the evening.

Back in the apartment we changed from leather to latex and I gagged the doctor and equipped him with various toys. With a latex bag I heaved him into the passenger seat and drove with mega overknee plateau boots like a madman through Munich. That was the punishment for his endless chatter at dinner. He absolutely could not move. Through his latex mask, however, he could see everything.

I laughed loudly and made him clear, that he is absolutely tired of life, to deliver myself to such extent. My Ferrari fetish will still bring him to the grave, because I'm a full throttle junkie… Not only the horny sound of the Ferrari attracted everyone's attention, my victim wrapped in latex and I was the attraction par excellence. I flirted with the cute boys at every traffic light and they asked me, who that is next to me. Once I said, that's my naughty husband! :) Even the police stared at us like that, so that I thought, we will get controlled…


Dear Jane,

the meeting with you enriched my life in every way, especially as far as near-death experiences are concerned. Here is my text for your blog, the I forward simultaneously to the competent authorities:

During extremely hot fetish drive with Dominatrix Jane through Munich was clear after a short time, that my breathlessness was not primarily due to the rubber mask with breathing bag with reducing valve, my state of shock not to the latex bondage bag and bondage gloves, my gut irritation not on the anal hook and my failure erection not on the cock cage, BUT the driving style of Jane, who does not only look like a Justice League Amazon but drives as if she is fighting against the incarnate Steppenwolf. In addition to the 48,8 points, she has now in Flensburg, Moreover, I have as Prof. Dr. med. certify, Jane is definitely severely disrupted.

I write a prescription for multiple sessions Ferrari Escort: naked, in leather, in latex…


Some time ago I received an email from a young couple, who were interested in a SM sex workshop.

Yesterday I now had a visit from the two. she, student and 22 years old. He, 26 and artist. We sat at the bar of the dungeon Penthouse and drank a sip of champagne. They told me, what they have already tried at home and that Eva always takes over the submissive part and Tom loves to dominate. We were very sympathetic at first attempt. I showed both the studio and then we went into a room with a large bed and plenty of mirrors around. I already had the necessary toys ready: paddle, various flogger, cane, nipple clamps, strapon, spider gag, various bondage paraphernalia, A blindfold maybe, pinwheel.

The plan was, to show Tom, how I do start a game and create a sexy atmosphere and explain him, how I use the various toys.

Let the SM sex workshop begin!

Together, we tied Eva to the bedposts and put her on a spreader bar and a collar. Her gaze was fixed on the bed. She wore sexy black lace underwear, looking sexy, but also innocent with her blond hair and her pout. Tom was wearing boxer shorts and I wore lingerie and black stockings.

I started the game as always sensual. I blindfolded her and whispered indecent things in her ear. Tom was suddenly fully involved and we played on his girlfriend together. Explanations needed then no more at all. Tom and I blew us out together, as if we were constantly dominating together. Eva was so turned on by our tease and denial game, that we had to be careful, that she do not quickly get an orgasm.

We moved our playmate naked and handcuffed her lying on her back in bed. Her legs spread wide again, so that we could touch her everywhere. Then I put her on a spider gag and Tom and I gave her sexy dominatrix kisses, while we were playing with her big beautiful breasts and her pussy. Tom also got undressed and we released the shackles. Then we fucked Eve in turn through properly. Me with my pretty strapon and Tom with his cock of flesh and blood.

SM Sex at its best!


to bend my … over the knee

It's Friday and I'm in the dominatrix studio Penthouse in Munich.
It rings at the door. I open and in front of me is a true gentleman with a bouquet of red roses in his hand and a pack of pralines in the other.
The first thing he does, is, to handle me over with the words: "Dear Goddess, these little things are for you!“, the presents and fall on his knees right in front of me to kiss my feet.
His incisive fragrance is in the air.

After this welcome ceremony, I ask the still unknown to the bar. He takes off his hat and hangs his coat over the bar stool. We talk about his wishes and desires. I will not let go of the feeling, that I know my counterpart.

While waiting at the bar and I prepare our playroom, mentally I go through the upcoming. Again and again I digress and think, how could I know this man?. Or is he just reminding me of someone? I am at a loss. The name, he stated in our email traffic, did not say anything to me. But that does not mean anything at all. Many of my clients have a fake address, to preserve their identity.

During our game, where I put him over my knee and I spank his ass with relish, I ask him a bit. At the question, what he does professionally, he answers, that he is a teacher at high school. It's like dandruff from my eyes!

I just spank my math teacher's ass! That is really insane!!!!

However, I do not pretend to recognize me as his former student, because I'm totally sure somehow, he does not know that. Is already a few years ago… At that time I was in the 7. and a girl – Today I am a woman and I know exactly what I want!

At the latest when he reads this blog entry, he will know it well :)


In BDSM games it is common, to use a Safeword, to end the action immediately or to decelerate the game. Common practice is the Safeword Mayday or the traffic light system.

Green means: Everything OK. It is horny! Keep it up!

Yellow means: It's getting dicey. Please do not firmer!

& Red gives me the sign, that the action just is too hard for you and I stop immediately.

If you have a gag in your mouth or I find myself with my ass on your face, then knock off like a wrestling match. But when your hands are also fixed, then shake your feet or make yourself felt on a different way :)


Another year is over. Time really does fly by!

However, I am curious what exciting experiences awaits me in 2018 ,, because my hunger for BDSM is far from satisfaction !

With this in mind, I wish you all a very happy new year with many kinky experiences!



I walk in a very hot Yves Saint Laurent patent leather pumps down the stairs to the garage. I also wear a black mini dress, black stockings and a fur cape.

My red lips are in harmony with my red nails. I feel not only sexy - I am sexy!

I run straight to the car, in which an inmate can be seen, who now has to wait a few minutes for me.

When my client sees me in the rearview mirror, he jumps out of the car and opens the door. But I do not want to sit down yet on the passenger seat. I look deeply and reproachfully into his eyes. He understands immediately and kneels down, to kiss my feet with his warm lips. While my slave kisses my feet, I look around in the garage, however, no one can be seen… Pity! I love to provoke! Then I take a seat and guide my client through Munich to next bank, because my slave does not have enough money with him.

I stand at the ATM, my slave next to me. I order, to kneel again to kiss my feet, than the door opens and a blonde enters the bank.

My slave hesitates, he is visibly uncomfortable. It should be noted, that my slave comes from a completely different country and certainly no one in Munich knows him, nevertheless he is embarrassed and wants to play today the first time in public.

The blonde goes to the bank statement printers and turns her back on us. My client does not see that and I take the opportunity obviously to humiliate him right in front of this lady. I put my foot on the shelf and hit his head down towards the foot. „Kiss!"I whisper horny in his ear. I see, that the blonde is watching us through the reflecting window. Well he has ever survived.

Then it's back to the car. At least our Fetish Drive can begin!

We travel all over Munich. He drives and I make him craaaazyyyyy with my legs, my sexy high heels and my feet! He must be very act together and masters road and lust with flying colors. Passers-by and parallel vehicles staring at us in disbelief at each red traffic light. Some look shocked, others laugh or can not believe it. My slave enjoys my game and can not be distracted by the observers. He kisses and licks on my legs and feet. This game in front of strangers turns me completely on and I enjoy every single kiss under observation. His hot breath feels incredibly well to my stockinged legs.

Then a demanding horn sounds behind us. Out of sheer enjoyment, we did not pay enough attention to the traffic light. It's been green for a long time, as we continue our Fetish Drive.


I tie my victim to the bed and what follows now, is a painfully beautiful punishment. First I tickle my victim tenderly with a feather and then mercilessly with my fingers! The tied up laughs, twitches and screams for help! It is both pleasant and unbearable.

Long-lasting tickle is a tried and true torture measure, which was also used in the Middle Ages. Did you know that?


Photoshoot with the charming Marie-Louise Cadosch in the sinful red light district in Munich.


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Getting ready for a Vampire Date… Who is probably bitten today…?


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane


It was a strange feeling, as the bull came running towards me. But he bowed reverently in front of me! The photo was taken in South Tyrol and is real! Here no photo shop was used!

Now more photos by Marie-Louise Cadosch and me :


Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane

Mistress Munich - Lady Jane


A few days ago I played the lead role in a music video of a Munich Rock Band.

Location was the exceptionally luxurious VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE.
In the video you can see me as a dominatrix, who plays horny games with her muscular slave.

It was a lot of fun and I'm pretty excited about the result!
However, I must not deprive you of the funniest story of this shoot:


Imagine, how I sit with a skin-tight latex dress, in which the breasts are free, together with high heels in the Jacuzzi on my half-naked slave. My slave wears a black latex mask.

It is 2 the morning, the air on the terrace is quite cold, nice and warm water in the jacuzzi.
My slave gives me a glass of champagne, I take a long sip and push the slave's head backwards. Then I give him a sexy Champagne Kiss.
A tingle in the air! Not only I think the shoot is horny, also the 5 cameramen find our game hot! But suddenly a sound: "Fire brigade! What are you doing?“
We turn around and see a firefighter with a helmet on a crane, looking down on us.

At first we have scared us all. The director of the music video asked the squad leader over then and told, we just shoot a music video here.
A passing vehicle had alerted the fire department, because the smoke machine and the many headlights appeared from the street, like a major fire.


The scene with me and the slave but seemed so bizarre for the firefighter, that he definitely thought, we make an SM porn. In any case, the fireman was so curious, that he wanted to take a look at the pictures and while he looked at the camera and the director showed him the last scene, we all could not resist a grin.

What a funny story! All photos of the music video can be found on my Instagram account:




Imitators copy my cheeky sayings, even whole sentences are copied from my website. My ideas are adopted one on one. It seems, as if my competition is very unimaginative…

There are many copies, but to the original, no one comes close! I’m the original!

My Instagram account has been blocked again for the umpteenth time. But I do not let anyone stop me.
Pity comes without charge – envy wants to be earned!
Now even my website was copied 1:1 ... On the one hand, it is quite wrong, on the other hand I should feel flattered too, that so many women in this business look up to me.
Be the best and fuck the rest!



It is early in the morning when my day starts. I make myself beautiful and prepare everything for my fetish escort. What awaits me today? In addition to a long journey awaits me good food, tension, fun, kinky games and an extraordinary location. It's the first time, that I visit my client Thomas on his farm. However, it is not the first time, we meet. We know each other for over a year and I met him in already two of his estates. We greet each other warmly and he leads me first of all around.

During our meal on the terrace I wear a sexy varnish dress with sparkling rhinestones and nipple pasties, which are also occupied with rhinestones. The anticipation for the upcoming is literally written in the face of Thomas. His nipples are standing and are clearly visible under his polo shirt. I'm starting to play with them and ask Thomas to, finally take off his clothes. Then I put a collar on him and lead him in the old piggery. I tie him to a hook on the ceiling. I blindfold his eyes, put a spreader bar on him and tie his balls. I stimulate his nipples. First gently, then getting harder. He's really tough! Today I feel a great desire, to spank his ass properly. From a flowerpot I pull a bamboo stick and let his ass cheeks glow red. We continue the game in the house. I explore the house on his back. I think of more and more nasty vulgarities and in the kitchen I find a lot of torture toys. Finally, he has to lie down in the bathtub and I piss on him from head to toe. He now looks really piggy! I love those kinky games!

In the evening I step on the journey home and arrive my home late in Munich.


On June 22. is my birthday. With a gift you would give me great pleasure!

For latex lovers among you: just worried me a voucher from House of Harlot or


If you're a leather junkie, I would be very happy about a voucher from Jitrois.

Unfortunately, there is at Simon-O and Jitrois no gift certificates on their websites. However, this is easily possible by email.

Of course, it does not need any special occasion for attention, since I am looking forward to gifts all year round :)


I just signed up for Instagram. There you will find more photos of me, which did not make it on my website or my Dominatrix blog.




It is pitch-dark when I take my kidnapping bus and go on the way. The city is still asleep. Finally, it is only 5:30 am. When I take the bus in a side street to our meeting place, I see my sexy accomplice.

She gets in and we start immediately to look for our victim.

A few hundred meters further on we discover a walker in a residential area.

I turn off the lights and put a brake on. Everything happens now quickly.

We kidnappers jump off the bus, pack our defenseless, totally shocked victim, staring us with wide eyes and pull him into the bus.

We tie him up and give him a gag and a blindfold. This all happens in just seconds - my accomplice and I are just a good team!

I swing myself back on the driver's seat and I leave immediately.

In no case we want to attract attention. I drive through town on the way to our hiding place. Arrived there, I park the bus, we solve the shackles and force now our victim to undress completely. We put him together in lingerie and high heels and put him a wig on. Only when we remove the gag, we hear, we have kidnapped a Swiss - a hopefully wealthy hostage!

Then we kidnappers drag our sacrifice in the hooker outfit across the parking lot into the dungeon Penthouse Elegance. He can not run on this high stilettos, so running away is impossible! On the top floor, we use our sacrifice after line and thread, just on what we just want! We are really raging! Our hostage withstand more than we expected, only when each Lady applies a strap-on and we describe him, what we will do with him, he is finally soft cooked and hands us the access to his assets.


I love flogging! I have a variety of percussion instruments with which the spanking makes it particularly fun for me: paddle, whip, Flogger, Cane and bullwhip.

Also, I spank you like with my hand up the ass! ready?


I park my car in front of the pastry. I have already announced myself, to let create a birthday cake according to my wishes. The chef greeted me personally. He has a relaxed way and I cherish him to the end 40. We sit down and enjoy a cappuccino while I describe him, how my desired cake should look like: “I would like a little pink cake with pink bow and pink lettering.” The confectioner asks, what taste the cake should have and kicks in the same breath “raspberry cream” in front. I agree with his proposal. He also wants to know, what to put on the cake. I say loud and clear: “Slut”. He asks: “In capital letters or in cursive?” I choose cursive. Then he asks, if I could spell the name. I say: “Of course. S. L. U. T.” Then he asks, what's the meaning of that, a name is it probably not. I smile and reply: “slut”. He whispers “Ah!” and than asks, if I then be the bitch. We laugh and I say the pastry cook, that's right, something like this is true. I'm sure I'm a bitch.

A week later, I pick up the cake.



Now the story of My Birthday Slut follows:



Dressed as a slut, I stand at the door to the Penthouse Elegance with a blond wig, make-up, net top, mini leather skirt and high heels. For a year now, Lady Jane has me under her wings, but my nervousness is big, seeing her in a breathtaking latex outfit (black thong, top and stockings) she receives and invites me. On the occasion of my birthday we had agreed, to drink before the actual session a glass of brought champagne and to eat something sweet. After that my education to the transvestite slut should be continued.

Once at the bar Lady Jane presents me a carton of a Munich pastry with the words “Happy Birthday Slut!” and asks me to open this. It leaves me almost the language, when I open the box, because it is a birthday cake with the inscription SLUT in. While I shake my head in disbelief, I thank her, Lady Jane laughs joyfully at the success of humiliation.

After a snack I followed Lady Jane in the Suite Noblesse, one room held in pink and black. She orders me, to lie down on my back on the bed and secures my arms and legs with fast cuffs. what follows is a handjob, after a very short time she brings me to the edge of lust. I'm begging for mercy, because I do not want to come after felt 2 minutes. She seems to hear my plea, leaves from me and releases my legs. But only, to put me on my back to a position, in the I can inject myself chiefly in the mouth. And that is exactly what Lady Jane does and with the words “open your mouth !” jerks my cock until the cum squirts me in the face. Some of it ends up directly in my mouth and already I hear one “swallow!”, which I immediately expedite.

After I can make myself long again, Lady Jane sits next to me on the bed and strokes with her fingers the cum from my face and torso, then licked the fingers of my tongue clean until I also swallowed the last drop of my sperm again.

Then my legs are fixed again and Lady Jane takes a vibrating dilator for my urethra. Deeper and deeper penetrates the dilator into me and it feels, like I would get thousands of small electric shocks at the same time. I have to stand the endless vibrations today with dignity, because my mistress has expressed clearly her displeasure with my whining in the last session. Satisfied with the treatment Lady Jane leaves after a while from me and takes time for a little photo shoot on the bed. I can watch the scenery wonderful about the mounted on the ceiling mirror and it feels pretty cool, to feel the latex stockings of my mistress on my body.

After a few snapshots of my fixation is achieved so I can turn on the belly. Before I know it, Lady Jane is already sitting on my back and expects, that I massage her feet, while she treats me anal with her fingers. I moan with lust when two, three, and a little later four fingers are drilling in a circular motion in my ass. This is also achieved with five fingers, but for fisting the time is not yet ripe. Therefore I may alternatively feel a strong pulsating anal plug in my ass. It can be introduced almost effortlessly by the previous expansion. I moan louder and louder until Lady Jane suddenly stops the vibration and removes the anal plug gently.

However, the session is not over yet. With the words “Are you thirsty?” I'm turned on my back and my arms were fixed to the bed frame again. My mistress swings over me quickly. Now kneeling directly over my head and pushes the latex thong a little way aside. When I hear her words “open your mouth !” her, the warm pee already runs down in my mouth until it is good filled. As already hear a “swallow!”. I know from experience, I must swallow quickly, because only a few moments later, a “open your mouth !” and “swallow!” will return. So long, until my mistresses bladder is emptied completely… and Lady Jane does not like it at all, if the slave does not completely absorbs her champagne.

Thus ended the session as it had begun, with delicious champagne…


Fetish Escort

You have a special interest in a fetish or fetish Escort in Munich or in another city? I am the Queen of Fetish. I love it, to play with a variety of fetishes! But first I will explain the concept of fetish and what I think about fetishes:

Having a sexual fetish is something wonderful! Sexual fetishes are often certain garments, which excite a fetishist, such as shoes, pantyhose, stockings, corset, leggings etc..

Other fetishists love certain materials, like wet-look, leather, latex, velvet or silk. They love the smell or the particularly feel of these materials.

There are also fetishists, who prefer a specific body part, such as feet, legs, breasts or butt.

I think it's great, if my clients can live out their fetish with me, trust me with their sexual fantasies. A fetish Escort is really really exciting, not only for you! I love this kind of adventure! Do you also have an exciting fetish, who robbed you of all the senses? Get in touch, if I have sparked your interest in a Fetish Escort! If you have any special requirements, I can think about an exciting program, in which we both really get our costs! I have the wildest ideas and considering getting something new, for I hate nothing more than standard and boredom! On my blog you will find some stories, the act of Escort experiences. However, no date are the same. The stories describe only some exciting experiences. Maybe you like one or the other, I like to build this in our meeting with a! A fetish Escort is special, to which I prepare myself sometimes for hours. Write me an email. I am very curious about your fetish and your wishes regarding a meeting.


Fetish Escort

Fetish Escort

Fetish Escort

Fetish Escort



When I look back on the year 2016 ,, I have to think of all the nice people, that I have met. I had to deal with so many different fetishes and sexual desires, so that boredom never arose. The more I now look forward to a new year full of interesting encounters and unique adventures!

In this sense I wish everyone a Happy New Year!



footerotic Munich

On a very cold Wednesday at noon in the middle of December, I went together with a client to the Thermal bath Erding. It just started to snow again, when we arrived at our destination. It was not the first time, I was at the Therme Erding, but it was the first time as a dominatrix escort. The preference of my client? foot fetish. The Munich-based businessman carried both sports bags and bought at the box office two tickets to the sauna. For now, we parted ways. I went with my gym bag in the ladies locker, pulled me out and put my belongings in a locker. I slipped into my pink flip flops and showered me hot. Then I pulled my robe on and walked out of the shower into the sauna paradise. There he awaited me already. His first glance fell on my bare feet. We took our sport bags, in which towels were, with us. I said him, he must follow me, so I went ahead in a somewhat more remote sauna. We had caught a good time, because it was not overly busy. So a real godsend!

I asked my feetslave, if he had not forgotten something today. He immediately remembered and looked around in all directions. No one could see us here. He asked, whether he should really do this. I warned him insistently, to finally greet me befitting. Once again, he looked around and then knelt down in front of me. Holding the hands on the back, He leaned with his face towards my feet, to cover them with kisses. Before he touched me with his lips, I commanded him to stop and put his hands flat next to each other in front of my feet on the ground. I said him, that he should not forget in the future, to greet me properly. I let stand the slippers and stood with full weight on his hands. Now I urged him again, to kiss my feet. He did as he was imposed on him and kissed my feet quickly. Then we went into the wooden sauna, in which we were all alone. We lay down on the upper bank and so remained for several minutes quietly next to each other. Beads of sweat began to form on my skin.

I dictated my feetslave, he must now lick the welding beads away on my feet and suck each toe thoroughly. I am literally crazy about it, getting licked my feet! It is for me a very nice feeling, when a warm tongue tickles my feet and my toes are licked pleasurable. I closed my eyes and relaxed completely until suddenly my foot fetishist stopped. Just when I wanted to snap at him for the interruption, the door opened to our sauna and an elderly lady came in.

She had noticed nothing of our intimacy. My slave held the door apparently always in view, for fear of being discovered. We went out of the sauna and cooled us off. I was then rubbed gently dry with my towels and we relaxed on couches in front of a warm fireplace. I put my feet on his lap and said, turning to him, I would like to have massaged my feet. He massaged my feet with firm pressure and the other people, resting on the chairs, remained unaffected. We made some more sauna sessions, but were no longer undisturbed! On the trip to Munich it was snowing like crazy.

You're looking for a special experience and after foot fetish Munich? Write me an email with your ideas and wishes.


footerotic Munich



You had no chance, to take a look in the men's magazine Penthouse? Here is the photo gallery. Just click on the picture, so that it appears large.




Leather Escort

Below I explain the subject of leather Escort and the effect of leather on me and our fellow man.

I love the smell of leather. To feel designer clothes on my skin made out of leather, is sexy.
Leather actually has a stimulating effect on men. Whenever I go out in my skintight leather leggings, it makes men speechless. Leather escort is incredibly exciting! Not only, because I rob you in my fabulous leather outfit breath, but because certainly all eyes will be on us. The people around us are not let out of sight!
At a leather escort we meet, for example, for dinner in a fancy restaurant or at a bar for a drink. Of course I wear a sexy leather outfit and make my opponent quite nervous. I only own black leather stuff: leather Jackets, Lederhosen, miscellaneous Ledertops, underwear, Skirts, an awfully expensive Mini Leather Dress, various leather gloves and many wonderful leather shoes, I could wear a leather Escort. There would, for example, riding boots, Bikerboots, Ankle Boots, Thigh High Boots, Pumps and strappy high heels.
What turns you on leather? Me turns her on only the dominant look, spraying the thus a leather outfit. My leather look is worth a thousand words! The smell and the feel is exciting for me and animalistic! I wear leather with pride and style, mal elegant, time rock.

then after dinner or drink at the bar, I'll walk you to your hotel room. There we can finally unabashedly your fetish fantasies pursue. Or we hire a Location, in which we can let off steam. You have special preferences? Parts me your fantasies just email us with, then a leather Escort nothing stands in the way. I'm really looking forward to your ideas, Wishes and ideas!


On June 6. October, the new German Penthouse Magazine is published with a photo gallery to me.

Check it out!


Petplay is a tremendous pleasure!



weird Dinner

Who has never had the benefit of a palate-orgasm, I strongly advise a visit to a star restaurant. In Munich there are numerous star restaurants and I have visited a lot of them. However, the last visit was very special!

I had an appointment with a good-looking man for a bizarre dinner in one of the star restaurants. I wore an elegant designer minidress with plateau high heels. Ben, my accompaniment, wore a smart suit with tie.

Who meets with me in public, should know, I have an effect on our fellow human beings. I am a young and exceedingly beautiful woman with a great and joyful radiance. When I enter a room full of people, I'll always staring with open mouths. Both men, and women look after me. Who gets excites because of these envious glances, should book me absolutely.

Handsome charming waiter served us at this rainy summer evening.

We opted for the 7-course menu. The start of the food made various amuse-bouches, so-called delicacies. So foreplay on the way to the palate orgasm.

A transition after another was served. Each bite was a revelation. While I lascivious led the fork to my mouth and looked deep into my eyes of my accompaniment , I reached with my left hand in my purse.

I operated quietly remote, I hid there and vibration began.

Remote? Vibration? Ask yourself certainly. Previously I have bend Ben over the knee in the backseat of his limousine and put him a plug in the ass, the vibration I can operate by remote control. In this way allows the plug to- and exhibit and select the vibration in different rhythms. The eyes of my companion were greater, as the vibration began. He moaned softly on. I said, that it was a cool feeling, to have power over him and that he must pull himself together today. No one should get wind of our bizarre dinner. Because the other hedonists and the waiters didn't lost sight of us, it was pretty exciting!

I had the whole bizarre dinner over a lot of fun with my remote and my accompaniment and it was an even more exciting experience, finally he never knew, when he could count on the vibration.

He just ordered a white wine, as the vibration began. Just for a second he lost the thread, he cleared his throat and ordered, as if nothing had happened. As the main course, the 6. transition was served, I asked to hand me his his empty red wine glass. I was, to be honest, even animal nervous, when I let disappear the glass under the table. The long tablecloth hid, what was going on underneath.

Shortly after, I handed my accompaniment that with pee filled red wine glass and I drank to him. In no time he drank from the glass, because the waiter was on his way to our table, clear up to the plate. The waiter asked, if everything was right. Ben said, "It was the most precious thing got what my palate got today" and turning to me he added, "and will get".

We laughed together. The series of desserts, which were then listed, missed us a real palate orgasm!!!

I do not need to mention, we celebrated our bizarre dinner to the fullest.


New York. Dark clouds billowing in the sky. It smelled and lightning and the thunder rolls across the metropolis. Solely my laughter brightens the dark room.

Why do I enjoy myself? I hold a slave like an animal in a tiny cage firmly.

He can not stretch his limbs, let alone, move. His mouth is taped, laid his hands in handcuffs. He is totally dependent upon me! The narrowness of the cage is difficult for my slave endure.

I sit on the cage and enjoy the natural spectacle on Manhattan.

How long will I hold the slave? I'll be locked up in a cage the slave so long, until he obeys me his word!


A meeting with a couple is always pretty exciting.

However, this session was particularly exciting, because the young very attractive couple (Annalena early 20, Leon 30), met for the first time with a dominatrix. The choice fell on me, because we were via email and on the phone immediately sympathetic.

Our meeting took place in a dungeon in Munich. To sniff a bit us, We had a drink at the bar and talked about what lies ahead.

I showed Annalena the red room with fine bed and mirrors on the walls, where we would play. Meanwhile Leon went in the bathroom fresh and got rid of his clothes. Annalena was as I sexy underwear. I tied her to a mask, so she could indulge fully their erotic imagination Voyeurin. Annalena looked sensual and mysterious with the mask. I went to Leon and put a collar around and led him.

Both seemed slightly nervous.

I ordered Leon to kneel in front of me, to take his hands behind his back and greet me with kisses on my feet.

His girlfriend sat on a chair and was watching all the best.

I pulled him up into the booth and asked him to, kissing the Voyeurin. They exchanged intimate and passionate kisses from. Then I fixed Leon on the bed. I blindfolded him, so he could let go better. I tied his balls off and scraped gently with my claws over his body. His nipples were decorated with nipple clamps. Leon had to open his mouth, I let my saliva dripping into his mouth, my view was there directed to the voyeur, of nothing, absolutely nothing escaped. I was relieved, I discovered no signs of jealousy in! Then I granted his eyes open view. I only put a, then two fingers in the ass. The nervousness was blown away and we all had fun at our role. I broke the shackles and Leon knelt on all fours in front of me. He looked into the eyes of exploring Voyeurin. Now I pulled out my strap-on and burned him my cock gently, but until it stops. He groaned. I began to move and pushed again my cock into him. He began to satisfy himself and experienced a great orgasm. I pulled back shortly, so the two had time for himself and came back with drinks. Later we sat down again to the bar and the couple told me, I have implemented their imagination excellent. It was just wonderful with the two!!


Anal sex with men in our society is a taboo subject. That's insane pity! Because most men find anal stimulation particularly pleasurable . I always find it exciting and cool to deflower a man!

Here are some helpful tips for anal sex:


For clean anal sex, is an inlet with a Einmalklistier the best way, to clean the rectum. I always use condoms on my Toys.

Stay calm!

It is of absolute importance , to trust the other person.. If you cramp, it might be painful! So stay loose and relaxed. Lubricant is actually a must for anal sex! An extensive foreplay with fingers and small toys stretch yourself before and allow me, to enter with my strap-on easily into you .

Anal sex should be approached slowly, true to the motto: everything can – nothing has to be! If you masturbate yourself while I take care of at your back door, heats up the more.

You surely know the wisdom: You never regret, what you did, but always the things not done.

So finally trust yourself, if you want to try anal sex! What 's wrong with experimenting a bit?


I sit on Easter Sunday in a dressing gown and slippers in front of a covered with treats panel.

The ordered breakfast is amazing! Egg Benedict, caviar butter, marinated salmon, different cheese- and sausages, to a wonderful selection of rolls, freshly squeezed orange juice and a bottle of champagne. On a Etagère enthroned honeys, strawberries with chocolate and delicious pralines.

However, I find myself not alone in this hotel suite. At my feet sits a slave, stark naked equipped with collar. The slave is directed toward my assembly, his setting in front of my feet. I choose him out of a bite for breakfast and he lets it taste kneeling in front of me.

I chew a piece of cheese and spit it into his mouth, I'll take three strawberries with chocolate coating and crush them with bare feet. The slave must lick my feet clean now and I enjoy meanwhile also a strawberry. I dippe my big toe in one of the honey jars and stretch my foot teasingly .

My slave pounces on my honey smeared toe and licking it with relish! Now he has to guess the type of honey! To my delight, he is completely off the mark.

I let my slave pour me a glass of champagne and hand me his glass . I hold the glass under my robe and pee as punishment directly into. Then I give a toast, with a wink and we drink both out of our glass . I, champagne and my slave, my pee.

In this sense I wish you: Sinful Easter!


One afternoon I went equipped with hand luggage on the airport.

In the airport security could be fun! Finally, I had quite a bit of undrawn toys in my Louis Vuitton travel bag… My bag was just x-rayed, as the three Bavarian men calling on me with a big grin on his face, to open my bag. they asked, what have I as nice here. I laughed!

One of the three men asked, what the chain is. I pulled the collar with chain out and said: "My Leash". Now the three Bayern began bravely to laugh and said,, that was certainly not intended for a dog. I laughed more and gentlemen wished me a good trip and a lot of fun. So much for the short trip.

Arrived at the hotel, I met my regular customers. We checked in and into our room in which it walked hot shortly afterwards. I pulled him the collar and led him into the bedroom. I tied the handsome man kneeling on all fours to the bed and took out of my pocket some vibrators, with whom I made him hot. He groaned and I moved my strap-on. Now it was time for wild pegging! I fucked him by right and brought him here to masturbate. It really did not take long, until he had an orgasm.

After a long hot shower, We went to a restaurant and chatted long. I spent the night alone in my hotel room. The next morning, I set a good mood on the way home. At the security checkpoint, I came this time on women, looking at me in disgust, when they saw the x-rays and my bag controlled :)

That's how my dominatrix escort service can look like…


Wishing you a bright 2016.




Just in time for St. Nicholas Day, there is a photo of me in sexy lingerie with my sensational Louboutins!


Pee Party

At the weekend I drummed together 3 my absolutely hot girlfriends together and we visited a client in his suite in a prestigious hotel in Munich. We 4 strutted heads held, all together in sexy high heels through the lobby and entered the elevator to the floor, in which we have been eagerly awaited.

Martin waited with dozens of bottles of champagne on us. The Pee Party could begin!!!
I asked him all my girlfriends before and we started the delicious champagne to enjoy.
We ladies enjoyed the tingle on our tongue and the voluptuous eyes. Yes, Martin felt clearly as the cock of the walk!!

We laughed, danced and attracted each other naked. We celebrated bombshells and pissed Martin then alternate in the mouth. It was a damn wild and added, moist Party!

The pee liked it and he could not get enough of it.

When Martin was on the floor, looked after one of my friends to his pride and massaged him skillfully with oil. I pulled my strap on to. A lady was in position 69, directly via our Schluckspecht. I fucked my girlfriend through properly, while Martin could follow the action up close. His face was finally only a few centimeters away from her vagina! The fourth in league kissed and caressed my ass.

It was literally a picture for the Gods!

Who would not want to experience such a horny pee party?

I understand not just as a dominatrix, I'm more like a "fairy godmother"! I finally fulfill erotic, bizarre and perverse fantasies and saw great joy!


The Oktoberfest in Munich is unique. It is the largest festival in the world and is widely known and is loved not only by beer drinkers.

Even a dominatrix in dirndl is making here mischief…


A few months ago I had an interview with “Galerie de Sade” and a dominatrix Portrait was created by me.

Have a look what nice stuff has been written about me:


Lady Jane is a very attractive, very intelligent dominant woman, embodies the young, new generation gifted mistresses and blended classical SM – Elements with mundane.

There are a number of outstanding attributes, which come together in the multi-layered and complex personality of this beauty:
intelligence, Boasting perception, their extraverted, very open kind, Charisma, Eloquence and the ability, to transfer own relaxation and looseness to her counterpart.

Lady Jane survived her SM naturally and gives her devotem counterpart takes the knowledge, to entrust their most secret and desires and preferences.

Lady Jane is uninhibited and likes to act excessively – as rounder in terms Dirty games left to be desired, as competent – creative role player makes stop at almost nothing and as a savvy expert, she celebrates the whole spectrum have lived through SM.

Lady Jane makes them almost playful and quite naturally complicit, plaything own appetites. you excited, stimulates and touches all your senses.

In the conversation with this picture beautiful young woman I was looking forward for this fact.
As for the pure optical, my expectations were surpassed.
Nice and good.
Really impressed me then but these extremely friendly, open and even cheerful nature talking – you can quite naturally talk with Lady Jane really about anything – what other does not come with shame at the lips, speaks them out completely relaxed.
The feeling, to have landed with his desires with her the exact address, adjusts immediately.
Your openness carries over to a self and you dare. This is her secret.
Thus she recordes your spirit as the pianist the keyboard of his piano – Complete scale up and down.
Good to know, that Münchnerin want to stay with us for a long time!


Lady Jane, how long have you been about in the professional sense this?
These are now 2 Years in the studio.

How did you get to SM, like you is your tendency to ” other ” game types?
Something lies definitely in there.

I've never took any shit of somebody – I remember because the details of my school days.
There was this boy, the really bugged me with his clumsy sayings, until I gave him a Watsch'n.
Because it really was fine- I liked, as he was silent immediately and he was henceforth tolerable.

It was this tingling feeling, I would moor in principle to the exercise of power and curiosity, I went to the more intense.
The transition, the resume in sexual, was natural and logical in itself.

So I came later to SM – the sexy outfits liked moreover.

there, and now we talk here in the studio Elegance.

Can you still remember your first experience in the SM Studio?

Very clearly, even. That was a foot fetishist, the rapture with my feet massaged and my toes ablutschte downright.
What do you consider important in dealing with your host?
Communication makes almost everything – because it comes, to come to a wavelength and ever know each other well.

I tell my visitors, that it falls to them very easily, tell me everything, to trust me.

I think, that will probably loose at my, are relaxed type. Also, I have much respect for people, the interior thereof, their aspirations, trust me.

Lady Jane – an erotic, beautiful and tall woman with a great charisma. My spontaneous thought to – I would love to see this woman even naked…;-)
I am happy to show, because I like my appearance and feel very comfortable in my body.
In this respect, total nude domination is not a problem…would you like to see me but with landscaped Strap on, or?

This is true, not only and not just me alone – what do you love especially about your body ?
These are my shapely breasts and my firm ass…
Of course, we now want to know, what about your touchability.

I put my charms a happy and I also guarantees no fear.
Something one has but to earn with me and the chemistry should also fit.

And there is a limit, clearly set, which is never exceeded.

Are you also be found in the white hospital-range?
I like creative white role playing, So yes to your question.
Do you educate also couples or single women?
I stand in the privacy of women, if I have the director – and in the studio I live me since also happy from.

And with couples educations released thousands of extra creativity.

What languages ​​do you speak or. the languages ​​in which you can perform educations?
These are English, French and German.
Lady Jane, please describe yourself a little closer. What type are you?
I am, as mentioned, a very relaxed, relaxed and open-minded persons.
These versatile, imaginative, like spontaneous, enthusiastic, totally uninhibited.

Besides, I'm not entirely uneducated :-)

Does Dirty Games also belong to your service?
WATERSPORTS, Kaviarexzesse, vomit – I saue like rum.
What do you think, what men in detail like most about you, based on SM?
Men get me very quickly feel, their fetish, and be it ever so failed, to live. And then they get their confirmation.
Do you offer outdoor games?
Yes, happy even. It comes down to the preference of, can be played whether public or semi-public.

I have next to my sports car and a VW- Bus. By I love to kidnap.

Your plans for the future? Will you stay with us for a long time?
I plan and Munich is and remains a central place.


This photo was taken yesterday at the Domina Studio Penthouse Elegance in Munich.

It really is incredibly exciting, a 2 to dominate meter man. I have made with Arni a hogtie.

This means, He lay on his stomach with another bound hands and feet. In addition, he had to endure my weight to be. As I stomped around on him, I have noted with this photo.


I just parked my car in front of the Hotel. It's pouring rain and winds like crazy.

We do not take for reasons of discretion in Munich, but in a different city and the booking of the hotel runs on me.

A quick glance at the clock tells me, that I'm making good time. I grab my bag and walk straight on my heels to the hotel. There I put up and make my way to my room quickly. I have ten minutes to unpack my paraphernalia.

Since it is already knocking at the door. I open and welcome my clients, of wearing a stylish business look. He pulls out and goes naked shower.

I am a little bit nervous. Finally, we have a bet going. 8 Orgasms in 2 ½ hours.

An impossible challenge! But I want to know the extra-mite necessarily in my wallet. My client comes into the room and I put him on the spreader bar and Lock up his hands behind his back. I have no time to lose. Its tail is very excited, although I have not yet touched him. I take a lot of oil and umschlinge with my hand firmly his penis. I begin to satisfy him with my hand. Shortly thereafter, he sprayed his seed for the first time three meters. I tie him go and he goes to freshen.

My client acts already tired. "Please do not make just limp", I think.

This is followed by two more orgasms. After each shooting comes less sperm and it requires a longer recovery. On my laptop running porn, to whip around him. I grab my pink dildo and start directly in front of his eyes, to satisfy myself. It brings also a down. I come and he with me. 5 Orgasms!!! 3 Orgasms are still missing. We still have half an hour. My client is broken. I tell him, that I can not win the bet, when tired meeting with me. He smiles and says: "How can a man get to sleep at night, if he knows, What is horny blooming him the next day. "

I have to laugh. He takes a shower and disappears from the hotel room.

Sorry, in two hours we only managed 5 orgasms… Mine included!

My dear, I look forward to it, to beat the!!